Road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie – The Highlights

Exchange Hotel Kalgoorlie

What a surprise. The road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie was great, especially the free camps

Have you ever started a road trip without a plan? You did not know where to stay and what to do? That’s exactly how our first week of our long road trip started. Having no fixed plan turned out great. We found awesome free camp spots and nice little towns from the gold rush times.

Our road trip starts in Perth. We buy a 4WD camper, we fit it out and now we are finally ready to hit the road.

It is pretty cold in Perth. Even if spring has started, the temperatures are still very low for the time of the year. The weather is very unstable and unpredictable. One day it is 28 degrees and the next day temperatures are dropping to 19 degrees Celsius again. The day we leave Perth it is one of these cold, rainy and windy days. It’s definitely time to go and search for the warm weather. We hope to find it in the Goldfields and the Red Center.

City and nature are so close together

It’s fascinating how fast the landscape changes. We drive 40 Minutes to the east of Perth and suddenly, we’re in the middle of the nature. Perth already feels miles away. We pass the signpost leading to the John Forrest national park. That’s where we hiked the 15 km long Eagle Hawk Trail a few of days ago. It is a fabulous national park and a perfect getaway from the city.

We are driving on the Great Eastern Highway from Perth to the east. Civilization is still present but it is getting less populated the further east we get. We pass Northam, where we fill our fuel tanks. It looks like Northam is the last town with all the famous fast food companies. As soon as we get away from the town, we are surrounded by nature, trees, bushes, meadows and the road we’re driving on. Also the traffic is getting less and less.

The Eadine Springs free camp is perfect for a night

Eadine Springs Camping

Our first free camp of our road trip around Australia: Eadine Springs

Our first stop on the way from Perth to Kalgoorlie is the free camp Eadine Springs, just off the Great Eastern Highway. Luckily it’s far enough from the road that we don’t have too much traffic noise. It’s an official rest area with benches and tables.

The sun is out and we are happy to be on the road again. It feels so good. Unfortunately, the rain followed us and clouds are rolling in quickly and the wind starts to blow as well. We hop in our camper and sit out the bad weather. It only takes a quarter of an hour and the sun is back. And so it goes on for the rest of the day. We wonder if we manage to prepare dinner during a sunny period.

Pic: Marcel is cooking under the umbrella

The rain was quicker. Marcel has to improvise and he Needs to hold the umbrella while standing at the gas grill.

What a start of our road trip. Oh, well. It’s a good test. Nobody said that camping is always easy 😉

The night is freezing. We check the weather forecast the next day and it looks like we have chosen one of the coldest nights to start our road trip. The temperature dropped in the night to freezing 4 degrees Celsius. Brrrr….

Anyway, the day welcomes us with a clear blue sky and mild temperatures.

The Ettamogah Pub in Cunderdin, a cool photo opportunity (158 km east of Perth)

The Great Eastern Highway is a well maintained road that follows the Golden Pipeline from 1903. The water pipeline was essential for the cities that are located along the pipeline. If you are interested in the history, you can visit several pump stations along the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail. Don’t miss the old pump station at the Cunderdin museum, an impressive engineering achievement that was constructed over 100 years ago.

For us the attraction of Cunderdin is the building of the Ettamogah Pub. The funny shaped building is a landmark and great for taking photos.

Ettamorgah Pub in Cunderdin

You can’t miss the cool Ettamorgah Pub when driving along the main street in Cunderdin

There is also a cool airplane in Cunderdin. You can’t miss it if you drive through the town center.

Cunderdin Tiger Moth

This cute yellow airplane is a reproduction of a Chum’s Tiger Moth

Do you like to get 360-degree panoramic views over the town and the surrounding farmland? Check out the Cunderdin Lookout just about one kilometer south of the main street.

Wildflowers and Mini Wave Rock close to Kellerberrin (202 km east of Perth)

A side trip to the Kellerberrin Hill Lookout is well worth it. In springtime you get rewarded with views overlooking fields of wildflowers.

Another side trip about 30 km away from Kellerberrin takes you to Kokerbin Rock. It is the third largest Monolith in Western Australia. In the area you also find a mini Wave Rock, the Dog Rock and Devils Marbels.

There is much more to see along the Great Eastern Highway. You can visit the towns Merredin or Westonia, the Moorine Rock, museums, the Collgar Wind Farm and there are also a few other rock formations in the area.

Southern Cross (368 km east of Perth)

It feels like the further away we are from the coast, the smaller the towns are getting. This was not always the case. During the gold rush there were about 50 towns built in the harsh country around Southern Cross. The towns came as fast as they disappeared. No gold, no people.

Approximately 6 km north of Southern Cross we find this stunning camp spot.

Lake Koorkoordine Western Australia

One of our favourite free camps is Lake Koorkoordine

Camping at Lake Koorkoordine

That’s what we love Australia for. Free official camps in the bush. Sometimes they come with infrastructure or just bush camping without any facilities. Camping at Lake Koorkoordine is bush camping at its best.

Lake Koorkoordine Australia

Amazing salt lake view. What do you want more than that?

We fall in love with that view on first sight, that’s why we stay for two nights. It is sooooooooo beautiful.

Campfire Lake Koorkoordine

It’s great to be outdoor with a campfire

Coolgardie, a city with lots of history (557 km east of Perth)

The town of Coolgardie is our last stop before we get to the mining town Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Coolgardie is a pretty small town with 800 people living here.

Butcher Coolgardie

The butcher is a great building. That’s how I love it

It’s hard to imagine that the population of Coolgardie was 15‘000 about 120 years ago. Back then Coolgardie used to be the third largest town of Western Australia. There were 20 hotels and three breweries in town. During the gold rush, many people came to the area for the gold. They hoped for wealth and a good life. Once the gold rush ended, people left.

