Our favorite cafe in Chiang Mai

Latte art in our favorite cafe in Chiang Mai

We are impressed with the cappuccino’s at Sailomjoy, our favorite cafe in Chiang Mai

We love good coffee. We prefer either a strong espresso or a cappuccino. Our love for coffee was the major reason for doing a barista course in Fremantle (Western Australia) last year. On our travels we are always on the hunt for the best cappuccino in the world. Until now we have not found the best but the nicest cappuccino. Do you want to know where our favorite cafe in Chiang Mai is?

Sailomjoy is a small local restaurant at Thonon Rachadamnoen Alley, right next to the Thapae Gate in Chiang Mai. The typical Thai dishes you get here are delicious and cheap. If you are in Chiang Mai during mango season, check out Sailomjoy for a portion of sticky rice and mango. It’s excellent and soooo yummie! But that’s not what I wanted to write about. This blog post is all about cappuccino and favorite cafe in Chiang Mai.

Sailomjoy is our favorite cafe in Chiang Mai

During our last stay in Chiang Mai we’ve been to Sailomjoy almost every day. We went there not only because of the delicious food but also because of the awesome cappuccino.

Koala love Cappuccino

The cutest cappuccino we’ve ever got

There is no life without coffee for me. So, it became a daily routine to go for a cappuccino to Sailomjoy. We loved their cappuccino and after one day we asked Waew, the owner, how she learned to make such a nice and tasty cappuccino.

Becoming a latte artist with YouTube

Her answer was: YouTube. When the coffee culture became popular in Chiang Mai she started to learn how to make great coffee. She wanted to do all kinds of coffee like a pro and serving good quality coffee to her guests was important to her too.

Waew at Sailomjoy in Chiang Mai

Waew, our favourite barista in our favorite cafe in Chiang Mai

Before she started to sell coffee, she bought herself a grinder and a high quality coffee machine for professionals and then she started to train herself with the help of YouTube. Hours for hours she was frothing milk to perfect the latte art. The result is fantastic.

Cappuccino in Chiang Mai

With Waew’s cappuccino a perfect start into the day is guaranteed

We had many coffees and every day we got another artistic creation. For us Waew is the best barista in and around Chiang Mai. Scroll down to get a picture of it.

Bear cappuccino Chiang Mai

Sometimes it’s quite hard to drink the nice latte art

Cappuccino art in Chiang Mai

A dog in a cup

Cappuccino at Sailomjoy in Chiang Mai

Lovely couple. Waew has a new creation every single day

Cappuccino Chiang Mai

We tell Waew that we love the sea and she’s bringing us a whale the next day

Cappuccino in Chiang Mai

Waew is doing special designs on request too. We ordered an elephant and we got one

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