Tubingen Germany – Things to do in 24 hours

Tubingen Germany

A pretty city to visit: Tubingen Germany. Dont’ miss it!

“Welcome to a city that is different to others”. That’s the motto you will find in the official tourist brochure of Tubingen. And it’s true. Tubingen is different. The city combines the flair of a lovingly renovated city centre dating back to the Middle Ages with the colorful, bustling and young cosmopolitan student city.

We love cities that are built close to the water. Whether on a river, lake or the sea. Water is simply calming. But there is almost too much water today. Torrential rain is hitting Tubingen and the whole area at the time we arrive. We have 24 hours and despite of the rain we begin our search for the Top Tubingen Germany sights.

Of course, 24 hours are short and we would have loved to spend more time in Tubingen, but it’s still possible to see some attractions of the university town.

Tubingen Germany – What attractions can you see in 24 hours

Our stay in Tubingen was a short stay. We’ll show you what you can do within 24 hours (including 8 hours of sleep).

1:00 pm – Punting trip on the Neckar river

Arrival and check in at the hotel. Let’s start exploring Tubingen.

Tubingen is situated on the Neckar and so it is obvious to join a boat tour on the river. A punting trip on the Neckar river is a must do and it’s intrinsically linked to the town of Tubingen. Being on the water, surrounded by nature and still in the middle of the city. A leisurely punting trip in Tubingen is an unforgettable pleasure. Relax, sit back and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on the Neckar for an hour.

From May to September, there are daily trips at 1 pm and on Saturday also at 5 pm.

You can buy tickets directly at the Neckar Bridge (Eberhardsbrücke). EUR 7 adults, EUR 3.50 Children under 12 (accompanied by an adult)

Unfortunately we had to cancel the punting trip due to bad weather. This is one more reason to visit Tubingen again.

2:30 pm – A view over Tubingen and the Neckar river

From the reception of our hotel we already got a map of Tubingen. If you don’t have a map yet, head to the Tourist Office and grab one. Just head to the Nekarbrücke and look out for the i-Point sign.

We take our rain coats and umbrellas and start exploring the city. Our hotel is located right at the river and just a few steps from the Neckabrücke. It is pouring but Tubingen is very beautiful even in the rain.

If you want to see the city from above, it’s worth to head to the Collegiate Church of St. George and climb the tower. From the top you have the best vantage point over Tubingen. The tower is 45 meters high and you have to climb 169 steps to reach the top. You’ll be rewarded for the effort. A fantastic view of the Neckar, the Old Town and the surrounding area.

Note: The tower is not always open and the opening times are changing depending on the season.

3:15 pm – University library

From the Collegiate Church you can walk to the Lustenauer gate. You will pass the Museum; continue through the Botanical Garden until you reach the university library. The collection with 3 million books is impressive.

3:45 pm – Old Botanical Garden 

The Old Botanical Garden is right next to the University. You can walk through the landscaped gardens on your way back to the old town. There is also the New Botanical Garden which is home to around 10’000 species of plants outdoors and in greenhouses. The New Botanical Garden is about 3 km away. If you are not interested in plants, you can chill on the big meadow and enjoy the sun.

5:00 pm – Time for a drink in a beer garden

Now is the time for a drink. In the old town there are pretty garden restaurants and at the river bank of the Neckar you can find the huge beer garden of the tavern Neckarmueller. Before heading for dinner you can stroll through the old town, browse through the small specialty shops or maybe you want to buy some wine.

An alley in Tubingen Germany

Lost in another world. Platanen alley in Tubingen Germany.

And if you still have some time, you can walk along the tree lined avenue on the Neckar Island.

7:00 pm – Are you hungry? Our restaurant tips

If you like a hearty dinner in a beautiful beer garden, we can really recommend Neckarmueller. The beer, the food – simply delicious and the view of the Neckar is just amazing. On the menu you will find a lot of good food. Traditional dumplings, healthy salads, veal sausages with pretzel or a crispy roasted pork knuckle. You have the choice. For more information check out www.neckarmueller.de

For traditional Swabian food, head to the “Tubingen Wurstküche” at Lustnauer Tor Nr. 8. The restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am. It’s a beautiful garden restaurant in the middle of the old town. More on the website www.wurstkueche.com

After dinner

You can check out the Bars in the Old Town and hang out with the students.


The next day

7:30 am – Ready to start into another great day 

Have a hearty breakfast in your hotel or in one of the cozy cafes in the old town.

8:30 am – Farmer’s market in the old town

Tubingen weekly market in the old city

Don’t miss the weekly market in the old city of Tubingen.

Walk to the farmer’s market in the old town. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, sausages, eggs, bread and many delicious specialties. The farmer’s market is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 am to 2 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm.

9:30 am – Photo session in the old town

The medieval buildings around the market are photogenic. We admire the beautiful half-timbered houses and look forward to some sun.

University town in Tubingen

The old city of Tubingen has so much to offer. Take your camera and go for a photo tour.

