Raja Ampat for backpacker

Raja Ampat for backpacker

Raja Ampat for backpacker is possibe

Isolated islands, untouched reefs, wild and stunning landscape, all that is waiting for you in Raja Ampat. It is a remote destination and offers one of the world’s best diving. Although Raja Ampat is an expensive destination, it is possible to travel on a budget (but not on a low-budget). Our tips help to make Raja Ampat for backpacker possible.

Raja Ampat is known as the place with one of the best diving in the world. The biodiversity is extraordinary and every scuba divers dream. But also the landscape above the water is stunning. Raja Ampat is remote and therefore an expensive destination. But, there are options to make Raja Ampat for backpacker possible. It cannot be traveled as cheap as Thailand or Bali, but you will get rewarded with untouched nature.

Things to do in Raja Ampat

Travelling to Raja Ampat is all about diving, snorkeling or a kayak adventure.

The colorful reefs attract divers and snorkelers to Raja Ampat. There is so much to see. Barracudas, mantas, wobbegongs, pygmy seahorses, mandarin fish, sweet lips, clownfish, octopus, Bryde’s whales and even dugongs can be spotted on the reefs.

Diving on a Liveaboard in Raja Ampat

It’s the priciest option but also the best in terms of exploring Raja Ampat.

A few years ago there were only a few liveaboards cruising around Raja Ampat. In the meantime there are more than 40 liveaboards registered. The variety is huge but for budget travelers the options of affordable diving tours are very limited. The best budget option is Wicked Diving.

Wicked Diving offers a trip 7 days/6 nights for USD 1690 (280 per night). That’s the best option we found. Full board, tanks and weights, dive guides, tea/coffee and lots of fun is included.

Soft drinks, beer, diving equipment marine park fees, flights and travel insurance are not included.

The main season for liveaboards runs from November to April.

We did the Komodo Tour with Wicked Diving. We loved it and we can recommend the company.

Two other affordable liveaboards with good reputation

Mermaid I
8 days/7 nights USD 2350 (335 per night)

Mermaid II
9 days/8 nights USD 2800 (350 per night)

There are a lot more liveaboards in all price ranges but no real budget options.

For all liveaboards advanced booking is essential to secure a cabin.

Diving from a local island

Some homestays have an own dive center or they can organize diving with a dive center close by. In the section Accommodation below you will find a few options.

A dive costs around IDR 500’000 and rental BDC & regulator IDR 350’000. Prices vary.

Tips for diving in Raja Ampat

  • Currents are common in the area and it’s recommended to have some dive experience
  • If you have your own equipment, bring it with you. Rental equipment is pretty expensive.
  • Diving insurance is highly recommended. Raja Ampat is very remote and a treatment in case of a dive accident can be very expensive.

Kayaking in Raja Ampat

Sea kayaking is an excellent way to explore the beauty of Raja Ampat. You are very close to nature. It is a peaceful and economic way to explore the island paradise.

Sea kayaking in Raja Ampat

Cruising around the mangroves labyrinth is a super cool activity in Raja Ampat

There are different options to explore Raja Ampat with a kayak. You can either do a tour with a guide or you can go independently. If you go on your own, you need to have navigating skills and good nautical maps of the area. You should also be familiar with currents, the tides and the weather patterns. Kayaking can be a lot easier if you know what direction the current is going. Plan ahead and take enough food and water with you. Raja Ampat is very remote and don’t count on getting fresh water on isolated islands.

If you are not familiar with sea kayaking and harsh, fast changing conditions than better book a tour with a guide. You can do so with Kayak4Conservation. They offer 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 day tours. The months May, June, July and August tend to be quite windy. Rough sea can be quite challenging and the chance of rain is high. During these months, only well experienced sea kayakers are allowed to do the tour.

Kayak4Conservation is based near the village of Saporkreng on Waigeo Island, just a short ride from Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat. Transport costs from Waisai to Kayak4Conservation approx. IDR 300’000 per person one way.

Approximate costs per day

  • Local guide IDR 300’000 per day up to 4 guests
  • Single Kayak rental IDR 560’000
  • Double Kayak rental IDR 890’000 (inkl. paddle, spray skirt, life jacket, 5 liter water jerry can)
  • Accommodation, stay at a homestay IDR 400’000 per night incl. three meals
  • Additional rental costs for camping equipment if you don’t bring your own.

