Things to do in Wurzburg, a charming German town

Things to do in Wurzburg The Residence

How about a city trip to Wurzburg? We’ve got some cool tips and things to do in Wurzburg.

Wurzburg is a gem. We visit the German town, that is located in the northern Bavaria region, for the first time – and we love it. Wurzburg is charming with interesting architecture and a special atmosphere. We tell you what we liked the most and have some special tips that make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Wurzburg is a university town where you find lots of history, culture, wine and a friendly atmosphere. Wurzburg is also the start of the Romantic Road route. Come along and follow our journey around the city and its attractions. We share our tips for things to do in Wurzburg for your visit or your road trip around Southern Germany.

Julius-Maximilians-University in Wurzburg

We love the atmosphere of universities. Here at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Wurzburg.

You don’t want to miss a thing? Here is a list of great things to do in Wurzburg

Wurzburg is easy to explore on your own. That’s what we love, discovering a new city or country on our own. Usually we go to the tourist information first and grab a city map or ask for advice.

Domstreet in Wurzburg

Busy Domstreet in Wurzburg. We’re on the way to the Old Main River Bridge. A glass of wine is waiting.

This time we have a tight schedule and we want to make the most of our visit. Therefore we do a city tour with one of the guides of Wurzburg Tourism. We are happy we do. It is perfect and we learn a lot about the local life.

Before we start the tour, he asks us what we are interested. The tour is personalized and we are extremely happy with what we see and learn during the tour.

Old Main River Bridge in Wurzburg

The place to meet and the perfect place to enjoy a “Schoppen” of Rotling. One of the things to do in Wurzburg you should not miss.

We can highly recommend a guided walking tour through Wurzburg. In 90 minutes you get a great overview of Wurzburg and it’s attractions like the Chapel of St Mary, the Baroque Neumünster, the Town Hall, the Old Main River Bridge and much more.

Information about the tour and Ticket prices

The 90 minute guided walking tour costs EUR 7 for adults, EUR 5 for students and EUR 15 for families (2 adults with their children up to 18 years).

You can get tickets and detailed information at the Tourist Information Center at the Falkenhaus at the market. That is also the meeting point for guided tours.

Tours are available in English and German. On request guided tours in 14 different languages can be arranged.

The Residence and the Court Gardens

The Residence in Wurzburg

The Residence in Wurzburg is such a beautiful building.

The baroque style Residence Palace and its beautiful Court Gardens is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Wurzburg. No wonder, the palace and the gardens are exceptionally beautiful. The 18th century Residence Palace is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We are walking around the palace and the gardens. The weather is fantastic and we can take great photos of the buildings and surroundings.

You want to see the interior of the residence? You can join a guided tour and learn more about the baroque and rococo architecture. You will get the chance to see ornate rooms, a huge ceiling fresco and a stunning staircase which is in excellent state.


The Julius Hospital was founded in 1576 and is located in the middle of the city of Wurzbrug. The baroque buildings are very impressive and worth a visit.

By the way, do you know what is stored in the cellar of the hospital? Wine.

The City Beach

Are you tired from walking around the city? Have a rest at the city beach on the Main riverbank. Summer feeling is guaranteed.

The city beach is close to the Löwenbrücke. Check out for more information.

Did you know?

Wurzburg is one of the most important wine regions of Germany.

The second, third and fourth largest wineries of Germany are located around Wurzburg. Well, no wonder Wurzburg is surrounded by vineyards.

There are not only vineyards everywhere but also wine-growing estates where you can do wine tastings. How about a wine tasting of the local Franconian wine at the “Alten Mainmühle”, the “Bürgerspital” or “Juliusspital”, the “Staatlichen Hofkeller” or the “Würzburger Ratskeller”? There are plenty of options in Wurzburg.

Things to do in Wurzburg

Drink a “Schoppen” on the Old Main River Bridge

It’s one of the things to do in Wurzburg. The Old Main River Bridge is the meeting place for residents, students, tourists, simply everybody who likes to have a chat, drink a glass of wine and enjoy the amazing view. The great atmosphere on the Old Main River Bridge is infectious. For us, drinking a glass of local wine is definitely the No. 1 of things to do in Wurzburg.

Enjoying a glass of wine on the Old Main River Bridge

We love the idea! Here in Wurzburg people are enjoying a glass of wine on the Old Main River Bridge.

