Working in the Maldives as scuba diving instructor

Working in the Maldives as scuba diving instructor

Working in the Maldives as scuba diving instructor

After a long 10 weeks we can hand the responsibility of managing the dive-centre back to our bosses. Normally, the months of June und July are called “low Season” here on the Maldives and only 30 to 40 percent of the rooms on Komandoo are occupied. This is the best time for our bosses to go for their two months of vacation. But this year everything was different. The island was very aggressively marketed and with cheep offers, the resort has been filled up completely.

Working in the Maldives as scuba diving instructor is not alway just fun. A full island and only half of the staff on the island. You can imagine what happened in the dive center. We were quite busy with diving and courses. From time to time we even have been able to take a day off but always only one of us at a time. The other had to do all the work and with that in mind the day off was not really enjoyable.

But now this has an end. The base leaders returned, we are again four instructors in the dive center and can share the workload. So today we have our first day off together and we really enjoy it. In our paradise there is no difference in weekdays. Sunday is the same as Saturday and Monday. Once per week we have a day off if possible.

A day off from working in the Maldives as scuba diving instructor

But what do we do on our day off? Komandoo Island Resort is a very small but beautiful island. There are no shopping centers, there are no theatres, we do not have to mow our lawn and we cannot go hiking in the mountains. Aren’t we getting bored on the island?

An egg benedict for breakfast and a massage is our treat on a day-off.

Today we sleep in and have a late breakfast. Normally, we only have a very light breakfast because we don’t like to eat too much before diving. But today we do not need to dive and we treat ourselves with a nice breakfast – an egg Benedict.

After our breakfast we take our books and head for the sunset beach. There are some lying chairs under nice sunshades where we like to read and enjoy the beautiful sea view. There are no other guests and we can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. At reception, there is a small library where guests can leave and share their books. With this institution, we are never short on new books and there is always something interesting to read.

From time to time we look up from our books and observe the animals living on and around our island. We can observe the terns flying trough the blue sky and try to catch some small fish. On the wave breakers the crabs are eating algae. And the heron is strutting along the beach and is hunting for fish.


Heron in the Indian Ocean

Around noon our stomachs begin to growl and we walk to the restaurant. We do not have to buy food and we do not need to cook, we can just sit in the restaurant and get our food on the buffet. Usually we only have a light lunch with a lot of salad and maybe a small piece of meat.

After lunch we rest in our room before our appointment in the spa is on. Once a month we can go to the spa and enjoy a treatment for a reduced price. After all the diving and carrying of heavy equipment, that’s exactly what our backs are longing for. The spa treatment is always a very relaxing and rejuvenating treatment for our body that we really enjoy. For once we feel like tourists on the island and we are treated like all the other guests. The ladies from Thailand and Bali are very nice and welcoming. It feels like holiday. First we are getting a welcome drink and a cold towel. Then we dive into the world of relaxation. All too soon the hour is over and we hear the gong that signals the end of the treatment. After the treatment we enjoy a hot ginger tee and relax in the lazy chairs.

We are happy to call the Maldives and Komandoo Island Resort our home.

After the massage we walk around the island. That only takes a few minutes. To stretch the walk a little, we also walk along the two jetties and the gangway to the water villas. Even with this extended version we are once around the island in a few minutes. During our walk around the island we observe some animals in and around the water.

Crab on the wavebreakers

Crab on the wavebreakers

Back in our room we check our emails and work a little on our websites.
Later in the afternoon we go back to the sunset beach. We order a cool beer and enjoy the nice sunset over the Indian Ocean. After the sunset we go back, have a shower and prepare for dinner.

After dinner we are invited for a drink in the bar by two very friendly dive guests. Under the beautiful starry sky we enjoy a nice Margarita and share some dive experiences and talk about our past and next holidays.


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