Insider tips for Western Australia – Interview with a WA expert

Insider tips for Western Australia

We are currently exploring Western Australia. It is the largest state of Australia and it is bigger than the whole Eastern Europe. To make the best out of our trip we ask an insider and we got some great tips. Read on to find out what you should not miss when traveling to Western Australia.

We have been to Western Australia twice. And still, there is a lot we have not seen yet. This time we travel with Marcel’s parents around WA for almost two months. We have a rough plan what we want do see but it’s always a good idea to ask an insider for tips. For example, we desperately want to see a kangaroo at the beach. Let’s ask the WA expert and blogger Nina from WA Explorer, the Outdoor guide to Western Australia. In this post we share Nina’s insider tips for Western Australia.

Interview with Nina – Insider tips for Western Australia

Nina, first of all thank you for answering our questions. We would love to know more about WA, your insider tips for Western Australia and what we should visit together with our parents.

Nina Camping West Coast in WA

Let’s start with some personal questions. How many years have you been living in WA?

I’ve been here on and off since 1986.

You traveled the world. Which country outside of Australia is your favorite?

Switzerland of course!

You share lots of travel tips on your travel blog WA Explorer. What is you most popular post on your travel blog?

Anything to do with dogs. At the moment the blog post with the most views is Dog’s guide to Margaret River. Seems like everyone wants to camp and drink wine with their dog down south.

And now we’d love to hear about WA. Western Australia is huge. We have seven weeks to explore the state. What is in your opinion the perfect time and lengths to visit WA?

That’s a tough one. Most visitors don’t realise that WA is bigger than the whole of Western Europe so if you want to see everything, you need at least six months. If you don’t have that long, the best thing to do is not to try to see the whole lot but concentrate on one or two regions instead, like the southwest or the Kimberley. For that, I’d probably say that 4-6 weeks is the ideal amount of time for a WA trip but it really depends how much you want to see and what time of the year you’re visiting.

Can you tell us which five things are a must do and see in WA for first time visitors?

For me the standout experiences in WA are the natural attractions. In no particular order I would say swimming with the whale sharks on the Ningaloo Reef, driving the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley, camping under the stars in a national park, wine tasting in Margaret River and cycling around Rottnest Island.

Gibb River Road in Australia

Which are your three favorite beaches along the West Coast?

Lucky Bay – where else on earth do you find kangaroos on a beach? The Basin on Rottnest Island and The Lagoon at Gnaraloo Station.

What’s the top thing to do in Fremantle?

Watch life go by at Gino’s Café, the free concerts at the Art Centre on Sunday afternoon and the Sunset Markets at South Beach on Saturday evening.

Can you recommend a winery we should not miss when visiting the Margaret River region?

I never seem to leave the Margaret River Region without at least one visit to Swings and Roundabouts winery. A part from the great wine, it has the best pizza this side of Italy and you can laze for hours in the garden which has fantastic views of the vinyards.

We would love to drive with the parents on the beach and have a picnic there. Which WA beach would you recommend?

There’s plenty of places where you can do this. If you don’t want to venture too far from Perth, Back Beach in Lancelin is a nice spot provided it’s not windy. Further afield, Lucky Bay in Esperance, for the amazing turquoise waters and white sand, but you’ll probably have to share your picnic with one of the resident Kangaroos that Lucky Bay is famous for.

Which national park(s) shouldn’t we miss?

Another tough one as there are so many, but will go with Karijini National Park on this one. The beautiful red tinted gorges and swimming holes are spectacular.

Karijini National Park WA

We read about the Ngilgi Cave, the Jewel Cave, the Lake Cave and the Mammoth Cave. Have you visited them? If yes, which one would you recommend?

They’re all quite unique, but for first time visitors I recommend Mammoth or Lake Cave.

Do you have any tips off the beaten tracks? Would you like to share your insider tips for Western Australia that is not on every tourist’s itinerary?

There are a few places in the state that don’t quite get the attention that they deserve. For example Mount Augusta in the Kennedy Ranges is twice the size of Uluru and the biggest rock in the world.

Which bush camp is your favorite?

I love the Warren Campground where you can camp under the huge Karri trees near Pemberton.

Is there a place you could recommend for great stargazing?

As soon as you’re out of the cities you have one of the best night skies in the world. A great experience is a stargazing tour at the Perth Observatory where you can look at the universe through some very impressive telescopes, including one that contributed to the discovery of the rings around Uranus.

We read about Gnomesville on your blog. Can you recommend a visit for adults or is it more a kid’s thing?

Sure, if you’re young at heart you’ll love Gnomesville. I wouldn’t drive there all the way just to visit the gnomes but if you’re heading in that direction it’s well worth a little detour.

Thank you very much, Nina,  for your great insider tips. We are looking forward to visit all the places you recommend.

Camping at the beach Australia

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Insider tips for Western Australia

Do you, dear reader, have something to add? What should we not miss during our trip around WA? We’d love to read your insider tips for Western Australia.


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