5 reasons to love Australia

5 reasons to love Australia

Our 5 reasons to Love Australia

Ten months ago we left Australia. It’s crazy but there is not a single day we do not think back to our road trip. Yes, we admit it. We love Australia. We could write a book about that amazing country. Today we tell you our 5 reasons to love Australia.

There is another reason why we write this blog post. When people read that we travelled around Australia for 19 months, they always ask us about our favourite beach, the best city or the greatest adventure. It’s hard to name only one of each because there are so many wonderful places in Australia. Today we will name you 5 reasons to love Australia.

Reason No. 1

Tasmania – A state with a mind-blowing landscape

To visit Tasmania was on our bucket list when we planned our first trip around Australia. That was in 2009. We had eight months to explore OZ but that was not enough to visit all places we wanted to. Therefore we skipped Tassie. BIG MISTAKE!

We regretted it and that’s one of the main reasons why we desperately wanted to go back. Australia has so much to offer that we planned to do a second trip. An even longer one this time: One year it should be. The first thing we asked ourselves, can we afford to travel around Australia for a year? Yes, we can. Do you want to know how much it costs to travel for one year around Australia? You find the details here.

We are very happy that we went back. Six weeks in Tasmania was one of the best trips we did so far.

But what is all the fuss about Tassie? Well, look here.

Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania

From the top we have amazing views to Dove Lake in the Cradle Mountain National Park

The best about Tasmania is the landscape. It is a hiker’s paradise. There are so many National Parks. For example the Cradle Mountains National Park, Mount Field National Park, Coles Bay and the Wineglass Bay (Freycinet National Park). These are just a few of the amazing places to visit in Tasmania.

Wineglass Bay in Tasmania

The famous Wineglass Bay is a picture perfect bay in the Freycinet National Park

Our absolute favourite place was Cockle Creek in the very south of Tassie. A place we will always remember. But be careful, you may want to stay a lot longer than planned.

Cockle Creek Tasmania

Cockle Creek is the farthest point south one can drive in Tasmania and there is a fantastic campsite

Are you planning to go to Tasmania? Our recommendations: 10 Things to do in Tasmania

Reason No. 2

Australia is the perfect country for Offroad Driving

Australia is not only a road trip paradise but also an off road lover’s heaven. There are many spectacular tracks to drive in Australia. Sand dunes, beaches, rough mountain tracks, river crossings, stock routes and desert crossings. There are so many offroad tracks that you need many years to drive them all.

We spent 19 months in Australia and did some of the legendary tracks but also some less knows tracks.

But it’s not all about the offroad tracks. Bush camping and meeting other people along the way is part of the adventure too. We met awesome people with the same interests. We sat around campfires and shared many stories about travelling and future plans.

Offroad driving in Australia

Offroad driving is another reason to love Australia.

What is your favourite Offroad adventure in Australia? We did not count how many times we heard this question.

Well, that’s hard to say. But our Top 5 are definitely the following:

1  LEGENDARY: The Old Telegraph Track up to Cape York, the most northerly point of Australia

2  CHALLENGING: Crossing the Simpson Desert from Dalhousie Springs to Birdsville 

Sunset Simpson Desert Big Red

Peaceful atmosphere on the Big Red on the border of the Simpson Desert

3  ADVENTUROUS: Serious 4WD adventure in the Victorian High Country

4  SCENIC: The Gibb River Road through the fascinating landscape of the Kimberley region

5  OUTBACK FEELING: The Oodnadatta Track from Marree to Marla 

Toyota Landcruiser Australia

The Troopy is the perfect vehicle to explore Australia off the beaten tracks



LONG AND LONELY: Canning Stock Route, a 1900 km track through rough, harsh and remote deserts in Australia


Reason No. 3

Bush camping

Setting up camp on a cliff with sea view and spotting whales passing by, sitting around a camp fire and being amazed by the millions of stars in the sky, sharing stories and a beer with other camping enthusiasts, this is what we call the perfect way of life. That’s freedom.

Cape Leveque Western Australia

Camping at its best along the cliffs of Cape Leveque in Western Australia

Australia is not only the perfect road trip country but also the best for camping. We used the App Wiki Camps and found many beautiful spots thanks to the GPS data given by people travelling around Australia.

