Ladyboy Show in Chiang Mai

Ladyboy Show in Chiang Mai

We are glad we went to see the Ladyboy Show in Chiang Mai. Great performance.

Last night we had a blast. Totally unexpected, to be honest. From our guesthouse close to the Tapae Gate in Chiang Mai it’s a short walk to the night bazaar. The market itself was not the main purpose why we went there. We wanted to see the Ladyboy Show in Chinag Mai which was a recommendation from two young Swiss girls we met the other day. We went to the show with no expectations at all and we went home with a wow feeling.

We are not too much into shows or cabarets and to be honest, we never thought about going to a ladyboy cabaret in Thailand. We know that the Ladyboy Show in Chinag Mai is well-known and quite popular with tourists. As we don’t like these touristy attractions we did not plan to go. But after we heard from different people that the show is a must see, we thought we give it a try.

Every night at Ansuan market: Ladyboy Show in Chiang Mai

The Ladyboy Show in Chinag Mai is taking place at Ansuan market and starts every night at 9:30 pm. We arrived just in time with the crowd. We bought a ticket for THB 200 which is a bit more than USD 6. A free drink is included in the ticket. We learned afterwards that the entry is for free if you buy a drink. But well, the few dollars were worth it. And honestly, the ladies earn every single cent. The show is spectacular.

Ladyboy Chiang Mai

The costumes, the make-up, the lights and the performance. It all matched.

Ladyboys in Thailand are also known as Kathoeys. Even if they are more accepted transgender than in other countries, they have a hard life. It’s impossible to imagine how it is, if you have been born in the wrong body.

Ladyboy Chiang Mai

Man or woman? Performance about how transgender struggle with themselves.

One of the songs was about the struggle of being a female but stuck in a male body. Some parts of the show were very touching and gave us something to think about.

Ladyboy Chiang Mai

It is amazing how quickly dresses and make-up are changed.

During the whole show the crowd was transfixed to the stage. The ladies delivered an amazing performance. It was really hard to take the eyes off the beautiful costumes, the perfect bodies and their faces. Even if the show is on every night we had the feeling that the ladyboys on stage really like what they do. Dance and show their perfect bodies.

 The show, the costumes, the make-up, the music and the lights, everything matched perfectly together.

Ladyboy Chiang Mai

The ladyboys are dancing to popular music from Lady Gaga and Madonna to ABBA.

It was great fun, entertaining and touching. If you are visiting Chiang Mai don’t miss the show. We can highly recommend it. It’s fun, entertaining and touching.

Check out this short video of the Ladyboy Show in Chiang Mai to get an idea what we’re talking about:

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