Coolgardie Western Australia

One of the nice historical buildings in Coolgardie

We take a walk along the main street where we spot a cafe right opposite of the information center. We go in, order a cappuccino and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. There are a few tourists walking around and periodically a road train is passing by.

Cafe in Coolgardie

The Cafe in Coolgardie is serving great Cappuccino

It is only a 40 km drive from Coolgardie to Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Before we explore the mining town, we are checking out a camping spot to stay for the night.

Fabulous free camp at Lake Douglas, 15 km west of Kalgoorlie

Thanks to the App WikiCamps we find another great spot to set up camp. On Lake Douglas, just 15 km west of Kalgoorlie, there is a fantastic free camp. A bit away from the lake there is a big area suitable for camping vehicles and trailers of all sizes. There are toilets, tables and benches for public use.

Lake Douglas Kalgoorlie

Camping at Lake Douglas is great. What a view and it’s all for free

The camp looks great, but we like to have lake view. We take a small path leading down to the lake and we find an awesome spot. Once we set up everything it’s time to relax and watch the sunset.

Sunset Lake Douglas Kalgoorlie

Nothing to complain at Lake Douglas. A nice sunset just after dinner


Life is beautiful!


Kalgoorlie-Boulder – The end of the Great Eastern Highway (596 km east of Perth)

Hello Kalgoorlie. We are back to the city. Time to stock up on fresh water, food and fuel. We also check out the city and we enjoy looking at some historical buildings which are still in good condition. Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a mining town and still the biggest gold producer in Australia.

Hotel Kalgoorlie

A walk through the streets in Kalgoorlie is well worth it

On the way to fill our fresh water tank we see the signpost to the Super Pit Lookout. Great! We go and have a look.

Super Pit Kalgoorlie-Boulder

The Super Pit in Kalgoorlie-Boulder is really impressive

The Super Pit is in Boulder and the drive to the lookout is totally worth it. The dimensions of the Super Pit are mind blowing. The pit is almost 500 meters deep, 3.7 km in length and 1.5 km wide. We observe the huge mining trucks driving in and out of the mine. The trucks are huge but when they are driving down the pit, they look like toys.

Truck Super Pit Kalgoorlie

The truck are quite big even if they don’t look like

Well, here are some photos of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. A separate post about the mining town and its attractions will follow later.

Highlights along the Great Eastern Highway from Perth to Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Where it is worth to stop from Perth to Kalgoorlie:

  •  The Ettamogah Pub in Cunderdin
  • The Kellerberrin Hill Lookout. Extremely nice in springtime when the wildflowers are blooming
  • Lake Koorkoordine 6 km north of Southern Cross (great for camping or lunch break)
  • Take a walk along Coolgardie’s main street and check out its historical buildings
  • The Super Pit Lookout in Kalgoorlie-Boulder
  • Enjoy the sunset at Lake Douglas, 15 km west of Kalgoorlie
  • Take a few photos of the historical buildings in Kalgoorlie, e.g. the Exchange Hotel and the Kalgoorlie Town Hall

Route information: Great Eastern Highway from Perth to Kalgoorlie

It’s 596 km from Perth to Kalgoorlie on the Great Eastern Highway. If you are in a hurry you can do the trip in a day or two. As there is quite a lot of history, nice lookouts and so many great camping options, we recommend taking your time.

We are in no hurry and therefore we take it easy. We do the 596 km from Perth to Kalgoorlie in four days. Especially Lake Koorkoordine is totally beautiful and worth to stay a day or two.

That’s what we love on a road trip. To have the time, flexibility and spontaneity to stay where we like it, as long as we like. That’s what we call luxury.


What is luxury for you when you travel? Share your thoughts with us. We are looking forward to read your comments.


10 thoughts on “Road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie – The Highlights

  1. Thank you for your post! We are a family of 5 on a world trip simalar like yours! We also sold everything and just went for it. Our next stop is perth, australia and from there to alice springs. So thanks for your advice on this roadtrip. We will visit Kalgoorlie-Boulde !

    Best regards,

    • Hi Richard

      Thanks for your message and glad, that our post is helping you for your trip planning. Kalgoorlie-Boulder is pretty interesting. We liked the mining town as it is so different to other places. Especially to see the huge open pit mine was impressive.

      Wishing you a great and safe trip. Australia is an awesome country to travel to. Where are you heading after Australia?

      Best wishes from Mongolia,

  2. Thank you very much for posting this. We are planning, after our flight, to drive from Perth to Coolgardie and then to Esperance on a Family History research trip. A great Uncle emigrated to Coolgardie in 1908 having lost their 1st child in England they went on to lose their 2nd child six months after arriving there so life was tough. We hope to find the cemetery and visit the museums to understand how their lives differed from the farming community they left behind. Your trip has helped to put distances into perspective.

    • Hi Angela
      Thanks for your message. We are glad to hear that our post helps for your trip planning. It really sounds like a tough time your great uncle went through. We wish you success with finding the cemetery and more information about the past of your family.

  3. Great Reni
    Very informative and well put together !
    Kids and I heading that way after Xmas third leg of our month trip!
    Kind regards

    • Hi Katie
      Thanks for you message. So glad to hear that you like our post.
      Wishing you a Merry Xmas and a great trip to Kalgoorlie. We loved that part of Australia a lot.
      Cheers & safe travels,

  4. Thank you for this lovely travel log with pictures and suggestions for a trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie. I found your page as I’m returning to Perth to live with my Victorian husband and we’re keen to see more of WA’s regional areas in the future.
    Appreciate the insights!

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