Barista Course in Fremantle: We learn how to make great coffee

Barista course in Fremantle

We practice to make the perfect cappuccino during our Barista course in Fremantle

Do you like coffee? We love coffee. Good coffee. On our road trip around Australia we drank quite a lot of cappuccinos and started to wonder why the coffee taste and texture of the milk froth can be so different depending on who is making it. We wanted to find out the secrets about how to make the perfect cup of coffee and attended a barista course in Fremantle last week. It was worth every cent.


In Australia coffee is more than just an industry, it is a culture and a lifestyle.

We did a bit of research and luckily found Fremantle Baristas in the centre of town. We love Fremantle and it’s one of our favorite cities in Australia. Why? On our last road trip in 2009 we had the best cappuccino in Fremantle. So we really loved to do the barista course in Fremantle.

Different Coffee styles

During the Barista course in Fremantle we learn more about the different styles of coffee.

Drinking coffee in Australia is a culture

In Australia coffee is more than just an industry, it is a culture and a lifestyle. Australians love to drink coffee and wherever you go, there is always a cosy café around the corner. But not only the Australians love good coffee, we do too.

Our personal goal is to make the perfect cappuccino

We signed in for the Barista Basics course on Thursday morning. When we arrived five other students were already waiting. Ups, the Swiss are last. How come? The difference between us and the others – we did the course for fun and the others wanted to become real baristas.

Oli from Fremantle Baristas

Oli, our Barista teacher, explains us more about how coffee should be stored. He has a lot of knowledge and we learn so much in just half a day. AND he knows the secret how to make the PERFECT CAPPUCCINO.

Oli and Lea are our teachers for today. After the introduction we learned more about the fundamentals of a perfect coffee, the difference of Robusta and Arabica, grinder adjustments, the roasting process, milk texturing and pouring techniques and a bit of history. Did you know that coffee was discovered in Yemen?

Grinding and tamping is an important process

During our course we learned to use the grinder, to fill the basket with the right dose and to tamp with the right pressure. That’s the most difficult part. The appropriate pressure is about 18 to 20 kg. That was the trickiest parts of doing coffee, to put the right pressure on and to press that the grinded coffee is even. Why is it so important? The tamping pressure affects the flow through rate of the water. After a few tries we got it right. Yeah!

Tamping coffee

I struggle quite a bit with the tamping. If you look closely you see that I hold the tamper uneven. The coffee in the basked should be even to get a good result. I definitely need more training with tamping.

There is so much you can do wrong when making good coffee

Making good coffee is not as easy as you may think. During the Barista Basics course we realised that we did so many things wrong when making coffee back home.

Coffee extraction

Oh, that’s a nice espresso. This shot is for the next cappuccino.

Important things to make good coffee

  • Grinding of the coffee beans
  • Amount of coffee per shot
  • Tamping pressure
  • Flow through rate
  • Type of milk
  • Temperature of milk
  • Well maintained and properly cleaned machine

The outcome: Ordering a coffee got more difficult

Well, the only disadvantage of doing a barista course is that we now know how to make good coffee. From now on, whenever we go in a café, we first listen than look at the barista and check how he’s making coffee before we order. And it’s scary how often we see things that shouldn’t be done the way they do it. Well, it’s always good to learn new things and our next project is to find the worlds best cappuccino. That means more travelling.

Barista Marcel at work

Marcel is very concentrated to do things right.

We learned a lot more than we expected during the barista course in Fremantle

Before we did the course, we didn’t know what to expect of the Barista Basics. Of course we hoped that we learn more about coffee and how to make the perfect cup. We are very surprised how much we learned just in half a day. We enjoyed it very much and it’s not the last time we’ve done a barista course.

A big thank you to Oli and Lea who did a great job. The course was very informative and it was great fun.

You want to become a barista? We can highly recommend Fremantle Baristas. We just did the Barista Basics course but there is also a Barista Pro and a Latte Artist course on the schedule.

Help us

Do you love drinking coffee? Tell us where you had your best cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Barista Course in Fremantle: We learn how to make great coffee

  1. Now I did not know that the tamping pressure was so important! This sounds like a great course. Australian cafes are excellent but have you been to New Zealand?? My friends from Wellington were not impressed with Melbourne coffee… 🙂

    • Hi Natasha,
      Yes, we’ve been to New Zealand five years ago and well, great coffee there too. It looks like we have to go back there for excellent coffee 🙂
      Cheers from Fremantle

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