The Old Town is quite small and you can easily explore it on foot. No matter which road you walk along, there are beautiful buildings and pretty corners everywhere. Just go with the flow and enjoy.

Building in the old city of Tubingen

There are lots of photo opportunities at the old city of Tubingen.

10:00 am – Observation deck at Castle Hohentubingen

Do you want to enjoy a different view of the city? The observation deck at castle Hohentubingen is a beautiful vantage point. On the market you will find a signpost up to the castle.

The castle was built in the 11th century and has been enlarged in the 16th century. In the museum of the castle you can find an interesting archaeological collection.

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, Thursday from 10 am to 7 pm

Tickets: EUR 5 for adults, EUR 3 for Children, Students, pensioners and disabled, EUR 12 for families

11:15 am – Hohenzollern Castle

Castle Hohenzollern

We get a glipmse of the Castle Hohenzollern from the freeway. Impressive!

Hohenzollern Castle is located about 30 km from Tubingen Germany at the edge of the Swabian Alb. As we drive towards it, we can already see the castle perched high up on the hill. It’s a spectacular sight. We drive to the parking lot and park our car. To get to the castle, you have two possibilities. A 30-minute hike through the forest up to the castle or you can also take the shuttle bus to the entrance of the castle.

We do not want to bore you with the historical details, so we’ll show you some pictures.

Castle Hohenzollern gate close to Tubingen Germany

When entering the Castle Hohenzollern we feel like king and queen. A must see when in Tubingen Germany.

Castle Hohenzollern courtyard

The courtyard of the castle Hohenzollern is very popular for special occasions like weddings.

Castle Hohenzollern

We walk around the castle Hohenzollern and find the former lords of the castle.

Castle Hohenzollern beer garden

The beer garden at the castle Hohenzollern is very inviting, especially on a sunny day.

Church at castle Hohenzollern

The church at castle Hohenzollern is nicely decorated.

Because we don’t have too much time, we only visit the outdoor area of the castle. If you have time, you can also do a guided tour and discover the show- and staterooms in the castle and take an journey through German history.

You can find detailed information on the origin and history of the Hohenzollern Castle on the official website www.burg-hohenzollern.com

Opening hours:

  • Summer season: 01 November – 15 March from 10 am to 4:30 pm
  • Winter season: 16 March – 31 October from 10 am to 5:30 pm

Admission fee for castle complex without interior rooms: EUR 7 adults, EUR 5 children (6-17 years)

Admission fee for castle complex and visit to the castle rooms: EUR 12 adults, EUR 10 reduced admission (seniors, disabled persons, Students 18+), EUR 6 children (6-17 years), EUR 28 family ticket (2 adults with max. 4 children)

Parking fees

Car: EUR 2 per day
Caravan: EUR 4 per day including 1 night
Motorcycle: EUR 1 per day

Unfortunately our road trip through Southern Germany is coming to an end. We are on our way back to Switzerland. One thing is certain, we will be back.

Tubingen has a lot more to offer

Events and festivals in Tubingen Germany

There is always something going on in Tubingen. How about, the rubber duck race? Around 6’000 rubber ducks are taking part on this race in the Neckar. As soon as the start signal is sounding, the Neckar river is transforming into a giant carpet of yellow rubber ducks.

Another race is held on the Neckar river every year in May or June. It’s the punting race.

You want to experience something extraordinary? Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated not only in India but also in Tubingen Germany. The Holi festival is a tremendous amusement. There is also the Kite Festival, the Summer Festival, the Loretto Festival, the Tubingen summer island, the chocolART – International Chocolate Festival (4th to 9th December 2018) or the Tubingen Christmas market in the old town (14th to 16th December 2018).

You will never feel bored in Tubingen.

The likelihood that you will be in Tubingen during one of the many events and festivals is big.

Where to find information about Tubingen?

Head to the i-Point, the Tourist Information of Tübingen. It’s located right on the Neckarbrücke. Insider tips, information, a calendar of events and a city map are useful things you can get in the i-Point.

Accommodation Tip in Tubingen Germany

We stayed at the Hotel Domizil. The location is great. The hotel is located two minutes from the Neckarbrücke and it’s only a few minutes to the old city.

Click here for more information, reservations or bookings: Hotel Domizil in Tubingen

Ask for a room overlooking the Neckar. What could be better than waking up with a view over the water?

Address: Hotel Domizil, Wöhrdstrasse 5-9, Tübingen Germany, www.hotel-domizil.de


Other things you can do around Tubingen Germany?

Do you like to visit a big city? How about a trip to Stuttgart? The trip from Tubingen to Stuttgart will only take about 45 minutes. Both cities can be ideally combined.

Here are 27 Things to do in Stuttgart


Do you fancy a visit to the university town? The cozy Tübingen has beautiful corners and is always worth a trip.


Thank you to Germany Tourism and Tubingen Tourism for the invitation

We were invited to stay at the Domizil Hotel. We guarantee our readers that we only write about our personal experiences and our opinion. We write what we think.



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