Camping in the Cape Conran Coastal Park

Relax on beach

We are relaxing on the beach and enjoy our mini-break on the Australian South Coast. Life couldn’t be better.

Travelling is cool. We love it. But it’s not always easy and relaxing. Travelling can be tiring and exhausting. There is a lot of organising involved and decisions to take. Therefore we take holidays from travelling to recharge our batteries. And the best is, it’s almost for free. How we do that and what we do in our holidays you’ll find out here.

We’re on the way from Sydney to Melbourne. We love the coast but currently there are the big school holidays in Australia and everybody seems to spend their holidays on the coast. But we are lucky and we find the perfect spot to spend a few days relaxing. Camping in the cape Conran Coastal Park. A free campsite called in the Binn Beach close to the Pearl Point on the South Coast of Australia.

Camping in the Cape Conran Coastal Park

Our home away from home on the campsite called Binn Beach near Pearl Point.

The Camp is very close to the beach. It’s just a three minute walk through the bush until we reach the sea. And there, wow, we’re impressed. The view is amazing. And we are the only ones on this looooong beach. The first thing we do is exploring the area. We walk along the beach as far as we can and even if it’s just a beach there is plenty to see.

Binn Beach

There are no other people on the beach. We can go walking for hours without seing another soul.

The sea is rough but beautiful to look at. While walking, the beach is changing from sand to shells. Suddenly we’re walking on shells instead of sand. Incredible, we’ve never seen anything like this. We dig a small whole and the deeper we get the more shells come to sight.

Shells on Binn Beach

Parts of the beach are covered with shells. That’s a paradise for shell collectors.

But we’re not only walking. Marcel is surfing on a big cable drum and is having fun.

Marcel surfing

Even if we do not have a surfboard, Marcel finds a way to surf.

He’s also trying to surf on some rocks and it works as well.

Marcel surfing

After surfing the cable drum Marcel is trying the same on a rock.

On the way back to the camp we observe birds and Marcel needs to be quite patient to get a good shot of them. The birds here are not used to humans and therefore they are very shy.


This bird is looking for food on the beach.

We love our camp and this area. That’s why we decide to stay a few days. But what do we do on a place like this where there is nothing but bush, the sea and a long stretch of beach?

We relax, wash, have a shower, we walk along the beach, we collect shells, we’re downloading pictures and we write this blog post. In the evenings we enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach.

Sunset Pearl Point

Every night we enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Besides this we eat, sleep and enjoy sitting on the campfire. Life is beautiful!

Pearl Point

We enjoy our mini-break on the beach while camping in the cape conran coastal park.

And the result of our 4-day-micro-holiday is:

  • we have recharged our batteries
  • freshly washed clothes
  • an empty fridge
  • a blogpost and the second travelogue
  • 300 more photos
  • and a mobile toy made out of shells
Shell mobile

That’s the result after a few days relaxing on the beach. A mobile made out of shells.


Have you been camping in the Cape Conran Coastal Park? What other Free camps can you recommend?


2 thoughts on “Camping in the Cape Conran Coastal Park

  1. hi kids and g’day from a couple of aussies, it was so nice to have such a long chat with you at Lady Barron falls yesterday. Hope you keep on having fun along the way and maybe we’ll meet again sometime and have that drink. Great blog by the way, full of good tips.
    Adrian and Denise

    • Hey nice to hear from you. We wanted to be in Hobart for the Salamaca Market so we moved on. Hope to mmet you again and have that drink. Salamanca Market was really nice today. The weather was just perfect and should stay like this the next week. Hope to see you again. Marcel

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