You get your Schoppen (0.25 l) at the bar of the Mainwein Weinbistro

Address: Alte Mainbrücke 4, Würzbrug

3 things you need to know before ordering a glass of wine in Wurzburg

  • In Wurzburg people drink Franconian wine. Order a Silvaner, Bacchus or Rotling.
  • A “Schoppen” is 0.25 liter of wine.
  • Rotling looks like rose wine but it’s not. Rotling is a fusion of red and white grapes.

From the Old Main River Bridge you have fabulous views of the Fortress Marienberg. How about a walk up there?

The Marienberg Fortress

Fortress Marienberg Wurzburg

You can either walk or drive up to the Fortress Marienberg in Wurzburg.

From the city of Wurzburg you may have seen the Fortress Marienberg. The Fortress is easy to spot from almost everywhere in Wurzburg city. We highly recommend walking up to the Fortress. You will be rewarded with amazing views over the city of Wurzburg during your walk. There are two options. You can either take the meandering walking path leading through the vineyards or the staircase straight up the hill.

The walk through the vineyard takes about 45 minutes. If you take the stairs leading directly to the Fortress, you should calculate 30 minutes. Check for the red signs to find your way.

Once we reach the top of the small hill we enter and walk around the fortress. There is no entry fee. You only have to pay for guided tours or if you want to enter the buildings. We first check out the Marienkirche, where we get a glimpse of the interior. The Marienkirche is one of the oldest round churches in Germany.

Garden Fortress Marienberg in Wurzburg

Fabulous views from the garden at the Fortress Marienberg. One of the things to do in Wurzburg.

Finally we get to the Fürstengarten from where we have stunning views over the city. We can see people walking over the Old Main River Bridge and we enjoy the view over the city of Wurzburg.

You can visit the Fortress and the Fürstengarten for free. If you are interested to learn more about the history and architecture, you can take a guided tour. The 45 to 50 minute tour costs only EUR 3.50 for adults. Groups of 15 people and more EUR 2.50 per person.

How to get to the Fortress Marienberg

You can walk, drive or take a taxi to get to the Fortress Marienberg. There is a big parking area just outside the fortress.

The Wurzburger Weindorf

There are different festivals taking place during the year in Wurzburg. We are lucky being here on time for the opening of the Wurzburger Weindorf. The wine festival is held for the 30th time already. The Marktplatz transforms into a big festival area with Franconian specialities and delicious Franconian wine. It’s all about the tradition of local wine and food.

Weindorf Wurzburg in 2016

Perfect timing. It’s Weindorf time – a wine festival in central Wurzburg. We are glad to be here.

We love the special atmosphere in a city when there is a festival going on. The atmosphere is usually more relaxed and it’s very easy to talk to the locals and make new friends. It’s always very intresting visiting a city during a local event.

In 2017 the 31st Wurzburger Weindorf will be held from 24th of May to the 5th of June with the Motto “Flirting with wine”.

The Africa Festival

The Wurzburger Weindorf is not the only festival going on at the moment. During our visit the Africa Festival is on as well. Unfortunately we don’t have time to attend.

The International Africa Festival is the biggest and oldest festival of African music and culture in Europe. It exists since 1989.

In 2017 you can join the Africa Festival from the 25th to the 28th of May.

6 Things to do in Wurzburg that make your trip perfect

  1. Do you want to be perfectly happy? Go for a Cappuccino with cake at the café „Wunschlos Glücklich“ which means „Perfectly Happy“ in English.
  2. Enjoy the sunset on the Old Main River Bridge with a „Schoppen“, a glass of Franconian wine
  3. Chilling at the city beach and overlooking the Main river
  4. Stroll along the Main promenade and enjoy the beautiful views
  5. Have dinner in one of the traditional Franconian restaurants
  6. Get magnificent views from above. One of the best views you get from the Fürstengarten at Fortress Marienberg
Cathedral St Kilian in Wurzburg

The Cathedral St Kilian in the old city of Wurzburg.

Wurzburg insider tip: Eat a „Geknickte im Kipf“

Germany is famous for its sausages in a bread roll. In Wurzburg the sausage in the bread roll is called a “Geknickte im Kipf”, which means a broken sausage in a roll. Don’t miss to try one with some mustard on top. If you’re not a vegetarian you will love it.

