Our Odyssey to the White Temple in Chiang Rai

White Temple in Chiang Rai

We’re speechless! What a beauty. Wat Rong Khun or better known as the White Temple

Somehow, our plan to visit the white temple in Chiang Rai seems to be jinxed. It almost feels like there is some higher power trying to prevent us from visiting the extraordinary Wat Rong Khun generally known as the White Temple. For a few years, the White Temple is now already very high up on our bucket list. Several times we have been very close to visiting the White Temple in the past but for some reasons we never quite managed it. So this time we really wanted to make it happen. Yes, we have been to the White Temple but even this time it was no easy task. Read on if you like to know what obstacles we had to overcome.

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Living on an island. Dream or nightmare?

Living on an island

How is it to live on a remote island? Read on and find out

Far away from civilisation. Far away from home. An island in one of the world’s best dive destination called Raja Ampat. That’s where we live and work at the moment. And? How is it to live on an island? Day by day. That’s a question we hear again and again. Is it boring? Do we feel lonely? No, not at all. Continue reading

Must-see when visiting Switzerland: The Jungfraujoch „Top of Europe“ and Mount Rigi

Sphinx on Top of Europe

The sphinx on Top of Europe looks very impressing.

It feels weird writing a blog post about our trip around Switzerland while living on a tropical island in Raja Ampat. And it feels special too, writing about the beauty of Switzerland and while choosing the best pictures I can’t help but daydreaming about our home country.

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13 cool cities in Switzerland to visit

Munot Schaffhausen

The Munot is the landmark of the city of Schaffhausen.

To travel around Switzerland intensively is something we wanted to do for a very long time. But whenever we have been back to our home country we either had to work or we just stayed for a short time. Finally we did our Tour around Switzerland. We have seen amazing places. Beautiful medieval cities, mountains, stunning landscapes and a lot more. Continue reading

Why you should add Arosa to your bucket list

Reni and Marcel in Arosa

Arosa has many things to offer. 225 km ski slopes, 4,7 km toboggan run and 60 km winter hiking trails.

Have you ever heard of the mountain village Arosa? It is a popular place to spend the winter holidays for local and foreign tourists. Even if it is not the most famous winter destination in Switzerland we can recommend Arosa as a fantastic place to spend the winter or ski holidays. Continue reading

Relax Weekend in Arosa

Room with a view Waldhotel National in Arosa

Fantastic view from our room at the Waldhotel National in Arosa

We haven’t seen snow for three years. Way to long? No, we are not particularly keen on winter sports and snow. We prefer the summertime with warm, sunny weather. But after three years it’s about time and we are actually looking forward to be back in the snow in Arosa.

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How much does it cost to travel around Australia for one year?

How much does a road trip around Australia for a year cost?

How much does a road trip around Australia for a year cost?

A few months ago we published the blog post How much money do we need to travel around Australia with an overview of our travel expenses for the first half year of our road trip through Australia.

In this post we will tell you how much money we spent for the whole road trip through Australia for one year. You can also find useful tips on how to reduce your travel costs for a road trip around Australia. Continue reading