How to plan a trip to Australia

How to plan a trip to Australia

Where to start? Tips on how to plan a trip to Australia.

Do you feel the same? Shortly before your journey starts you get the crazies? You question yourself. Did I organise everything? Is everything okay with the visa and the documents? Haven’t I forgotten anything? Read on for tips about planning and the luxury of not having a fix plan.

Although we have travelled a lot, we always feel a bit queasy just before the trip. Have we thought of everything? Things like clothes are not a problem. Even if we do forget something, we can buy it locally. Especially now, as we are going to Australia, a country we know already and a country that couldn’t be more western. Everyday things are easy to organise on the way. What concerns us more are things like insurance, visa or how to buy a reliable car. Two weeks to go until departure. How to plan a trip to Australia?

The right timing to plan a trip is everything

The earlier you take care of organisational things, the easier it is. Even if it is not possible to do everything immediately, the most important thing is to not forget anything.

7 important things about how to plan a trip to Australia:

  1. Health insurance. The most important thing whenever you do a trip abroad. Check the coverage abroad.
  2. Accident insurance. The same applies here as for the health insurance.
  3. Visa. Is a visa required? Apply on time. Ideally before booking flights.
  4. Are any vaccinations required for the countries you plan to visit?
  5. Are all necessary documents such as passport, driving license or International vaccination certificate at hand and still valid?
  6. Flight. Fix the departure date and book the flight.
  7. Electronic devices. Which devices and what programs and documents should be available? What about a backup? To leave a backup on an external hard disk with a trusted person at home is worth a lot in an emergency.

Is there a secret how to plan a trip to Australia for a one year road trip?

To dream and philosophise about travelling the world is great but hitting the road is even better. Usually it takes quite a long time from the very first idea to the realization of a long trip. And then, suddenly the day you leave is right there. We started with the planning many months ago but concentrated on other things as well. So we also got lazy with the planning and focused on other things as there were still many months to go until departure. But the closer the departure date gets the more we start to get the crazies. Two more weeks and off we go.

We haven’t found the secret for planning a long trip yet, but our way that suits us perfectly. To start with the planning early is the most important thing for us. It helps us not to forget important things. Therefore, as soon as we have another trip in mind we write down our ideas and work out a rough schedule.

Thousand ideas and no plan

This time everything is different. Important administrative matters are done but the journey is still very vague. We’ve got 12 month in Australia and we have thousand ideas but no plan. Slight panic is emerging but nothing to worry about. We love to travel long, slow and intensively. Therefore we do not plan too much in detail. But travelling without any plan doesn’t work for us either. So, we take a large sheet of paper, preferably a large map of Australia and highlight points of interest. We usually start to do some research months ahead, even if a bit chaotic and uncoordinated. Our main source for information is the internet. Thanks to Google and personal travel blogs we find many interesting spots around Australia that we could explore. Primarily we search the internet for information about towns, villages, national parks, outback tracks, festivals, rodeos and other attractions. Additionally we check for details about the climate and the best time to travel.

Planning is good, travelling spontaneously is better

Even if we love to travel spontaneously, we need a rough plan. Our plan is one year road tripping around Australia off the beaten tracks. Experiencing the Australian Outback. We have a list of personal must do’s and places we want to see. Even if it is the second time we travel to Australia – or maybe because of – the list of things to do and see is very long.

How do we plan our one year road trip around Australia?

  1. We mark points of interest or activities on the map. Towns, national parks, attractions, festivals and rodeos.
  2. We put all Outback tracks down on the map that we want to drive.
  3. We devide the total travel time of 12 month and allocate the regions and the best time to travel.

After completing the three points above we can put together a rough itinerary. That’s all we need. A rough plan gives us a guideline but we remain free and flexible. Especially with a travel time of one year, a detailed plan is only a hindrance. For us that’s luxury of travelling – to have plenty of time.

Our one year road trip around Australia starts soon. Where exactly we’ll start is still written in the stars. Follow us on Facebook for updated. Stay tuned.


Are you planning a trip around Australia? We tell you how to buy a car in Australia an how much you will need to budget for travelling trough Australia for one year.


Do you have experience in how to plan a trip to Australia? Do you have more tips for planning a road trip? Do you plan or do you travel without any plan?


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