Castle Rock Skywalk – Highlight at Porongurup National Park

Castle Rock Skywalk Porongurup National Park

We love hiking and exploring as many national parks as possible here in Australia. This morning, when waking up at the camp, we look outside to check the weather. It doesn’t look promising to go hiking. Strong wind and dense fog are greeting us today. We pull the blanket over our heads again and stay in bed a bit longer. At the end our desire for coffee is stronger and we finally get up. After breakfast the fog slowly disappears and then it starts to rain. Definitely not the weather we wished for today. Well, bad weather cannot stop us to go hiking and doing the Castle Rock Skywalk in the Porongurup National Park.

The Castle Rock Skywalk is what we have planned today. Wind, rain and fog can’t stop us.

Someone once told us: “If you wear the right clothes, bad weather doesn’t matter at all.” That’s true. We pack our rain coats and get ready. Finally, we feel prepared for more rain.

Porongurup National Park

The first hike on our list is the climb up to the Devlis Slide. Sounds like the perfect hill to climb on a day like this. Devlis Slide is, with 670 meters, the highest peak in Porongurup National Park. The highlight in the park is the spectacular Castle Rock Skywalk. We hope for better weather later in the day, therefore we first climb the Devils Slide.

Climbing to the top of the Devils Slide

Right at the parking lot we find an information board with walking options. We have to decide if we do the roundtrip clockwise or counterclockwise. We do it counterclockwise and take the Wansborough Walk that leads to the Devils Slide. The first part is a pleasant walk through dense Karri forest. That’s perfect as the big trees protect us from the rain.

Hiking Prongurup National Park

The trail forks in two different directions. We take the right turn up to the Devils Slide. Through dense bush and over steep and slippery rocks we climb up to the top.

View Porongurup National Park

On the way up we get nice views of the surrounding farmland and forest. Wind and rain are still present but we don’t mind. We are well protected.

Hiking Devils Slide Porongurup National Park

Yeah! We’re on the top of the Devils Slide. We made it to the highest point in Porongurup National Park. Well, it’s not a huge achievement but at least we got up to 670 meters above sea level.

Devils Slide Porongurup National Park

To get back to the main walking trail we have to hike back the same route. We continue on the Nancy Peak Walk which goes uphill again. After a short walk we come along Morgans View and further up to Nancy Peak which is on 652 m. The view from up there is fantastic.

Marcel Porongurup National Park

The next hilltop we get to is Hayward Peak at 500 m. Here in Australia you don’t need to climb thousands of meters, you can get amazing views of the surroundings from 500 meters already.

The last bit of the trail goes downhill over big stony slabs where we finally get back to the forest. Just before we reach the car park, we find another attraction. The Tree-in-the-Rock. It’s amazing to see how the roots of a big tree find their way through a huge rock to get enough water to survive.

Free gas BBQ’s in the forest

It’s already lunch time and we’re starving. At the parking lot there are picnic tables and gas BBQ’s. Perfect, let’s cook some fried eggs with bacon. Yammie!

Marcel BBQ Porongurup National Park

Egg and bacon

Energy loaded we continue our journey to Castle Rock. Meanwhile, the weather has improved massively and there are only some last clouds left.

Stunning views at the Castle Rock Skywalk Trail

The next climb on our travel plan is the Castle Rock. The top is on 570 m which is not too much but still, the hike is quite strenuous. It’s a 4.4 km return walk up to Castle Rock and the Granite Skywalk and it takes about two hours.

The trail goes steadily uphill through lush forest, through bush and over rocks.

After an hour we get to the balancing rock. We wonder if the huge round rock would move if we lean on it.

Balancing Rock Porongurup National Park

A few meters behind the Balancing Rock we find the Karri Lookout. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the views over the national park and the farmland.

The last climb up to the the Castle Rock Skywalk is pretty strenuous and not suitable for everyone. If you do not have enough energy to climb up to the top of Castle Rock, you can still get great views from Karri Lookout.

We are ready to get up to the top. We scramble over the huge rocks and finally we reach the 6 m long ladder. The construction looks pretty cool.

Castle Rock Skywalk Porongurup National Park

Ladder Castle Rock Skywalk

We made it! We’re walking along the Castle Rock Skywalk and we’re pretty amazed by the construction. The views are breathtaking and the weather cleared up as well.

Granite Skywalk Castle Rock Porongurup National Park

Should you visit the area, don’t miss to go hiking in the Stirling Range National Park.

If you travel to the south of Western Australia during your Western Australia road trip, we highly recommend hiking in the Stirling Range National Park and Porongurup National Park.

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Sky Walk on Castle Rock in Porongurup National Park in Australia


Have you ever climbed Castle Rock? Or do you know a Skywalk that is worth to check out? We are looking forward to hear your tips.


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