Two years working and living in the Maldives

Two years working and living in the Maldives

Two years working and living in the Maldives. It’s time to move on.

How quick time flies. Beginning of October it’s already been two years since we started working as scuba diving instructors on the small Maldivian island of Komandoo. The first year went by very fast. It quickly became clear to us that we still want to stay a second year on the island. Most of the companies offer annual contracts for scuba diving instructors on the Maldives. Thus, we have signed the contract for a second year on Komandoo. Another year of living in the Maldives.

The second year is already over. A few months ago we had to decide if we want to spend a third year on the small island or move on. We still enjoy living in the Maldives and working as scuba instructors but the urge to move on is now getting really strong. After all we want to see so many other places in this world. So we have decided to say goodbye to paradise and to move on.

Uninhabited island Kudadu on the Maldives

Small uninhabited island Kudadu on the Maldives

What will we do after two years of living in the Maldives?

But where to next? We were thinking a lot about our next steps, what to do or where to go. Settling down in Switzerland? Go for an extended trip through North and South America? Exploring some countries on the African continent and watching wildlife? Finding jobs as scuba diving instructors on another beautiful place on earth? Or going back to Australia, to explore more of that fascinating country that we love so much and where we want to see so much more? Even if there are so many other places on our planet to discover.

To take a final decision was not easy. Finally, we decided to go for the “boring” option. Even if we have travelled the Australian continent very intensively, we want to go back. The decision: A road trip through Down Under it will be.

Uluru during sunset

Uluru during sunset

On our last Australia trip we have seen a lot but we still have a long list of things to do and explore. For example we have not visited the state Tasmania at all by now. Another island on our list we want to check out is Kangoroo Island and of course snorkeling or diving with whalesharks on the Ningaloo Reef is on our list. Then we want to visit Wilson Promotory national park and many other national parks we have missed the last time. We also want to attend local festivals, concerts and Rodeos. Last but not least we are looking forward to drive some remote off road tracks and visit outback villages.

We set ourselves a time limit of one year. This time we plan to travel very slow and we are looking forward to stay where we like and as long as we like. Maybe you think one year is very long for a road trip through Australia, especially since we have been there for eight months already. Last time we managed to do almost 40’000 kilometers on the road. But still, we had to skip many things we wanted see. Yeah, one year is long but Australia is huge and has so much to offer that even in one year you can’t see it all.

Our time here on the Maldives comes to an end soon. On the 1st of October we will leave the Maldives. First we will fly back home to Switzerland where we will spend a few weeks in our home country. We are looking forward to spend time with our families and friends, to see the mountains and green meadows, to go hiking through green forests and to have time to plan our road trip to Australia.


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