25 Bali photos that will make you want to visit

25 Bali photos start with a sunset at the beach in Lovina

This fisherman in Lovina has probably one of the best views during work

Bali is one of these islands where you never get bored. There is so much to see and explore. You can hike a volcano or visit temples. You can go surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling or just relax on the beach. Do you need inspiration? We are happy to share 25 Bali photos with you.

The beauty of Bali is no secret anymore. About four million people flock to the amazing Indonesian island to spend their holidays. It was our third visit to Bali and even if it’s a lot busier than before, it’s still magical. We hope Bali can keep up with tourism and take care of their nature.

25 Bali photos to dream about your next holiday

Rice terraces, stretching out as far as your eyes can see

We call the rice terraces in Bali art. Even if we have seen many rice fields before, we are still amazed of the beauty of the landscape in central Bali.

This time, we visit the Jatiluwih rice terraces by motorbike. It’s a one hour drive to the north from Ubud. The most visited rice terraces are the Jatiluwih and Tegalalang.

Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali

The Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali. As green as it can get!

If you go independently to visit the Jatiluwih rice terraces by motorbike, a rental car or a taxi, don’t miss out the rice fields along the way. There are a few places where you can stop for breathtaking views without the crowds.

There is a marked walkway through the Jatiluwih terraces. We recommend starting at the ticket check booth along the road to avoid the crowds. Tour buses usually stop at the viewing point which is pretty busy during the day.

Rice terrace in Bali

Man at work in a rice field in Bali

Hut in a rice paddy in Bali

Little huts in the middle of the rice paddy offering shelter


Beaches and waves for surfers on Bali

Black sand is dominating the beaches along the northern coast. Outside Lovina hundreds of fishing boats are parked along the beach. It’s quite spectacular to watch when all fishermen are heading out to the sea at the same time.

Fishing boats in Lovina

Fishing boats are lined up along the beach outside of Lovina

Hilly Bali has awesome spots to watch the sunset. We found one along the road just outside of Lovina.

Amed in Northbali

Watching the sunset from a viewing point in Amed

In Sanur, we found just a few fishing boats but it looks like they only use them for tourists. The colorful boats offer a nice photo opportunity.

Boat at the beach in Sanur

Cute little boats are parked at the beach in Sanur

Beach in Sanur

It’s not very busy at the beach in Sanur

The Bukit Peninsula is home to surf pros. Uluwatu is the place where the surfer scene meets and pros surf the sickest waves. Beginners should only watch from the shore. You really need to be a pro to surf the world-class waves at Uluwatu.

Surfer at Ulu Watu in Bali

Uluwatu is where experienced and talented surfers go. We love watching the pros. It’s simply amazing how they ride the waves

The best beaches to go surfing for beginners are in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Canggu. You can’t surf yet? There are many places where you can do a course.

If you are in Bali, don’t miss to go to the Gili Islands. The three small islands are paradise on earth.


Temples and ceremonies on Bali

Religion is very important in Bali. If you like to visit temples, Bali is the perfect island to go temple watching. There are probably more temples than houses. Well, that may be a bit exaggerated but there are definitely many of them. If you are driving along the roads, you will see temples on every corner and in most gardens.

We don’t want to bore you, therefore we only show you our favorite ones.

The water temple Pura Danau Bratan is dedicated to the water goddess Dewi Danu. Danau Bratan is an important Hindu-Buddhist temple from the 17th century.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan in Bali

The beautiful Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is not only famous but featured on the 50’000 IDR note

Taman Ayun is 17 kilometers to the west from Ubud. It took us 30 minutes to get there. If you like to enjoy the temple to your own, go there early in the morning.

Taman Ayun in Bali

The multi-tiered roofs are typical for temples in Bali

The split gate is the traditional entrance to Balinese temples and sacred sites.

Temple in Northbali

Balinese temples have these impressive entrance

Our favorite temple is Tanah Lot. The sea temple sits on a large rock just off shore. The best time to visit is during sunset. I’m sure you have seen pictures before because Tanah Lot is one of the most visited and photographed temples on Bali. Every day hundreds of tourists flock here to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, the site is highly commercialized but it’s still worth to visit. Seeing the sun setting behind the temple is stunning.

Pura Tanah Lot in Bali

Pura Tanah Lot one of the most important sea temples for Balinese people

Pura Besakih is the mother temple of Hinduism. We were very lucky to visit Pura Besakih during important ceremonies held during and after full moon. Our host in the guesthouse tells us that all Balinese have to visit the holiest and largest temple of the Hidu religion in Bali. The believers come to pray and do offerings. It’s fascinating to experience the prayer ceremonies.

Besakih temple in Bali

Big ceremonies going on at the Besakih temple in Bali

Ceremony Besakih temple

Big ceremonies going on at the Besakih temple

From Ubud it’s an hour ride (45 km) to the Besakih temple complex.

Pura Besakih in Bali

Pura Besakih is a big temple complex on the slopes of Mount Agung


Varied nature: Volcano and Jungle on Bali

Bali has so much to offer. There are beaches, rice terraces, waterfalls, jungle and volcanoes. You can see altogether in one day.