Total costs per day, camping: From IDR 860’000 / EUR 57

Total costs per day, staying at a homestay: From IDR 1’260’000 / EUR 85

Additional costs: Marine Park Fee IDR 1’000’000 / EUR 67 (valid 1 year)

We highly recommend to book in advance. Kayak trips are well booked in high season.

Where to stay: Raja Ampat for Backpacker

Beach in Raja Ampat

Isolated beach in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat for backpacker means you sleep in homestays with basic infrastructure, cold water in the traditional mandi (shower where you poor water over you) and electricity is mostly provided only for a few hours in the evening. Internet and phone signal is limited on most islands.

If you want to travel Raja Ampat on a budget, the cheapest option is to stay in a homestay. You get a small room or a small bungalow with a matrass on the floor and mosquito net. The rooms/bungalows are very basic. Shared bathroom is normal with a few exceptions. No AC. Prices usually include three meals a day. Check the details when you book. Most of the homestays offer a pick-up service from Waisai (on Waigeo Island).

Homestays should be booked in advance because traveling between the islands is quite expensive. The easiest way to contact a homestay is texting.

If you want to go diving or snorkeling make sure the homestay has a dive shop or can organize it.

Selection of Homestays in Raja Ampat on the islands Waigeo, Gam, Kri and Arborek

Prices are per person in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
EUR 1 = IDR 15’000
IDR 10’000 = EUR 7

Pulau Waigeo

Waigeo is the main island of Raja Ampat and also the largest. Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat, is located on Waigeo. There is a public ferry from Sorong (West Papua) to Waisai. Waiwo is the nearest beach from Waisai and is visited by mostly Indonesians. Hiking and birdwatching is possible on Waigeo.

Where to stay on Waigeo

Alter Native Stay, Tapokreng, Waigeo, Raja Ampat, Westpapua

  • Traditional homestay, approx. 20 minutes from Waisai by boat or car
  • Approx. IDR 700’000 per room/night
  • WiFi available (Raja Ampat is remote and internet can be slow or just working during certain hours)
  • Diving and snorkeling can be arranged

Yengkawe Homestay, Pulau Waigeo

  • On land bungalow, IDR 350’000 per person/night
  • Transfer by speedboat from Waisai IDR 300’000 per person one way
  • Diving and snorkeling can be arranged with nearby resort, 1 dive costs IDR 500’000
  • Tours to Wayag, Fam Islands, Manta Point and more can be arranged.

Warimpurem Homestay, Pulau Waigeo (close to Saporkren village)

  • On land rooms and bungalows, IDR 350’000 per person/night
  • Transfer from Waisai harbor to the homestay by car IDR 350’000 one way
  • Diving and snorkeling can be arranged with nearby homestays.
  • Tours to see Wilson’s and Red Bird of Paradise can be arranged. Tour costs IDR 200’000 per person. Departing before dawn at around 4 am. It’s a two hour walk through the jungle to Franky’s Wilson’s site.

Pulau Gam

Gam is separated from Waigeo by a small passage that looks like a river. Gam is wild and has some nice, secluded beaches. You can do hikes into the jungle to see the Bird of Paradise.

Kordiris Homestay, Pulau Gam

  • With dive center, beautiful beach, on land and over water bungalows, IDR 300’000 to 350’000 per person/night
  • Transfer from Waisai IDR 500’000 one way by boat (max. 4 pax)
  • Dive center, 1 dive IDR 450’000, equipment rental (without wetsuit) IDR 150’000

Nudibranch Homestay, village Kapisawar on Gam Island

  • On land bungalows, IDR 350’000 per person/night
  • Transfer costs from Waisai IDR 1’500’000 one way by boat (max. 6 pax)
  • Diving and jungle trekking can be arranged, tours to see Red Birds of Paradise is available, Cuscus can be seen

Pulau Kri

Kri is the smaller island right next to Mansuar. The area is famous for diving, its crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. Diving tourism actually started on Kri and since many years people come here to explore the underwater world.

