Relax Weekend im Waldhotel National Arosa

Room with a view Waldhotel National Arosa

Fantastic view from our room at the Waldhotel National Arosa

We haven’t seen snow for three years. Way to long? No, we are not particularly keen on winter sports and snow. We prefer the summertime with warm, sunny weather. But after three years it’s about time and we are actually looking forward to be back in the snow in Arosa.

If you like to know how it feels to be back in a winter wonderland after three years of warm, sunny weather just read on.

We have been in Thailand when we received an email from the Waldhotel National Arosa, one of the internationally famous skiing regions of Switzerland. We are invited to spend a relaxing weekend in the Waldhotel National, visit the Humor-Festival and spend some time in the snow. Sure we are accepting the invitation and are looking forward to the time in Arosa.

The last seven years we have spent much more time in tropical and exotic countries than in Switzerland. In the meantime we have seen more attractions in Australia then we have seen in Switzerland. That’s something we want to change during our time in Switzerland this time.

For the next four weeks we will travel around Switzerland extensively and explore our home country by train, bus and ship.

But where should we start our Swiss trip? When we received the invitation from the Waldhotel National Arosa it was clear for us and an easy decision where to start. Arosa is the perfect destination to start our journey through Switzerland.

With the Rhaetian Railway into the winter wonderland of Arosa

Travelling with the Rhaetian Railway to Arosa

On the way to Arosa with the Rhaetian Railway

On Friday, December 12, we hop onto the train and take the ride to Chur. In Chur we hop on a train of the Rhaetian Railway and ride through narrow gorges, over breathtaking bridges and through many tunnels up to Arosa. The train ride is only 26 kilometres but takes about an hour. In Chur, the train ride feels more like a ride on a tram but changes abruptly into a mountain railroad as soon as we leave the city. During the 26 kilometres the mountain railway climbs a height of 1’000 metres up to 1’800 metres in Arosa.

The train ride is breathtaking and the landscape is fantastic. It’s the first time that we ride on this mountain railroad and we really enjoy this adventure in our home country.

 A relaxing weekend in the Waldhotel National Arosa

On the train station in Arosa there is a minibus waiting for us that takes us to the Waldhotel National Arosa. The shuttle bus takes only five minutes and is free for guests of the hotel.

After a warm welcome we have a couple of hours to relax before we can indulge in a massage in the SPA area of the hotel. Our room is on the 4th floor in the newly built wing called Chesa Silva. The suite is beautifully appointed in Alpine Style with a mix of classical and modern elements. The materials are beautiful with a great attention to details. We love the warm oak floor and we really feel like home in this “home away from home”.

Suite Waldhotel National Arosa

Spacious suite on the 4th floor of the Waldhotel National Arosa

After touring and living in our small camper in Australia for a whole year, this suite feels very luxurious. Another draw card of the hotel rooms is definitely the great view of the surrounding mountains.

We would love to sit down, relax and enjoy the room and the beautiful view but the weather is just too good and we have to get out into the snow and go for a walk.

A relaxing massage after a walk around Arosa

Only a short walk and we already know that we are in the mountains. Only the footpath around the small lake is flat. All the other streets are steep and we either have to walk uphill or downhill. The sky is blue and the sun is shining. What a beautiful day.

After a short walk through Arosa we have to get back and have to get changed for our massage in the SPA SALUS. The SPA SALUS is a beautiful place and we feel completely relaxed in this peaceful atmosphere. What a great start into the weekend here in Arosa.

With the cable car to the Humor-Festival in the middle of the skiing area of Arosa

Humor-Festival in Arosa

It’s the 23rd time that the Arosa Humor-Festival is taking place

There is no time to enjoy our room. In the Thomas Mann Restaurant we indulge in a five course menu before we have to jump onto a cable car. The Weisshorn cable car takes us up right into the middle of the skiing area of Arosa to the Tschuggen station. From the station we have to walk a few minutes through the snow along a footpath. The footpath is lined with torches and it’s a very romantic atmosphere.

The Dutch comedians Stenzel and Kivits are the stars of the evening at the Humor-Festival. We have never heard of the two and we are both curious. The two comedians manage to break the ice between them and the audience in no time. And during the show they are actually getting better the longer the show takes. They are exceptionally gifted musicians and comedians. It’s a great and extremely funny show with a lot of action.

Hiking along the winter hiking paths of Arosa

Hiking trail in Arosa

We explore the beautiful winter landscape of Arosa on foot on the many winter hiking paths

The Waldhotel National is located at the border of Arosa and during the night it’s extremely quiet. There is no traffic noise and we can only hear the nature. Luckily we have set our alarm clock. Otherwise we would have slept in and missed half of the day. We open the curtains and we know that we have to get into our hiking boots as quick as possible. Arosa is one of the best places to combine skiing and hiking. There are over 60 kilometres of winter hiking trails available and it’s easy to visit the alpine huts.

