Travelling is our great passion. We love travelling through distant continents and discover new countries and unknown cultures. On our journey we have seen many things, but when we have a look on the world map, then we realize that we have only seen so little of the whole world and there is still so much more to explore.

We left Switzerland in 2007 with a one-way ticket to Asia. We travelled through Southeast Asia for almost a year before we started working as scuba diving instructors on the Maldives. After one year living and working in paradise Australia and New Zealnd was calling, where we explored the two countries for one year. Then the time was right to head back to the Maldives for another two years. Since the end of 2013 we are on a road trip around Australia.

You need travel tips? You want to know how it is to live a nomadic life? Explore the world with us and simply click to the point of interest on the map.


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