Loy Krathong, Yi Peng and the Mae Jo Mass Sky Lantern Release

Thousands of lanterns illuminate the sky at the lantern festival in Mae Jo

Thousands of lanterns illuminate the sky at the lantern festival in Mae Jo

Have you seen images from Thailand with the sky full of lanterns? When we have seen the first images of Loy Krathong and the Yi Peng mass sky lantern release in Chiang Mai, we knew that we want to be there one day. This year, our timing was perfect and we managed to be in Chiang Mai during the Loy Krathong festival beginning of November.

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Typical Australia: Funny and bizarre sightings along the roads of Australia

Surveillance camera

Keep smiling.

In 19 months we have done more than 72’000 km on Australian roads during our two road trips. We have been on the road for many hours but it was never boring. Even on long stretches in the outback there is always something to see and to laugh about. In this post we like to show you some of the funny and bizarre sightings we came across on our long journey. Continue reading

Ladyboy Cabaret in Chiang Mai

Cabaret Chiang Mai

We are glad we went to see the ladyboy Cabaret in Chiang Mai. Great performance.

Last night we had a blast. Totally unexpected, to be honest. From our guesthouse close to the Tapae Gate in Chiang Mai it’s a short walk to the night bazaar. The market itself was not the main purpose why we went there. We wanted to see the Ladyboy Cabaret which was a recommendation from two young Swiss girls we met the other day. We went to the show with no expectations at all and we went home with a wow feeling. Continue reading

Road Trip Australia: 7 Things Off The Beaten Track

Road trip Australia

A road trip is the best way to explore Australia off the beaten track.

Our road trip around Australia is history. With a smile on our face we now think back to the great time we had. The last 11 months have been wonderful. We crossed the Simpson Desert, we celebrated New Year’s Eve in Sydney, we met so many lovely people on the road, we enjoyed close encounters with Koalas, experienced the real Outback and many other things off the beaten track. Continue reading

Barista Course in Fremantle: We learn how to make great coffee


We practice and hope one day we’ll be able to make the perfect cappuccino.

Do you like coffee? We love coffee. Good coffee. On our road trip around Australia we drank quite a many cappuccinos and started to wonder why the coffee taste and texture of the milk froth can be so different depending on who is making it. We wanted to find out the secrets about how to make the perfect cup and attended a barista course in Fremantle last week. It was worth every cent.

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Best dive sites in the Lhaviyani Atoll on the Maldives


We love diving because it’s nothing compared to anything else. It’s all about floating, relaxing and observing the fascinating world below the surface. Dive into this world with us.

One year ago we left the Maldives for good. For three years we called the Lhaviyani Atoll our home. We often think back to the great time we had and we miss the great diving on the Maldives a lot. We dived in the waters of the Indian Ocean almost every day and we did more than 1000 dives in the Lhaviyani Atoll. Continue reading

How to spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney

Fireworks Sydney NYE

New Year’s Eve in Sydney. Definitely a night to remember the rest of our life.

Have you thought about where to spend New Year’s Eve? What about going to Sydney to watch the world-famous fireworks? Last year we celebrated New Year’s Eve in Sydney and it was definitely a night to remember. Read on if you want to know how we prepared for the perfect night and what we would do differently next time. Continue reading

Our home away from home

Chilling Reni Marcel

Travelling with the own car is freedom. Here we are chilling on a dune in the Outback at Cameron Corner.

Nine month ago we arrived in Australia with two backpacks and a one year holiday visa. How exiting. But we were far away from home without a home. Not a problem for us as we knew how our new home should look like and luckily it didn’t take us long to find our perfect home for our one year road trip. Since nine months we call a Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier or Troopy our home. Do you wonder how it is to live in a car with limited space? Is it freedom? Have a look into our home away from home. Continue reading