Yenkoranu Homestay, Pulau Kri

  • Standard room and VIP bungalow from IDR 300’000 to 500’000 per person/night
  • Transfer from Waisai (1 hour): IDR 600’000 one way by boat (max. 4 pax)
  • Dive center available, fabulous housereef
  • Packages available: from 3 nights, 4 dives for IDR 3’600’000 to 7 nights, 12 dives for IDR 8’400’000 (incl. transfer from Waisai to Yenkoranu Homestay, accommodation in standard room)

Pulau Arborek

Jetty on Arborek island in Raja Ampat

Crystal clear waters at the Arborek jetty in Raja Ampat

Arborek is a flat and sandy island with coconut palmtrees and a white beach. The Barefoot Conservation Center who is doing Manta research is located on Arborek and the famous Manta Point is around the corner. Fantastic diving and snorkeling is possible right off the jetty. There is a dive shop located on the island and small shops for basic supplies.

Lalosi Homestay, Arborek

  • Room and bungalows on land IDR 350’000 per person/night
  • Transfer from Waisai IDR 1’000’000 one way (max. 10 pax)
  • Snorkeling and diving can be arranged with Arborek Dive Shop, 1 dive EUR 40, BCD & regulator rental EUR 26
  • Manta Point snorkeling trip (incl. equipment) IDR 500’000 per person
  • Fam Islands trip including sightseeing and snorkeling for IDR 500’000 per person (min. 4 people)

Manta Homestay, Pulau Arborek

  • Room in a bungalow IDR 350’000 per person/night
  • Transfer from Waisai IDR 1’000’000 one way (5 to 6 pax)
  • Diving can be arranged with Arborek Dive Shop, snorkel gear available IDR 50’000 per day

You find a complete list of homestays and more useful travel information on www.stayrajaampat.com

Places to visit in Raja Ampat

Wayag and Penemu (Fam Islands)

If you have seen pictures of Raja Ampat before, you probably have seen the spectacular view of Wayag or Penemu. It doesn’t matter if you visit Wayag or Penemu. Both islands offer breath taking views from a platform.

Penemu Fam islands in Raja Ampat

Breathtaking view from the platform on Penemu overlooking Fam islands

On Penemu island, which belongs to the Fam island, a stair is leading to the top. There are two platforms to take pictures. Make sure you have your camera ready and enough space on your memory card.

In Wayag it’s a tough walk through the bush to get up to the top. It’s highly recommended to wear proper shoes. The limestone rocks are sharp, so take it easy. Once you reach the top you can see the conical karst islands spread out in the turquoise water, a landscape that blows your mind away.

How to get there

From Sorong to Penemu it’s about a 90 minute boat ride. For a day trip you can expect to pay 2-3 million per boat (costs can be shared with other passengers). To Wayag it’s about 4 hours and a day trip costs approx. IDR 10 million per boat. The information center in Sorong can help you to find other interested people. Prices are due to change as they depend on the fuel prices. Fuel in West Papua is very expensive and that is the reason why tours and transfers are pretty expensive.

Some homestays organize day trips to Fam Islands or Wayag too. Ask for prices. To share costs is always best to team up with other travelers. Prices vary.

Teluk Kabui or “Mini Wayag”

Kabui bay in Raja Ampat

Typical landscape in Raja Ampat

The bay between Waigeo and Gam is a mini version of the typical Raja Ampat landscape. Here you find jungle-topped limestone islets in a big bay, surrounded by wild jungle. Teluk Kabui can be combined with a tour to the Passage and Hidden Bay.

Hidden Bay and Passage

Waigeo and Gam is separated by the passage. The small strait is more like a river. The passage separates the islands Waigeo and Gam. From the passage to the Hidden Bay it’s another 10 minutes by boat. Finding the Hidden Bay is all but easy. You need a local who knows where to find the entrance. There is only one way in to get to the labyrinth of limestone islands. You find more in our post Hidden Bay and Passage.

Which is the best option for divers?

If diving is your main purpose of visiting Raja Ampat, we would recommend booking a liveaboard. Even if it is not the cheapest option, you will get rewarded with a unique dive experience. You can dive at the best spots and if currents are not right, it’s possible to wait for the perfect conditions.

Usually you can do four to five dives a day. It’s up to you how often you want to go diving. The daily routine is dive, eat, sleep and repeat.

Diving in Raja Ampat

Close encounter with a fish family. Amazing how they are posing for the photo

Best time to visit

Generally it is possible to travel to Raja Ampat all year round. We worked on a resort island for more than a year. From June to October the southerly winds can be strong and quite annoying in terms of waves. Besides this, the weather is pretty stable. There is no monsoon season and heavy rain is possible during the whole year. Usually it rains only for a couple of hours or even less.

