Do you like Thai food? It’s tasty, healthy, fresh and cheap.

Do you like thai food?

Having dinner at the riverside restaurant ID Thai food in Bangkok. Do you like Thai food?

We love Thailand. We love it for its beautiful landscape, friendly people and of course the delicious and tasty food. Do you like Thai food? Do you also like to try all different kind of food, on street stalls or in local restaurants? We do. While travelling and exploring a country, food is very important to us. Why? While travelling we have time. Time for having elaborate meals in local restaurants, time to sit and talk to other travellers or locals.

We love to try new dishes but we also have our favorites. That’s why we very often choose meals that we already know. Thailand is a culinary paradise for us. Especially in the city of Bangkok the variety is huge and we always find it hard to decide. There are nice and modern restaurants but also basic local ones, street stalls or night markets. It’s tempting to try them all. We have tried a large variety of different places during our stays in Bangkok and we have been to Bangkok many times. But wherever we had a meal, we hardly ever got disappointed.

A culinary trip through Thailand. Do you like Thai food?

Also this time we start our trip in Bangkok. The second evening we enjoy dinner in a local restaurant nearby our hotel. The restaurant is called ID Thai food and it has a cozy garden right next to the Chao Phraya river. We notice that there are more locals than westerners eating in ID Thai food. A good sign. The local food must be good here. We check it out.

The menu offers a wide choice of Thai dishes. Perfect, that’s exactly what we are looking for. We order Chicken with Cashew Nuts and a Red Curry with Chicken. And of course two Singha beers. Dinner costs us 350 Bath (USD 11) only. Despite the excellent location the prices are reasonable.

We spend two days in Bangkok and then we start travelling north. In Old Sukhothai we do a temple tour by bicycle. Of course cycling makes hungry. We stop for our lunch break on one of the street food stalls. Hard decision, because there are so many of them. We choose the one where it looks like a mom is cooking the same food back home. The lady is cooking noodle soup, perfect for Reni. Right next to it is a stand where Pad Thai is being freshly cooked. A perfect match, because Marcel fancies fried noodles. Even if we are in a touristy place like Old Sukhothai we only pay 30 Bath (USD 1) per portion. That’s what we love Thailand for. The best food on earth for so little money.

Mobile food stalls in Old Sukhothai

Do you like Thai food on local food stalls?

Marcel is happy while eating.

Pad Thai

Do you like Thai food? Marcel likes eating Pad Thai.

Not only the food in Thailand is tasty and delicious but also the fruit shakes. We can’t get enough. We are lucky because during our stay it is Mango and Pineapple season. The shakes could not be fresher and fruitier.

In Sukhothai we find a place highly recommended for their fruit shakes but also for the super delicious Thai Ice Tea and Iced Cappuccino. Pai Cafe in New Sukhothai is the perfect place to chill out after a full day of exploring the ancient temples. Whenever we pass by we have to stop for a refreshing fruit shake at Pai Cafe.

Thai Ice Tea and Iced Cappuccino

Thai Ice Tea and Iced Cappuccino at the Pai Cafe in New Sukhothai

Luckily human beings should eat three times a day. As we are food lovers that fact is perfect for us. One more reason to go to restaurants and food stalls and trying out all different kind of dishes. One of our favorite dish in the north of Thailand is Chili Chicken with Basil Leaves. Light, healthy and sooooo tasty.

Chili Chicken with Basil Leaves

Chili Chicken with Basil Leaves

Our next stop is Lampang, where we find a local Thai restaurant. It’s a small family business. an elderly lady is taking care of the guests and her husband is the chef. It’s a cozy place and it feels like we are sitting in the living room of a Thai family.

Thai Restaurant in Lampang

Thai Restaurant in Lampang

The recommendation of the house is Green Curry and Tom Yum Goong. Sounds like a good idea. We order it. Tom Yum Goong is a hot and sour soup with shrimps, mushrooms, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and coriander. Mouth-watering.

Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong in Lampang

Another typical and probably the most famous Thai dish is the Green Curry. Today we choose the Green Curry with Chicken. Spicy and tasty.

Green Curry with Chicken

Green Curry with Chicken in Lampang

Our favorite restaurant in Chiang Mai 

Our trip through Thailand ends in Chiang Mai. Years ago we had our favorite restaurant in Chiang Mai. Unfortunately we forgot the name but we remember the location. We check it out and it’s still there, located close to the Thapae Gate. And the best is, the food is still fantastic. Sailomjoy – our very favorite Thai restaurant in Chiang Mai. If you stay in Chiang Mai, don’t miss eating or having a fruit shake at Sailomjoy. It’s a popular place for authentic, mouth-watering Thai food but also iced fruit shakes. The Green Thai Iced Tea became our very favorite drink.

Sailomjoy Thai Restaurant

Sailomjoy, our favorite local Thai restaurant in Chiang Mai

When you enter the restaurant you will find many small tables on the side walls and one long one in the middle. Sailomjoy has a wide range of meals and that doesn’t make it easy to decide. But to be honest, it doesn’t matter, because whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Whatever we have chosen during our stay, and we have tried many of them, it was mouth-watering every single time.

The menu is also pinned to the walls. There is a picture to the name of the dish, so you know what you order.

Sailomjoy menu

Do you like Thai food? The menu on the wall at Sailomjoy has something for everybody.

We were lucky because during our stay in Chiang Mai it was Mango season. Fresh Mango with sticky rice, who can say no to that exotic and world-beating dessert. Too bad that we had to pass by at Sailomjoy every day. We could not ignore it and so we ended up eating Mango with sticky rice almost every day. We also like the coffee in Sailomjoy. Waew is a great barista and has learned her skills of producing a beautiful cappuccino with very creative latte art on Youtube.

Mango with sticky rice

Fresh mango with sticky rice at Sailomjoy in Chiang Mai

On one of our last evenings in Thailand we were unfaithful on Thai food. But just one single time. We love Thai food but one night we had a Pizza for dinner. It had to be, because after Thailand we go back to the Maldives and there is no Pizza for the next few months. What can we say, just delicious… the pizza prosciutto e funghi.

Pizza prosciutto e funghi

Pizza prosciutto e funghi in Chiang Mai

Besides this one time, we ate Thai food only. And we were never disappointed. Thai food is simply the best.

Our Tipp for Thailand travellers: Go local. It’s cheap and soooooo good.


Do you like Thai food? Do you have any recommendations for our readers? Let us know and write a comment.

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