How about this one?

Camping Simpson Desert

This is freedom. Camping in the middle of the desert, no people just nature.

Or that view when you wake up?

Lake Keepit in New South Wales

Lake Keepit is one of our favourite places for camping and watersport activities like water skiing


Reason No. 4

Australia has almost 36’000 kilometres coastline

Red Rock Beach East Coast Australia

Australia has so many beaches to go surfing, swimming or relaxing

The mainland of Australia is surrounded by almost 36’000 kilometres of coastline. 12’000 kilometres of coastline are in Western Australia with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Some of our favourite cliffs and beaches are the ones along the Cape Leveque, the amazing Cable Beach in Broome, Shell Beach on the Peron Peninsula, Turquoise Bay in the Cape Range National Park on the Ningaloo Reef (near Exmouth) and 80 mile beach to name a few. Of course there are many more all around the continent. The best is to pack your bag and start to explore Australia right now.

Cable beach in Broome WA

Cable beach is one of the most amazing beaches we have seen in Australia

You need more inspiration? Read the blog post of Ytravelblog of Caz and Craig, an Australian family who travelled around Australia for 18 months. Great list of 50 Things to do in Western Australia

Sunset in Western Australia

The sunsets in Western Australia are stunning


Reason No. 5

Fremantle – How can we not love a city that has a Cappuccino Strip

Fremantle Cappuccino Strip

The Cappuccino Strip is famous for its outdoor cafes and various restaurants

Yes, the city of Fremantle is one reason to love Australia. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me but Fremantle did something to me already the first time we visited. This time we spent 10 days in an Airbnb and because we sold our beloved Troopy (bushcamper). We did not do the typical tourist things, we just wandered around, went to one of the great cafes in the city, we did a barista course and learned how to make great coffee, we joined the free Sunday concert in the Arts Centre and we felt like locals.

Street in Fremantle

We love strolling along the streets in Fremantle

While I’m writing about Freo I have a lump in my throat. To be honest, we miss the small city in WA close to Perth. We miss the great coffee. We miss hanging around in the cosy and funky cafes and bars. We miss the walks along the beach. We miss strolling around the Market.

Fremantle Markets

The Fremantle Markets host over 150 stalls. From art to delicious food you will find everything. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday

We must admit Freo is a city we could imagine to settle down. The city has special charms – at least for us. Freo has this kind of something.


Bonus Reasons to love Australia

Australia is a land of the unexpected

Olgas Kata Tjuta

The Red Centre has not only Uluru but also the fascinating Kata Tjuta also known as the Olgas

Marys Peak Flinders Ranges

The walk up to Mary’s Peak in the Flinders Ranges is quite challenging. The view is worth the effort.

Cathedral Gorge Bungle Bungles

The Cathedral Gorge is a natural wonder in the Purnululu National Park also called the Bungle Bungles


Have you been to Australia too and you loved it? What is your number one reason to love Australia? Tell us your story.



2 thoughts on “5 reasons to love Australia

  1. Hi Reni and Marcel, I still have’t been to Tassie but totally agree with all of the other reasons. I lived in Switzerland for a long time, but the thing that drew me back to Australia was the beaches and the big wide open spaces. In the last few years I’ve also discovered bush camping and offroad driving and am only just starting to realise what an incredible place this is. Fremantle of course also stole my heart. I still miss Switzerland and Europe, but for me, Fremantle has the best of both worlds. It’s got the casual vibe that I love about Australia but also the European culture, food, architecture and history. Best of all, it keeps getting better.

    • Hi Nina,
      We can fully understand why you love Fremantle. We fell in love at first sight and on our second visit Fremantle stole our heart completely. You say Freo has the best of both worlds (Australia and Switzerland or Europe) together. Ahhh… that’s why we loved it so much.
      Falling in love with Australia is so easy, the same with Switzerland. But… a beach is missing in Switzerland. Don’t you think?
      We are soooooo looking forward coming back to Australia. We love everything about it.
      Cheers and hope to see you there… in WA,
      Reni & Marcel

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