Big contrasts in Bangkok

Big contrasts in Bangkok

View of the skyline of Bangkok by night

Wow, we are back in Bangkok. So familiar and still so new. Our first impression of Bangkok, civilized, clean with super friendly people and still exotic and we also like the big contrasts in Bangkok.

This time we treat ourselves with a little bit of luxury before we start our trip to the north backpacking and experience the big contrasts in Bangkok. For the first two nights we booked a nice room with river view at the Millennium Hilton in Bangkok. After the very efficient check-in we go up to the 17th floor and have a shy first glimpse into our room. We are amazed. It has been a very long time since we have spent a night in such a nice room. The absolute highlight is the awesome view. The window is huge and we have fantastic view overlooking the Chao Phraya river. With that view, what do we need a TV for? To book the Millennium Hilton is definitely worth every penny.

A drink on one of the rooftop bars in Bangkok is a must

A must-do in Bangkok is having a drink in one of the famous rooftop bars. As there is one on the 31st floor of the Millennium Hilton we sure do not want to miss that. So we enjoy the sunset with a Mai Tai and a Three Sixty, the drink of the house. Three Sixty is also the name of the Hilton rooftop bar. We feel privileged to sit up here and we totally enjoy the beautiful view high above the city. Other rooftop bars as the Vertigo for example are a lot higher, but we like it up here. It’s not very crowded and as we are living on a small Maldivian island, we are excited about everything. On our next visit to Bangkok we will definitely check out other rooftop bars.

Drinks on the rooftop bar Three Sixty

Having drinks on the rooftop bar Three Sixty overlooking Bangkok

Big contrasts in Bangkok: From the rooftop bar to the street food stall

We pay our drinks and go for dinner. What a contrast, we leave the Hilton and walk along the road. From the in-crowd to the locals, the real life. As we stroll along the road, we are looking for a local restaurant or a street food stall. We are lucky and find a food stall with a free table. We order two soft drinks and two portions of Pad Thai, the famous Thai fried noodles. Our favorite street food dish in Thailand. We pay for our dinner and we’re flabbergasted. The change we got from paying the drinks at the Hilton is enough to pay dinner here on the street. Amazing how cheap such delicious food in Thailand can be. If you go local you can save a lot of money and the food is authentic and fresh. What else do we need. We love it.

Big contrasts in Bangkok

Having dinner at a street food stall in Bangkok. big contrasts in Bangkok.

The two nights in the Millennium Hilton were a belated birthday present. Thank you Marcel. That was a fantastic idea. But now we leave the luxury behind us and go back into real life. It is fantastic to stay in a nice hotel but now we are ready for backpacking and experiencing the real Thailand. By ferry we pass the river and take a tuk-tuk to Hua Lamphong railway station. We buy a 3rd class ticket to Ayutthaya for 15 Bath only, that’s roughly half a dollar, for a train ride of 90 minutes, 85 kilometers. Travelling can be so cheap in Southeast Asia. In comparison the tuk-tuk ride from the train station to the guesthouse which is a distance of 4 kilometers only, costs 50 Bath (USD 1.50). Three times more than the 90 minute train ride. That’s quite a big contrast. But still, even the tuk-tuk is not expensive for European standards.

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