The season for liveaboards runs from November to April. During these months the sea is generally calm and the winds are light.

How to get to Raja Ampat

If you travel from Europe, the best options are to fly to Jakarta or Singapore and further on to Sorong. There are direct flights from Jakarta to Sorong with Express Air and NAM Air. Garuda Indonesia is flying via Makassar. They announced a direct flight to Sorong in the near future. Sriwijaya is currently the cheapest option with a stop in Makassar.

Calculate three travel days from Europe to Raja Ampat return.

Sorong in West Papua

Random street in Sorong, West Papua

If you are in Asia, you can also fly with AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to Makassar and further to Sorong with one of the local airlines.

How to get to the liveaboard

Usually if you book a liveaboard a representative of the company will pick you up at the hotel in Sorong or they meet you at the harbor. Some companies even pick you up at the airport. Check directly with the company.

How to get to one of the islands in Raja Ampat

Take the ferry from Sorong to Waisai

Ferry Sorong Waisai Raja Ampat

Ferry terminal in Waisai. The main connection from Sorong to Raja Ampat

From Sorong you can catch the express ferry or slow boat to Waisai. Both options run daily at around 2 pm. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the ferry runs in the morning too. Check the timing before you travel there. Changes may be possible.

Ticket price: From IDR 130’000 Economy to IDR 220’000 VIP. You can buy tickets at the harbor.

Tip: Economy class is fine. VIP seats are available but only a good option if you like to sit in a freezing cold air-conditioned cabin with loud karaoke.

Waisai on Waigeo has a small airport too but taking the ferry from Sorong to Waisai is a lot cheaper.

To the homestay – By private boat

If you book a homestay they usually pick you up at Waisai harbor. Ask for the price when booking and try to bargain. The costs from Waisai to Gam (approx. 35 minutes) cost approx. IDR 500’000 one way. From Waisai to Kri speedboat transfer costs IDR 600’000 one way (up to 4 pax).

Organizing your own transport is possible. You can ask a local at the harbor (to negotiate it helps to speak a little bit Bahasa Indonesia) or try via Transwisata in Waisai. You can also try to join a boat from a homestay who picks up other guests.

Where to stay in Sorong

favehotel Sorong – Modern, new hotel close to the airport, free WiFi, great breakfast buffet

Swiss-Belhotel – Good hotel with swimming pool, free WiFi, good choice on the breakfast buffet, approx. 10 minutes drive from the Airport


Kabui village in Raja Ampat

The village of Kabui is very basic and far away from everything

Shop in Kabui village in Raja Ampat

That’s kind of the supermarket in a traditional village in Raja Ampat

Good to know

Waisai is the capital city of Raja Ampat. It’s not recommended to stay in Waisai to spend your holiday. You will be far away from the sea and there is not proper beach. There are a few basic homestays at the south with basic bungalows and a nice beach.

Bring enough cash. There are no ATM’s at the villages and hardly any Credit Card facilities.

Raja Ampat is very remote. Don’t expect too much. Tourism in Raja Ampat is young.

Bring a phrasebook Bahasa Indonesia – English. Local people hardly speak any English.

Calculate enough time between you flights and the ferry Transfer. During the time we were staying in Raja Ampat, quite a few flights were cancelled. We have travel insurance which covers us in case of cancellation of flights. If you are looking for more information about travel insurance check this post: Do I need travel insurance?

Additional costs

To visit Raja Ampat you need to buy a marine park permit. The entrance fee is IDR 1’000’000 / EUR 67 and valid for one year. You can buy one at the tourist office in the JE Meridien Hotel, located just across Sorong Airport and at the harbor in Waisai.

Money saving tips: Raja Ampat for backpacker 

  • Flights during the month of Ramadan and big holiday Idul Fitri (breaking of the fast feast) are generally a lot more expensive or even fully booked. Consider that when booking your flights.
  • Stay in a homestay
  • Team up with others to do trips. Usually the transport price is calculated per boat and you can share the costs.
  • Avoid staying in Sorong for more than one night

More tips needed?

You want to visit Raja Ampat and need more information? Let us know in the comments. We are more than welcome to help.

