Road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie – The Highlights

Exchange Hotel Kalgoorlie

What a surprise. The road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie was great, especially the free camps

Have you ever started a road trip without a plan? You did not know where to stay and what to do? That’s exactly how our first week of our long road trip started. Having no fixed plan turned out great. We found awesome free camp spots and nice little towns from the gold rush times. Continue reading

The Bernina Express – By train and bus from Chur to Lugano (+ side trip to Italy)

The Bernina Express train

Do you like to do a spectacular train and bus ride? How about the Bernina Express.

Traveling by train is nothing special for people living in Switzerland. About 1.3 million people use the train daily, most of them to go to work. We did lots of train rides the last four weeks and two of them in the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express. These two panoramic train rides are breathtaking. Continue reading

Hiking in Austria: From the Freiburger hut to Dalaas in the Klostertal

Hiking in Austria from Freiburger Hut

Austria is picturesque. On the hike from the Freiburger hut to the fossilized sea you get rewarded with this view.

It’s summer, it’s weekend and the temperatures are perfect for a hiking trip. This time we explore the region of Vorarlberg in Austria for four days. We stay in hotels but we also overnight in the mountain hut called Freiburger hut. There is plenty to see in the area. In this post we tell you more about the night in a mountain hut, the fossilized sea high up in the mountains and a secret waterfall. Continue reading

Hiking to Lake Formarin and Red Wall, the most beautiful place in Austria

Lake Formarin most beautiful place in Austria

Stunning view over Lake Formarin and the Red Wall from the Freiburger Hut

We love to travel and to explore exotic destination. This time we don’t go to faraway places. We go hiking in the mountains of Vorarlberg, Austria which is only a couple hours away from our home town in Switzerland. Come along on a hiking trip through the stunning mountain landscape in Lech, up to Lake Formarin and the Red Wall, a place that has won the election of the most beautiful place in Austria. Continue reading

Tubingen Germany – Things to do in 24 hours

Tubingen Germany

A pretty city to visit: Tubingen Germany. Dont’ miss it!

“Welcome to a city that is different to others”. That’s the motto you will find in the official tourist brochure of Tubingen. And it’s true. Tubingen is different. The city combines the flair of a lovingly renovated city centre dating back to the Middle Ages with the colorful, bustling and young cosmopolitan student city. Continue reading

27 Things to do in Stuttgart

27 Things to do in Stuttgart, New Palace in Stuttgart

The New Palace in Stuttgart is a great place to relax on a sunny afternoon. One of the 27 Things to do in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart is one of these cities where you could spend a lot longer than planned. The city is famous for fast cars, but also for good wine, traditional Swabian food and nice castles. We loved the lively city, especially the New Palace in the center, surrounded by a park where everybody is sitting outside and enjoying the sun. Continue reading

Things to do in Wurzburg, a charming German town

Things to do in Wurzburg The Residence

How about a city trip to Wurzburg? We’ve got some cool tips and things to do in Wurzburg.

Wurzburg is a gem. We visit the German town, that is located in the northern Bavaria region, for the first time – and we love it. Wurzburg is charming with interesting architecture and a special atmosphere. We tell you what we liked the most and have some special tips that make your visit an unforgettable experience. Continue reading

Ireland Road Trip – Things to see in 5 days

Ireland road trip tips

How about an Ireland road trip? Inspritation and tips in this post.

You need a break? How about doing an Ireland road trip? Dublin is just a bit more than a two hours flight from Europe. The friendly Irish people, the landscape and the relaxed atmosphere in traditional pubs make it easy to fall in love with Ireland. Mid May I explored Ireland with three of my best friends. Continue reading