Who are the Swiss Nomads?

Obviously, we are Swiss. You may have guessed that with our blog name. We, Reni and Marcel, decided to live a nomadic life to live our dream of travelling the world.

On our travel blog swissnomads.com we are writing about our road trip and our nomadic life with focus on adventure, diving, outdoor and nature.

Swiss Nomads - Reni and MarcelIt all began in 2007. We sold everything and left for an indefinite period of time. 1000 days we spend on the road. First we backpacked through Southeast Asia, spent a year working in the Maldives as diving instructors followed by a long journey through Australia and New Zealand. In Ozeania we found our favorite way of travelling, on wheels. And here it comes, after a couple of years working in Switzerland, the Maldives and on a remote island in Raja Ampat, the Swiss Nomads are hitting the road again.

We travel on wheels to explore more of the beautiful planet earth. This is our next big trip: Round the World

Some more facts about us

We are born in Switzerland and lived the first 35 years of our lives there. After school Reni did an apprenticeship in commercial and studied PR. For many years she was working in the travel industry and became a consultant some years later. Being in daily contact with travel agents and travel writers the love for travelling became even stronger. The only solution was, to go and live the travel dream.

Marcel did an apprenticeship as electrician and studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University in Buchs followed by a post diploma in Software Engineering. He also did different advanced training courses in management and worked in management positions for different high-tech companies.

After many years of working in our jobs we decided to change our lives. We wanted to live the travel dream. It took a while until we had the guts to leave everything behind and take off to travel the world.

How we became digital nomads

We started our nomadic life in 2007. Back then we created a personal website for our families and friends. We published travel reports (sorry, in German only) and lots of pictures from our trips that people back home can follow our travels.

After many years of travelling and working abroad the number of english speaking friends grew. We were often asked about our website which is written in german only. Therefore we decided we have to create something new. We love to write and in September 2013 we started with our bilingual travel blog Swiss Nomads.

As we are both Swiss, and English is not our mother tongue. Writing this blog in English is a BIG challenge. So please excuse all our errors and the not so perfect writing.

Thank you for reading our blog,

Reni and Marcel, the Swiss Nomads

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  1. Hey Reni & Marcel,

    Your English is excellent, no worries 😉
    Me and my husband are doing something very similar to you: travelling the world with few plans (going home for Xmas for sure 🙂 and writing a trilingual blog on our travels (both in our mother tongue plus English). I am happy I have come across yours! It is very inspiring!
    Keep up the great job!

    • Hi Nora,
      Thank you for the message. Have quickly checked your blog. Nice work, will check it in more detail.
      We will be back home for X-Mas this year as well. Have been away for Christmas for the last 3 years.
      So we have to sell our car here in Australia and buy some flights soon.
      Let’s keep in touch.

  2. Hello Reni & Marcel,

    I came across you guys on Trover (one of our favorite apps). My husband and I are also digital nomads, currently in our “refueling” stage and based in Seattle while we prepare for another period abroad in 2016.

    From Trover and your blog, it looks like you’ve been to some wonderful places. What mode of transport are you using now (your “wheels”)? We have a VW Westfalia and are using it to camp and explore the US Pacific Northwest and Canada while are here.

    Your blog looks great. Keep it up! We look forward to reading it more thoroughly and follow your next phase of adventures.

    Hope we can keep in touch!

    Best wishes,

    Richele & Tor

    • Hi Richele & Tor

      Thanks for your comment. We like Trover too, it’s a cool tool. Marcel is mainly the one publishing on Trover and he loves it.

      We’ve seen your VW Westfalia on your website. Cool camper to travel around the US and Canada. That’s something we wanna do too, Canada, the US and South America. Oh, well. There is so much to see on this beautiful planet earth.

      We’ve had a Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 which was converted into a Campervan. A great vehicle to travel around Australia. It was very reliable and we never had problems with it. We loved our Troopy. Before we left Australia a few weeks ago we sold it. Let’s see what our next travel vehicle will be.

      Would be great to keep in touch and who knows, we may see you somewhere on the road. The world is small sometimes 😉

      Best wishes from Chiang Mai,

      Reni & Marcel

  3. Hi guys,

    If you hadn’t mentioned that English is not your first language, I would have assumed it to be your first, it’s that good!

    I’m from South Africa and English is my first, but my Belgian wife, Sabine, speaks Dutch (1st) then French, German, Spanish and English. After 5 years travel together, we are taking a break and laying low in Belgium where I am trying to learn Dutch as a second language, but I have never been good with languages, which is why work on a production line is perfect for me right now, hand signals are usually good enough to simply show me what to do. Sabine is using this time to work on our blog, in English as a 3rd language, which we started just 4 months ago, then it’s back on the road! We are also discovering more and more other blogs such as yours which only serve to inspire us to get going again sooner rather than later.

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks a lot for your comment and compliment (different languages are always a challenge)!