We lived and worked on Pulau Pef in the heart of Raja Ampat more than a year and we got to know the area quite well.

Sunset in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat offers sunsets to fall in love with

Personal note

Raja Ampat is remote and therefore it is not very touristy yet. That may change in the future as Sorong has opened a new airport. Currently Sorong is a domestic airport. Should that change and Sorong becomes an international airport, Raja Ampat will not be the same anymore.

We really hope that the beauty of Raja Ampat will stay the same for many more years.

Have you ever heard of Raja Ampat before? Do you have something to add or other information about Raja Ampat for backpacker? Please write us a comment and share your experience.


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26 thoughts on “Raja Ampat for backpacker

  1. Wow, what an interesting and exotic place. Before reading your blog I never heard of Raja Ampat before. Your photos certainly make it look like a very tempting travel destination. Just getting there seems to be an adventure in itself and the diving looks sensational.

    • Hi Nina,

      Raja Ampat really is a fantastic place. Very remote and still a bit hard to get to. On the map it looks so close to Australia but the connections are really bad and there is no international Airport on West Papua. The landscape is breathtaking, scuba diving amazing and the Papuans are extremely friendly and cheerful. It is still a bit off the beaten track what is a great plus.

      Sunny greetings from our last day in West Papua (sad to leave but looking forward to new adventures)

  2. Hi Marcel,

    My husband and I are planning to do Raja Ampat for our honeymoon and we can’t wait! We’re however not divers but avid snorkellers. I’ve once backpacked Sulawesi for a month and hoping to repeat the same snorkelling magic at Raja Ampat. Do you have any tips? For example, do you reckon we should just head to Pulau Kri or Gam and just work our way around from there via snorkelling tours, etc? Which of the islands, Kri, Gam or Arborek is best to based in as we island-hop? We’re looking at homestays with excellent housereefs and so on.

    Thanks so much for this article. At first we were thinking of just doing Wakitobi instead of pursuing the pipe dream of Raja Ampat…but your article is making us reconsider! 🙂

    • Hi Ying

      Thanks for your message. Wow, that are great plans. Raja Ampat is indeed a dream destination but so is Wakatobi.

      Hard to tell, which is better. We loved Raja Ampat. The scenery is great and thanks to the remoteness it is still untouched and magical.

      Pulau Kri is a great place to go and there is great snorkeling too. The homestays are usually very basic and there is no luxury at all. But the beauty of nature compensates that. Check with the homestay if they also offer snorkel tours. It’s great to explore the wider area too as there are many great reefs.

      Arborek has a fabulous housereef and there is a Manta Ray research center on the island. The famous dive and snorkel site Manta Sandy and Manta Slope are close by. If the season is right, that’s one of the best things to do.

      To organise island hopping is not so easy. Most of the locals don’t speak very well English and boat transfers are pretty expensive do to high fuel prices. But it’s also part of the Papuan adventure.

      If you like to have an organised island hopping tour, check rajaampatadventures.com. There you can book tours for different lenghts, for example 4d/3n for USD 650, 7d/6n for USD 800. The tours include airport transfer, meals and accommodation. You pay extra for marine park fees, snorkeling and diving.

      But also Wakatobi must be a dream, especially for snorkelers. The housereef must be stunning and they offer daily snorkeling trips. We personally have never been to Wakatobi but we had many divers and snorkelers who where raving over the housereef and the resort.

      Hope this helps. Wishing you happy planning and a great trip.

      Best regards,

  3. Hi Reni,

    Great article. I am planning a trip to Raja Ampat in a couple of weeks. I am interested to visit Wayag, Piaynemo and Misool.

    Do you have any information regarding the public ferry (schedule and ticket price) between Sorong and Misool? I am thinking of staying in Harapan Jaya (I heard there is one homestay there?), and possibly do island hopping trip around there. Do you have any suggestions for the island trip and things to do in Misool? I am thinking of staying there for 3 – 4 nights and I will be travelling on a budget. I would love to do some snorkeling, hiking, birdwatching and plenty of relaxing by the beach while I am there.

    Thanks in advance for your help 😀

    • Hi Geekay

      Thanks a lot for your message. Sorry for not replying faster. We were in the Outback and had no telephone reception nor internet.