Do you like trekking to the top of a volcano? No problem. You can climb up to Gunung Batur to watch the sunrise. Gunung Batur is 1717 meters above sea level. Be prepared, the temperature on 1000 above sea level drops dramatically. The best is to bring a jumper and enough water to do the hike. It’s recommended to book a tour if you plan to hike a volcano.

Gunung Batur is an active volcano. The last eruption happened 17 years ago.

Gunung Batur in Bali

It is possible to hike up to Gunung Batur which is about 1717 m high


Monkey Forest in Ubud

The Monkey Forest is another famous place to visit. I’m sure you have seen pictures before. We love that moment, when leaving the busy streets behind and enter the wild jungle. Of course, the Monkey Forest is touristy too but really worth to visit. It’s a magical place.

Monkey forest in Ubud

The bridge in the middle of the monkey forest looks like out of a fairytale

Macaque in the monkey forest in Ubud

25 Bali photos would not be complete without a photo of a macaque

Monkey forest in Ubud

The monkey forest is worth a visit especially for the jungle experience


Colorful Bali

One of the things to do in Ubud is attending one of the traditional dance shows. Firstly, we were skeptical because everybody on the street wanted to sell us a ticket for the show. We are not fans of shows they only do for tourists. Well, finally we went to see the Barong Dance and it was an amazing show. We are happy that the sellers convinced us to watch the show. It was colorful, fascinating and fabulous.

Barong dance in Ubud

The traditional Barong Dance is a major tourist attraction in Ubud

Bali Sculpture

There are sculptures in many gardens. We love the Balinese style

Ganesh is the god of wisdom, knowledge, new beginnings and also remover of obstacles. He’s one of the most worshiped Hindu gods. Ganesh garden statues are very popular for Balinese. You can see Ganesh in many gardens and often he is located at the entrance of buildings.

Entrance Ubud Inn

The entrance to the Ubud Inn is beautifully decorated and Ganesh is protecting the entrance in style

Balinese are very religious. Their daily prayers and offerings is a nice ritual

Offerings in Bali

Offerings are part of the daily life of Balinese people

That is the last of our 25 Bali photos. That’s the way we see Bali and how we like it.

Market in Ubud

There are miles of markets with hundreds of souvenirs


What is your favorite place on Bali? Tell us about it in our comments.

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25 thoughts on “25 Bali photos that will make you want to visit

  1. This is a lovely round up of all of the things I love about Bali. Living in Perth, Bali is one of our most accessible and affordable holiday destinations. Unfortunately most Australians only associate Bali with the chaos of Kuta and rarely bother to explore further. My best holidays have been in Balian, a small village on the north west coast and I also love spending time at Uluwatu. I could spend most of the day sitting at one of the wooden Warungs on top of the cliffs and watching the surfing action down below.

    • Hi Nina

      Thanks for your tips. I just checked Balian on google. Wow, looks like a nice place too. We definitely have to return.
      Your so right, Bali has a lot more to offer than Kuta and surroundings.

      Watching the surfers at Uluwatu is something we love too. It’s amazing how easy it looks like how they surf the big waves.

      Bali is always a great island to spend a few weeks to relax and explore the area.

      Best wishes,

  2. Bali really has just about everything you could possibly want in a location – beaches, jungles, animals, mountains, culture. We have been trying to figure out where to go for our summer vacation and Bali is high on the list. I think reading this post came at the perfect time!

    • Well, don’t think any further 😉 Bali is perfect in the European summer month. And it really has everything you could wish for.

      Wishing you a great vacation, wherever you go.

  3. I certainly feel as though I’ve got a good impression of Bali from this post. Great photos too. I would particularly like to go to Monkey Island. I’m actually off to Indonesia (though not Bali) tomorrow so looking forward to seeing some real beauty too.

  4. Been to all these and couldn’t agree more! Plus your photographs are so inviting, it makes me want to go back to Bali right about now! <3

    • We loved Ubud too, especially away from the crowds. The rice fields and the great food… Thinking about it makes me want to go back right now.

  5. Well you’ve gone an done it. Youve co vinced me to go to Bali! Those sunset photos look incredible! I’m surprised by how busy that fishing beach is though…

    • Well, yes. The beaches in the north look incredible with all the fishing boats. There is no space left for anything else. But there are other beaches too with nothing but sand.

      Hope you have the chance to visit Bali one day. It’s awesome.

  6. Great selection of photos, these would make anyone want to visit Bali. It looks like such an amazing island and somewhere we are hoping to visit later this year.

    • Thanks so much. Nice to hear that you like the photos.
      Wishing you a great stay and enjoy the hospitality of the Balinese people.

  7. I already wanted to visit but this just makes me put it even higher on the bucket list. Beautiful photos especially the one with the man in the rice field.

  8. Amazing photos of Bali! I’ve been once before but these photos really make me want to go back. So many people focus their time in SE Asia on Thailand but I think Indonesia is just as amazing. Thailand has better food for sure though!

    • Thanks a lot. I agree with the food. We loved the food in Bali but Thai Food is better & still our favorite. Nothing can beat Thai Food 😉

    • Hi Kevin

      Yeah, the moment you step into the Monkey Forest it feels like another world. It’s totally worth a visit.

      Do you have plans to visit Bali soon?


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