The Heli Lounge Bar and an apartment with an infinity pool in KL

Heli Lounge Bar Kuala Lumpur

We tell you the secret in the post

Where is your favourite spot to watch the sunset in Kuala Lumpur? We have found our favourite spot for a sundowner on the helipad at the Heli Lounge Bar. Another great spot is the infinity pool on the rooftop of the apartment building we have stayed. Read on if you like to know more about our two travel tips for Kuala Lumpur.

Each time we visit Kuala Lumpur we like this city more. Over the last two years, we have been to Kuala Lumpur three times. The last time we even spent New Year’s Eve in KL. In this post we will tell you about our favourite place to stay and why you should not miss to have a drink at the Heli Lounge Bar.

Our favourite place to stay in Kuala Lumpur

Infinity pool Kuala Lumpur

Breathtaking view from the infinity pool on the 37th floor. You can see the Petronas Towers and KL Tower altogether

Nine years ago we have been to Kuala Lumpur for the first time. We had no clue where to find affordable accommodation in a central location. At the end, we booked a few nights in a hotel in the middle of Chinatown. The location of the hotel was good but that was about it. Our room was shabby and not worth the money.  A few years later we heard about AirBnB and booked an apartment in Kuala Lumpur. It was a lucky strike.

If you are looking for affordable accommodation in a city then you have to check out AirBnB. You’ll be amazed about the many choices and affordable prices for great value.  The last time we have been to Kuala Lumpur was on New Year’s Eve. We expected much higher prices during New Years Eve but on AirBnB we found an apartment for USD 50.

Do you want to know where we stayed? OK, we’ll tell you our secret (but psssst… do not tell anyone). The apartment is located in the Regali Building, next to the KTM station Putra. From Putra to KL Sentral it is a very short ride with only three stops. KL Sentral is the hub for all trains and other connections. The MRT Station PWTC is also within walking distance from the Regali Building.

Transit Map Kuala Lumpur

How to get around KL and where to find the Regali Building and the Heli Lounge Bar

What does it cost?

The private apartment costs around USD 50 including access to the infinity pool on the 37th floor. There are quite a few apartments for rent in the Regali Building. Prices and facilities vary. You can choose between apartments and rooms.

Do you love to be independent? We love it. It’s just great to have an own apartment in a city, living centrally and having an infinity pool on the 37th floor. Pure luxury. When we arrived, our host welcomed us at the lobby on the ground floor. Even though we arrived at 9 pm on New Year’s Eve, he patiently showed us the apartment, gave us useful information about the area and recommended some restaurants. Coffee, juice, drinking water and everything we needed for breakfast was provided by the host.

There is a small grocery store on the ground floor where you can stock up with food and beverages. The Sunway Putra Mall is within walking distance of the Regali Building. It’s an upmarket mall with expensive shops and there is a food court and good restaurants. Bring a long shirt or a jumper as it is freezing cold in the mall.  Our first choice when staying in Kuala Lumpur is definitely one of the cool apartments in Regali Building. Have you ever booked through AirBnB? If you sign up through this link here, you get EUR 18 credit on your first booking.

Helipad KL or the Heli Lounge Bar – Our favourite spot for a sundowner

Helipad Heli Lounge Bar KL

We are standing on an active helipad. So cool that they setup a bar here

The ultimate spot to enjoy the sunset is definitely the Helipad at the Heli Lounge Bar. The Heli Lounge Bar consists of an indoor Bar on the top floor of the Menara KH building and the alfresco Bar on the helipad on the roof of the building. The helipad is actually an active helipad and the bar opens after 5 pm.

Helipad KL

A table with a view. We love it!

How you get to the Heli Lounge Bar

The Heli Lounge Bar is located on the 34th floor of the Menara KH building. You find the Menara KH right next to the monorail station Raja Chulan in the Bukit Bintang area. In the lobby of the Menara KH building, take the elevator up to the 34th floor where the security guards will show you the way. There is no dress code for early visitors but if you arrive after 9 pm closed shoes and appropriate clothing are required.

There is no entry fee to the Bar but you have to buy a drink. We got a glass of red wine for around USD 5.50. The glass was quite large and so we think it’s an O.K. price. Unfortunately it had rained shortly before we arrived and so we were not allowed to take the drinks outside to the helipad but we were allowed to climb up the stairs to the helipad and take some photos. While we had our drinks at the bar, the dark clouds disappeared and they opened the helipad. We took our drinks up the stairs and got a table on the helipad.

Heli Lounge Bar Kuala Lumpur

Helipad KL is great for awesome views of the KL Tower

The view is amazing. There is no fix fence, only a temporary rope around the pad and security guards making sure that you do not go close to the edge of the building. The view over Kuala Lumpur is amazing. You can see the Petronas Towers, the KL Tower and all the other high rise buildings of KL.

KL Tower by night in Kuala Lumpur

The colours of the KL Tower are changing constantly

The Heli Lounge Bar is really cool! There is nothing but enjoying a drink on a rooftop terrace with an amazing city view.

Kuala Lumpur Panorama

Panorama view from the rooftop infinity pool on the 37th floor

You want more tips?

Well, sure. Two tips are not enough for a big city like Kuala Lumpur. Check out our post Stopover in Kuala Lumpur, where we tell you about the free public transport in KL. Go KL City bus runs daily on different routes. There are four lines on different routes, the bus ride is free and there is even free WiFi on board. How cool is that! Check out the official Go KL website for details about the routes.

Ah, we’ve got another one. Do you like Indian food? We love it and we tell you where to find the best Tandoori Chicken with Nan bread: 1 Day in Kuala Lumpur

Still not enough tips? Check out Nomadic Matt’s Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide

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Have you ever been to Kuala Lumpur? What did you like the most? Where is your favourite spot for the sunset? Share your tips and experiences with us and write us a comment here or on our Facebook Fanpage.


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