      Are you in Raja Ampat already? I heard that there is an overnight ferry to Misool Friday night (late) from Sorong once a week. That was about a year ago. It would be best to check directly with the Homestay or contact Misool Eco Resort for more information.

      To get from one to the other Island is not that easy but ask around and it’s always a great idea talking to other travelers so you can possibly share the cost.

      Let me know how the trip was and how you got around.


  4. I only want to do some snorkelling at Raja Ampat. Do you Think a neoprene shorty is sufficient for snorkelling or would you recomment to get a full Body suit because of the jellyfish and other stingers?

    • Hi Uwe

      Raja Ampat is great for snorkelling. We would recommend a long-suit as the waters in Raja Ampat is rich with life and there is quite a lot of Plankton. A 3mm long wetsuite is perfect but also a thinner one is fine.

      When are you planning to visit Raja Ampat? It’s such a great place and the unterwaterworld is breathtaking.

      Wishing you a great trip and enjoy Raja Ampat,


  5. Hey,

    I bumped into your blog as I’m searching some information about raja ampat. I’m planning to go there next year and will stay at Gam, Kri and Arborek island. My question is which island should i go first if I arrive in Waisai? Is the transfer between islands easy?

    Thanks a lot


    • Hi Baus

      Great that you found our blog and hope it helped you to find useful information.

      If you arrive in Waisai (Waigeo) the best is you start heading to Kri. If you book a homestay on Kri they can arrange pickup in Waisai. From there you can visit Arborek and the Fam Islands, which is totally worth to see. Snorkelling and diving there is fantastic. For Transfers to Gam you best check on the Website stayrajaampat.com. They have great infos about transfers between the island.

      Wishing you a great trip and happy planning.

      Cheers, Reni

  6. Hello Reni!!!

    Congrats for your article, wonderful!!!! I imagine you have many many pictures in your head!!!
    I go to raja ampat in january, i already reserved homestay in kri in Yenkoranu for 8 days, after i plan to go to Gam in Nudibranch for maybe 1 week! Do you know if it’s possible to book a flight from this island or not because i don’t know how many days, i will spend there….
    Are they took euro or only Rupiah because i flight direct from europe to sorong?
    When they say 500,000 IDR per dive, is it with equipment?

    Thanks to share experience with us

    • Hi Alex

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yeah, I’ve got many pictures in my head. Lots of great memories of this wonderful place on earth.

      There is no flight between Kri and Gam but you can ask at Yenkoranu about boat transfer. The Islands in Raja Ampat are very remote and therefore most of the homestays do not have Credit Card facilities. Best is to ask the homestay before you go there. If you arrive in Sorong, I recommend to get some cash at the airport before you go to the island. There is an ATM at the airport. Sometimes they accept Euros but many homestays only take Rupiah. It’s anyway better to pay in Rupiah as it is usually the cheaper option.

      About the price for a dive, most likely it is without equipment. Depends on the resort/dive center. Some have equipment included in the price, some not. But best you ask at the homestay or check their website, if they have one.

      Hope that helps.

      Wishing you a great trip. Raja Ampat is such a special place.

      Safe travels,

  7. Hi…Following teaching a yoga retreat in Bali, I have an interest in Raja…I have about 9 days to explore.
    I’m a solo traveler and would love to paddle and camp.
    Or homestay if I can rent a place on my own.

    I’m considering bringing my own inflatable board/boat.

    Do you have a suggestion for the best place to stay/camp? As a home base for paddling
    I’m not really a group tour person unless I’m leading it hahah…

    Prefer to travel independently. Happy to hire a local boatman to get me out to an island. Can I count on reliability to get me back?

    Name of the area that you would recommend considering I just have 9 days and need to return to Bali.

    Any advice

    • Hi Tami

      Thanks for your comment. Ah, Bali. What a great place to be. And your travel plans are great too. From Bali you can fly via Makassar or Jakarta to Sorong. Nine days is not a lot but better than nothing.

      We do not have experience with solo paddle trips and camps. But we have a friends who did a solo kayaking trip around Raja Ampat. He is experienced and he knows where you get water and food and on with Islands it’s good to camp. I’ll send you his contact Details in a seperate email. It’s best to ask him as he did a long trip around Raja Ampat independently.

      Hope that helps and wishing you a great trip to Raja Ampat. You will love it.


