Why you should visit Arosa in winter

Arosa in Winter

Arosa in winter has many things to offer. 225 km ski slopes, 4,7 km toboggan run and 60 km hiking trails.

Have you ever heard of the mountain village Arosa? It is a popular place to spend the winter holidays for local and foreign tourists. Even if it is not the most famous winter destination in Switzerland we can recommend Arosa in winnter as a fantastic place to spend the winter or ski holidays.

Arosa is just a few hours by train from our temporary home in the eastern part of Switzerland. The cosy village is located at the end of a valley surrounded by mountains. We took the train and we didn’t regret it. The prettiest part of the train ride is definitely the one from Chur to Arosa. The Rhaetian Railway crosses high bridges, spectacular gorges and goes through many tunnels. Honestly, it’s stunning country. By car it’s a curvy ride. Even if the distance from Chur to Arosa is just about 30 kilometres the road has no fewer than 360 bends. Be prepared if you suffer from motion sickness.

Arosa in winter offers more than just skiing

Did you know that there are more than 60 kilometres of marked winter hiking trails to explore the area around Arosa? We like walking and hiking and that’s a big plus of Arosa in winter. Another advantage is that all mountain huts are accessible by foot. For skiers the region got a lot more attractive too. The new Urdenbahn links the ski area Arosa and Lenzerheide from peak to peak. As a result 225 kilometres ski slopes are easy to accessible from both villages. That’s a big improvement for Arosa, Lenzerheide and the whole region.

Winter hiking trail in Arosa

Hiking is very popular in Arosa in winter.

We have got two days to explore the cosy mountain village Arosa and the surrounding mountains. Not enough but good enough to get a first impression of the area. We skip skiing and concentrate on exploring the area on foot. With the wide range of winter hiking trails we have plenty of options to choose from. A quick look on the map and the decision is made. We walk up to the Tschuggen hut and further to the Carmenna hut for a fantastic view and a drink.

The hiking trails are easy to find. Just follow the pink poles. If you plan doing a longer hike we recommend checking out the Arosa tourist office. The friendly staff can give you valuable information about the area, easy to use maps and they also help you if you need to book accommodation.

The trail up to the Carmenna hut is easy and the view from up there is stunning. The Aprés ski bar Munggaloch is the perfect place to have a hot drink while enjoying the panoramic view of the Alps. We totally enjoy the view and the action on the ski slopes.

Ski slope in Arosa

The ski season has started. Everybody is exited and there is a lot of action on the slopes

The variety and the range of hiking trails you can choose from is fantastic. Another plus is that all mountain huts are reachable by foot. It’s great to have the choice of going by foot or taking the gondola.

The new Urdenbahn links Arosa and Lenzerheide. The result 225 km of ski slopes

Tracks in the snow in Arosa

We enjoy the hike through the snow

40 years ago the head of the council of Arosa and Lenzerheide talked about linking the two ski areas. Finally, last year the Urdenbahn cable car operated for the first time which is a big improvement. The Urdenbahn links the two regions peak to peak and as a result skiers and snowboarders profit from 225 km ski slopes. The area got more attractive for everybody. Skiers, snowboarders, hikers and mountain bikers.

In case you miss the last ride on the Urdenbahn it’s no problem to get back to your hotel. Just take the bus to get home easily. Public transport is included in the ski pass which is a real advantage.

We know a secret. Arosa in spring is stunning

Tschuggen hut in Arosa

Nicely decorated windows on the Tschuggen hut

We haven’t seen snow for more than three years. Quite a long time. Therefore we enjoy the view of the snow covered mountains even more. Arosa in winter is extremely beautiful but we got a hint by some locals. In late spring the earth comes alive and all flowers are in full bloom. It sounds like a miracle. We hope one day we get the chance to see Arosa in late spring.

Festivals and Events in Arosa

Tent Humor-Festival in Arosa

The Arosa Humor-Festival takes place in a tent in the middle of the ski area

Arosa is popular for snow sports but also hikers and the ones who want to relax will feel home. Another reason to visit Arosa is the Humor-Festival in December or the Arosa Film Festival. A big tent is being pitched next to the Tschuggen hut in the middle of the ski area.

This year the Humor-Festival will take place from the 3rd to the 13th of December.

More details about events and festivals, assistance with hotel bookings or the options of train or gondola tickets are available on the official Website of Arosa Tourism or you can ask the friendly staff in the tourist information center.

Mountain view in Arosa

The sun hits the top of the mountain in Arosa in winnter

Winter activities: It’s not all about skiing

Arosa is a fantastic place for skiing or snowboarding but that’s not all it has to offer. There is a lot more to do. Even in winter. What about ice-skating, ice-stick throwing or curling? If you like to be active just put on your hiking boots and do one of the great winter hiking trails. There are 60 kilometres of well maintained trails. If you like you can also go for a fast ride on a toboggan on the 4,7 kilometres long toboggan run. That’s still not enough? You need more options. No problem. You have the choice of indoor activities in one of the hotel swimming pools or spas. We had a massage in the Waldhotel National which we can highly recommend.

Kids paradise

There is no lack on activities for adults but also the kids have plenty of options. Kids who are keen on activities in the snow can go to the Junior Club. It’s kind of a big playground where kids get familiar with the snow, they can learn to ski or how to use a snowboard. In the indoor playground „Bärenhöhle“ kids are very welcome too. During the winter months a care person is present.

Arosa, we will be back

We enjoyed every second of our stay in Arosa. It was by all means a perfect weekend with great walks in the snow, relaxing hours in the Spa and a cheerful evening at the Humour Festival. We don’t know when we come back but we know for sure that we will come back one day.

OK, we sum up why you should put Arosa on your bucket list. First of all Arosa has charm and is not as crowded as many other ski regions. There are so many activities to choose from. You can go skiing, snowboarding, hiking, swimming or you can go for tobogganing fun. You can also relax or have a good time at the Humor-Festival.


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Do you need more reasons why to visit Arosa in winter? Have you been to Arosa in winter before or do you have a favorite place to spend your winter holidays? Tell us about it.



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  1. I love this place. I spent two seasons working at one of the hotels. Serving breakfast in the morning and skiing and snowboarding in the afternoon. I’ll be back too 🙂

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