      We are currently back in Switzerland on a break from travelling as well but will move on in a few weeks again. It’s amazing how many people are on the road and do write down their stories and publish them on blogs and websites.
      The more we travel, the more people we meet that have the same mindset and travelbug ;-). We really love to write on our blog and try new things in social media.
      Just checked your blog and found beautiful pics from Etosha where we have been a few years ago. We loved the animals and have definitely planned to go back to Africa.

      Sunny greetings from Switzerland. Marcel

  4. Hi,

    you are very interesting people living your dreams 🙂
    I am also an electrical engineer like you. just finished my degree.

    I don’t know if someday I will have the courage to leave everything and go travel the world like you.

    Don’t you have worries about the future when you get old how are you going to live a stable life if you don’t work hard now and save some money ?

    sorry for being lame 🙂 but I might be able to learn from your plans.


    • Dear Stanly,

      Thank you for your comment and congratulations to your engineering degree.
      The degree will help you getting a good job and save up some money to travel the world.
      That’s exactely what I did. I worked hard to get a good job after my degree, did a post diploma in software engineering and continued to put a lot of energy into my career development.
      I went along that path for more than 10 years, took step after step on my career ladder and saved up some money.
      We now have the freedom to travel and also work around the world as scuba diving instructors.
      You can read more about my career change in From manager to scuba diving instructor.

      So I’m not worried about our future at all and we are really enjoying what we are doing (travelling and working as scuba diving instructors).

      Good luck to you.


  5. Ich finde eure Seite einfach toll – daher wurdet ihr gerade auf meinem Blog zum Liebsten Award nominiert. Macht wirklich wahnsinnig viel Spaß zu lesen was ihr alles erlebt. Ganz toll. Liebe Grüße aus Hannover! Bettina

    • Hi Bettina,
      Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Nominierung zum Liebster Award. Wir wurden vor einem Jahr bereits nominiert und toll, dass wir auch dieses Jahr wieder nominiert werden. Viele Dank.
      Liebe Grüsse,

  6. Great back story behind your blog! Looking forward to reading more about life on the road from a Swiss perspective as you usually see more travel bloggers from Canada, United States, England, Australia or other parts of Southeast Asia online more often. Furthermore, your English is impeccable and easy to follow along. Safe travels!

    • Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your message. We always like feedback. We will definitely continue to write about our adventures on the road.

      Cheers and save travels,


  7. I really respect your life which I always dream to become it.
    I am very happy to me the Swiss nomads on the internet!!
    Your life encourage me to enjoy my life by myself.
    Take care of your self and still enjoy your life.

    P.S I surprised to your English skills.

  8. At the Huron, Ohio city library and taking time out from my audiology private practice to look you up. Still in my electric scooter, which is why I no longer see patients in their homes. I remember my visit to Switzerland when Marcel took care of charging my wheels every night. Thanks again! Hope to see you again. When are you traveling to the U.S.? Right now, June 1, 2017, Cedar Point Amusement park is open for the summer and we are entertaining thousands of motor cyclists for Bike Week. My social life is meeting family in Toledo, Retired Teachers and Red Hat Ladies groups, and serving on Pastoral Council at the parish where I grew up in Toledo. My years in PNG and traveling around the world to conventions when I taught university are seldom out of my mind, however-. Sally Holt

    • Dear Sally

      Thanks for your message. So nice to hear from you.

      Sounds like there is a lot going on in the U.S. with the Bike Week and meeting family.
      We are planning to visit the U.S. in the next few years. We have no fix plan yet. We’ll keep you posted on that.

      Wishing you all the best,

      Reni & Marcel

  9. Hi again! Trying to find your English impressions of Korea and Russia. We are in tourist season here on the shores of Lake Erie and it’s been very hot these last few weeks…90’s. Glad I did my travels when I could get around better. Always good to hear about you and your family. Have fun and stay well.-Sally 7/18/18

    • Hi Sally

      Thanks for your message. We are busy writing our blog posts about Korea. Hope to publish some posts the next few weeks.
      There is so much to see in Russia that we are pretty busy visiting all the interesting places. It’s an amazing and huge country.

      All the best,


  10. Hi Reni

    I am from Sydney Australia, I have an Italian friend who wishes to drive from Australia to Italy in April 2019. I am currently doing some research for him. He has driven from Italy to Asia in the past.

    Your Korean route seems the most practical, can you advise me which freight forwarding company you used in Australia to ship car to South Korea?
    I am just amazed at your travels, truly inspiring.
    regards Cate

  11. Hello,
    Your living the dream.
    I have the same troopy. Are you able to tell me where you obtained your pull out awning in Aust?

    • Hi Alan,
      We love our Troopy. It’s the perfect vehicle for our road trip around the world.
      We bought the awnings online from 4WD Supercentre. Good price and so far we are happy with the quality.

      Cheers, Marcel and Reni

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