After a healthy breakfast we get into our hiking booths. The Waldhotel National Arosa is ideally located and we have direct access to the winter hiking routes. Just behind the hotel we start our walk through the winter landscape. We walk uphill until we reach the Tschuggen hut. From there we continue to the famous Carmenna hut. All the winter walking paths are marked with pink signs.

We enjoy the crisp mountain air and the beautiful landscape of the winter wonderland of Arosa.

Carmenna hut in Arosa

Beautiful alpine landscape seen from the Carmenna hut in Arosa

In the Muggaloch, a very popular bar in the middle of the skiing area of Arosa, we treat ourselves with a drink with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

After enjoying our drinks in the sun we walk back into the valley. We want to visit the festivities to the 125th anniversary of the Rhaetian Railway and the 100th anniversary of the Chur – Arosa railway line.

Horse cart in Arosa

This weekend the Rhaetian Railway celebrates the 125th anniversary

The festivities take place around the railway station that is situated on the small lake called Obersee. There are many market stalls with a good selection of local produce and some special vehicles from the Rhaetian Railway.

Fine dining in the Kachelofa-Stübli

Kachelofa-Stübli at the Waldhotel National in Arosa

Cosy atmosphere and excellent dining in the kachelofa-Stübli

In the evening we are invited to a dinner with Mr Zinn, the director of the hotel. The Kachelofa-Stübli is a really cosy restaurant with an exceptionally good chef. Gerd Reber is the host and spoils us with a five course menu out of his modern gourmet cuisine. No wonder that the restaurant is rated with 16 Gault Millau Points. The cheese selection at the end of our dinner is unbeatable and a proudly cherished specialty of the house.

What a great start of our tour around Switzerland. More news to follow #SchweizZeit

The weekend in the Waldhotel National in Arosa is over way to fast but our journey through Switzerland has just started. The next destination will be Tirano and to get there we will take a ride on the legendary Bernina Express. This Railway line is one of the most spectacular train lines in Switzerland and maybe the whole world.

Information about the Waldhotel National Arosa

All the 128 rooms of the Waldhotel National Hotel are beautifully appointed in Alpine style with loving attention to detail. From the more traditional Swiss pine wood room in the Waldhotel wing to the newly built rooms and suites in the new Chesa Silva wing you can choose the room that fits your taste.

Suite bedroom Waldhotel National Arosa

The bedroom of our suite in the Chesa Silva wing of the Waldhotel National Arosa

View bedroom Waldhotel National Arosa

Beautiful mountain view from the bed- and living room of our suite

Arven room Waldhotel National Arosa

Traditional Swiss pine wood room

If you bring your kids along, there is a large Junior-Club where a professional childminder is present and takes good care of your little ones.

Kids play room Waldhotel National Arosa

A large area is dedicated as Junior-club with a professional childminder present

You would like to spend a spa treatment or some time on the ski slopes without your kids, the Waldhotel National offers a Junior-Club. During the winter season, a professional childminder is present and takes care of the children in the playroom.

A relaxing treatment in the SPA SALUS and AQUA SILVA

Sauna Waldhotel National Arosa

Sauna with a view. What a perfect treat, especially if it is snowing outside.

There are two separated spa areas available. AQUA SILVA is family oriented and features an indoor swimming pool, a Kelo outdoor sauna, a steam room and more. The SPA SALUS is for adult guests only and features a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, a Hammam bath and offers a wider range of massages and cosmetic treatments.

Seminars with modern infrastructure and beautiful views of the mountains

Meeting room Waldhotel National Arosa

In the Chesa Silva wing are meeting rooms from 30 to 210 m2 available

The Waldhotel National has also a very modern and flexible infrastructure for meetings and conferences. There are seven rooms from 30 to 210 m2 that have a flexible infrastructure for presentations or meetings. A separate foyer for the seminar area guarantees privacy.

You can find more information and details on the website of the Waldhotel National

What did we like about the Waldhotel National Arosa:

  • Top location. In wintertime you can ski directly from the ski slopes to the hotel. The hotel is away from traffic but you can reach Arosa in a few minutes if you walk.
  • Spacious spa area with different saunas, indoor swimming pool and a full range of spa treatments in a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Very attentive and friendly service throughout the hotel from reception, restaurant, spa and management.
  • Fast WiFi for free for all guests

Would we go back and stay again in the Waldhotel National? Yes, definitely. We really enjoyed our stay.


The best way to get to Arosa is by train

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We have been invited for the weekend by Waldhotel National. A big thank you to Mr Zinn for the warm welcome and a big thank you to Richterich & Partner for coordinating the weekend.

Thank you to Swiss Travel System for the Swiss Travel Pass. What a great way to explore Switzerland.

We guarantee our dear readers that we only write about our personal experiences and opinions.

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