Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat – The small reef dwellers

The ornate ghost pipefish (Solenostomus paradoxus) can be seen while scuba diving in Raja Ampat

The ornate ghost pipefish (Solenostomus paradoxus) can be seen while scuba diving in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is well known for its breathtaking biodiversity under water. There are many big fish like sharks, rays, bumphead parrotfish and groupers, which you will see during scuba diving in Raja Ampat. However, the main draw card of Raja Ampat is the stunning macro world with all its little creatures hiding in the reef. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of these little underwater creatures. Continue reading

Four years of summer – Our life in Flip Flops

Four years of summer - Our life in flip flops

Four years of summer – Our life in flip flops

For four years we already enjoy permanent summer close to the ocean with a lot of sunshine. With one exception. Last year we spent two months in winter wonderland Switzerland. We visited our families and friends and for a change we spent Christmas and New Year together in the snow. Continue reading

Diving in Raja Ampat: Hidden Bay and Passage

Landscape Hidden Bay

Diving the Hidden Bay: That’s how it look underwater

Raja Ampat is diver’s heaven and we don’t say that because we work here. It’s because we mean it. There is a big variety of dive spots with drop-offs, walls, corners, coral gardens, caves or underwater islands with deep and shallow top reefs. Come with us for a dive. Continue reading

Cappuccino artist from Chiang Mai

Cappuccino Chiang Mai

We are impressed with the cappuccino’s at Sailomjoy in Chiang Mai

We love good coffee. We prefer either a strong espresso or a cappuccino. Our love for coffee was the major reason for doing a barista course in Fremantle (Western Australia) last year. On our travels we are always on the hunt for the best cappuccino in the world. Until now we have not found the best but the nicest cappuccino. Do you want to know where? Continue reading

5 reasons to love Australia

Lighthouse in Exmouth

We fell in love with Australia at first sight. How about you?

Ten months ago we left Australia. It’s crazy but there is not a single day we do not think back to our road trip. Yes, we admit it. We love Australia. We could write a book about that amazing country. Today we tell you 5 reasons why we love Australia and you will probably too. Continue reading

Diving with Seahorses and Wobbegongs in Raja Ampat

Scuba diving at the house reef of Pulau Pef

Scuba diving at the house reef of Pulau Pef

Today we will take you underwater. You can join us on a dive on the house-reef of Pulau Pef. Have you heard of Raja Ampat? Pulau Pef is located in the middle of Raja Ampat, an area well known by scuba divers. The beautiful reefs are full of colours and the biodiversity is higher than in most other places. Continue reading

Our Odyssey to the White Temple in Chiang Rai

White Temple in Chiang Rai

We’re speechless! What a beauty. Wat Rong Khun or better known as the White Temple

Somehow, our plan to visit the white temple in Chiang Rai seems to be jinxed. It almost feels like there is some higher power trying to prevent us from visiting the extraordinary Wat Rong Khun generally known as the White Temple. For a few years, the White Temple is now already very high up on our bucket list. Several times we have been very close to visiting the White Temple in the past but for some reasons we never quite managed it. So this time we really wanted to make it happen. Yes, we have been to the White Temple but even this time it was no easy task. Read on if you like to know what obstacles we had to overcome.

Continue reading

Living on an island. Dream or nightmare?

Living on an island

How is it to live on a remote island? Read on and find out

Far away from civilisation. Far away from home. An island in one of the world’s best dive destination called Raja Ampat. That’s where we live and work at the moment. And? How is it to live on an island? Day by day. That’s a question we hear again and again. Is it boring? Do we feel lonely? No, not at all. Continue reading