There are a lot more local specialties that are worth to try. How about a Leberknödel or Maultaschen soup? A smoked sausage with horseradish and potato salad or a „Tafelspitz“, a prime boiled beef with noodles and cranberry sauce. These are just some specialties of the Franconian cuisine. Even if you are not a lot into traditional German food, you have plenty of options. In Wurzburg you don’t need to go to bed hungry.

Wurzburg tips: Cafés, restaurants and hotel 

Café tips in Wurzburg

Wunschlos Glücklich

Café Wunschlos Glucklich in Wurzburg

One of our fave cafés in Wurzburg – the “Wunschlos Glücklich”. A must on the “Things to do in Wurzburg” List

The trendy and cozy café has a great patio. It’s the perfect place for having a cappuccino and a chilling afternoon. You can choose from a big variety of regional products and freshly baked cakes.

Address: Bronnbachergasse 22 R (in the back building, opposite the parking Mitte exit)

Fred Café

Cool Café in central Wurzburg. Great place to go for breakfast or brunch.

Address: Herzogenstrasse 4, Würzburg

Restaurant tips in Wurzburg

Weinhaus Schnabel

Traditional restaurant Schnabel Wurzburg

One of the traditional restaurants in Wurzburg. Here at the wine house Schnabel Wurzburg

Restaurant Schnabel in Wurzburg

Traditional cooked cheese at the restaurant Schnabel in Wurzbrug. Looks funny but tastes yummie.

Typical traditional Franconian wine house. Authentic and tasty specialties from the region. We have a cooked cheese, a traditional Franconia specialty for starter and a hearty main dish.

Address: Haugerpfarrgasse 10, Wurzburg
Tel. +49 (0)931 53314

Restaurant & Weinhaus Zum Stachel

Garden at the restaurant Stachel in Wurzburg

The nice garden at the Restaurant Stachel is very inviting.

From traditional Franconia kitchen to creative vegan menus, there is something for every taste. The Weinhaus Zum Stachel is the oldest wine house in Wurzburg. The history goes back 600 years. Even if you are not eating here, have a look at the beautiful patio.

Adresse: Gressengasse 1, Würzburg
Tel. +49 (0) 931 52770

Volvok Esskultur

Lunch specials, events & catering. The weekly specials vary from burger to asparagus weeks. The team at Volvok uses locally grown products and the menu depends on the season.

Max and Sebastian are the founders of Volvok Esskultur. The two enthusiastic young men started with catering services during their time at the university. One year ago they finally opened their first restaurant.

Address: Sterngasse 7, Würzburg
Tel. +49 (0) 176 70569395

Fischbar zum Krebs

The boat called KREBS is anchored at the Main waterfront since 2013. The barge from Hamburg has been converted into a fish bar.

Open from April to October. Great place to have a drink or dinner on the water with great views. Open daily from 14:00 to 22:00 (closed if weather is bad)

The “Fischbar zum Krebs” is very popular, especially during the summer months. You can’t make reservations. First come, first serve.

Trendy bar

Zweiviertel is not only the perfect place to have a coffee or breakfast but also for going out. Great beer and trendy interior.

Address: Hörleingasse 2, 97070 Würzburg

Accommodation in Wurzburg

Are you looking for a nice hotel with a modern interior? We had a room with a view to the Fortress Marienberg at the GHOTEL. We like the location of the hotel. It’s a 10 minute walk to the Wurzburg Resicence and the court gardens and 15 minutes by food to the center and old town.

Click here for more information, reservations or bookings: GHOTEL hotel & living Wurzburg

Address: GHOTEL, Schweinfurter Str. 1-3, 97080 Würzburg –


Thank you, Wurzburg. We will be back!

The two days in Wurzburg went by very quick. We got a great overview of Wurzburg’s old town and the surroundings during these two days. We easily could have spent a couple more days in town. Next time we will have a cappuccino in the café Wunschlos Glücklich, a pint of beer at the Zweiviertel bar and restaurant and a hearty dinner at Weinhaus Zum Stachel. And we would like to spend a whole afternoon at the city beach, going to the Old Main River Bridge for another glass of wine to discuss our travel plans. Bye bye for now and see you again, Wurzburg.


Have you been to Wurzburg? Do you have tips to share or more ideas of things to do in Wurzburg? 


Thank you to Germany Tourism and Wurzburg Tourism for the perfect organization and the stay in Wurzburg.

The stay at the GHOTEL was offered by Wurzburg Tourism. We guarantee our readers that we only write about our personal experiences and our opinion is not influenced by the invitation.


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