  8. Hi!

    Me and my boyfriend are planning to go to raja ampat.
    We’re both divers and we’re interested to do a live aboard for just 3-4 days. We only found live aboard tours for 7-10 days and we think that’s too much.
    Do you know any cheap/budget live aboard for 3-4 days in raja ampat? In that case, that would be awesome!

    Thanks! Nathalie

    • Hi Nathalie

      Thanks for your message.

      Raja Ampat is an amazing place to go diving. There are several live aboards that offer 7-10 day tours. It is a big area and there are so many dive sites that it doesn’t get boring to dive for a week or more. We don’t know for sure, but we think there are no live aboards that offer tours for 3-4 days only.

      Best regards,

  9. Hi

    We just returned from a week+ on Krii. It was ok, We stayed on west side near jetty. We snorkled the house reef on Mansuar Kecil and the jetty as well as Manta pt 2x.

    I have a few questions, early May: Are the Manta still about in large numbers at stations near Arborek?

    What’s the snorkeling like on the other side of M.Kecil and the villages side of M.Besar?

    Is it possible to stay in the villages or would boats be difficult on M.Besar?

    Can you compare the reef in Krii to Arborek and Gam? Family islands?

    Is the best snorkeling on Krii?

    Thanks, I’ll check back soon.

    • Hi Jonah

      Thanks for your message and cool, that you visit Raja Ampat. It’s such a special place on earth.

      We are currently not in Raja Ampat and can’t tell you about the Manta situation. The best is you contact Kri Resort or Barefoot in Arborek. They may can help you with information about Mantas and the reefs.

      Best regards and enjoy your stay in West Papua,

  10. Hi there

    Thank you so much for this informative website!
    We’re in Indonesia in July and would love to visit the stunning R4 islands. Weatherwise we were advised to visit north facing beaches (for exameneisen on West Waigeo, Batanta, Friwen and Mansuar). How bad is the monsoon rain during July in this area? We were in Maluku a couple of years ago and it rained all day for several days.

    Thank you for your feedback!


    • Hi Emilie

      Thank you for your message. Well, it’s hard to say and predict the weather. But July is definitely a month where it can rain heavily with strong winds. When we lived there July was quite ok and it rained occasionally. It can rain all day long, but usually the rain stops after a few hours.

      Best regards,

      • Hi Reni

        Thank you for sharing your experience and insight.
        Think we’ll give it a shot.

        Best regards

  11. Thank you very much for this interesting Information.
    Unfortunaltely we habe only few time, maximum three days
    Is it possible to organise an day trip to the fa Islands from Sorong (or wasai) in one oder two days?
    And do you have some contact Informations about that?
    Thank you for your anser

    • Hi Ludwig

      Thanks a lot for your message.

      It is possible to visit the Fam Islands on a day trip from Waisai or Sorong. You could contact the Raja Ampat Tourism office at the Hotel JE Meridien or check this Website for more information: stayrajaampat.com

      Wishing you a great trip and enjoy Raja Ampat. It’s a magical place.

      Best regards,

  12. Hi Reni, Thanks for a the great information you’ve shared. We are a family with 2 kis(13&16) and will be travelling to Irian Jaya. How many days would you advise to stay in Raja Ampat en Baliem? We like nice white sand beach, snorkel and take a boat to another island if not to expensive, if possibel 2 dives Would you recommend 1 or 2 islands maybe 2-3 nights on each island? or rather stay only on 1 island?
    Look forward to hear. Karin

    • Hi Karin
      Thanks for your message and sorry for our late reply.
      Great travel plans. Raja Ampat is such an amazing part of this planet.
      It’s hard to tell but I would prefer to stay on one island and do some snorkelling and diving from there. But if you are keen to see more than one island, it’s great to do so as well. You find great beaches on several islands, for example on Gam Island or Kri Island. On both island there is also great snorkelling and diving.
      Boat trips between islands are offered from the resort. The prices depend on the amount of people travelling together.
      Hope that helps a bit and wishing you a wonderful holiday in Raja Ampat.

  13. Hi reni, thanks for replying. We just got back from 3 weeks Papua, and loved it.
    We ended up staying 4 nights in Pulau Gam and 4 nights Arborek, great combination between being remote on Gam and a bit of village life on Arborek.
    Definately be back in 2 or 3 years in combi with PNG.

    Happy travels, Karin

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