John Forrest National Park – Day trip from Perth

John Forrest National Park

The John Forrest National Park is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city

The reason why we came back to Australia is its fascinating nature and the great National Parks. It’s our third week down under and we are still busy doing lots of shopping and getting our camper ready for the big trip. We miss nature and for a change we go hiking. Just a short ride from Perth is the John Forrest National Park which we explore on a super nice and sunny day.

The John Forrest National Park is about 30 km east of Perth and by car it takes us about 40 minutes to get there. The park is popular for bushwalking and that’s the reason why we are visiting.

We are surprised how fast we get from the hustle and bustle of the city right into the nature. Just a few hundred meters off the highway we are in the middle of a beautiful bush land. We hear the birds singing, the smell of spring is in the air and the sound of the river is present.

Eagle View Walk Trail – 15 km circuit in the John Forrest National Park

First thing we do is going to the ranger station to get some information about the walks. We have a quick chat with the ranger and he gives us useful information. We want to do the Eagle View Walk Trail which is a 15 km circuit along creeks, rock formations and through bush land.

John Forrest National Park

Overlooking the valley. What a great day for hiking

We do the Eagle View Walk Trail clockwise according to the recommendation of the ranger. It actually doesn’t matter which way you do the circuit.

The trail is well marked. Just follow the yellow arrows with an eagle on it.

John Forrest National Park

There are several walking trails to choose from at the John Forrest National Park

The first part of the Eagle View Walk Trail goes along the brook and once the trail leaves the brook it goes uphill. That’s great because on top of the hill we get rewarded with amazing views. We stop for a while and enjoy the view over the city.

Lookout John Forrest National Park

From the lookout we can see the city of Perth in the far distance

From the lookout we are heading north. We come along nice wildflower fields and we stop very often to take photos of the beautiful flowers. Wherever we look, we spot flowers in all different sizes, colors and shapes.

Wildflowers in Western Australia

Stunning fields of wildflowers can be seen in spring in the John Forrest National Park

Wildflower John Forrest National Park

Flowers in all colours and shapes wherever we look

Wildflower John Forrest National Park

Spring time is wildflower time. During our walk we stop often to take Pictures

Wildflower in Western Australia

Mother nature is fascinating

Kangaroo paw Australia

We spot some Kangaroo paws along the way

The landscape is changing constantly. We walk through bush, along wildflower fields and suddenly the grass trees are dominating.

Now the track goes gently but constantly uphill until we get to the second view point where we get a magnificent view over the city of Perth.

The last two kilometers go slowly downhill and finally, we get back to the start point. It took us about four hours to do the 15 km bushwalk circuit. What a great walk. We totally loved it. We were super lucky with the weather and being in the nature is the reason why we came back to Australia and why we travel.

Being in the nature, that’s what we love.

We still got some energy left. So, it’s time to check out the old railway tunnel.

One of the big attractions is the old railway tunnel

If you visit the John Forrest National Park you should not miss to visit the old railway tunnel. From the parking area it is an easy 5 km return walk on a wide dirt road. On the way to the tunnel we also pass the National Park Falls. We decide to first go to the tunnel and check out the waterfall on the way back.

Swan Valley Railway Tunnel

The Swan Valley railway tunnel is one of the attraction and easy to get to

The old railway tunnel is the only historical railway tunnel in Western Australia. We are standing in front of it and can’t resist walking through the tunnel. The further we go in the darker it gets. It’s cold and wet inside and a bit eerie too.

National Park falls Australia

On the way back from the railway tunnel we check out the National Park falls

John Forrest National Park – A perfect getaway for everybody

Do you fancy shorter walks? To get to the National Park Falls it’s an easy 2 km return walk and also 2 km to get to the Hovea Falls.

There are even more options at John Forrest National Park. You can choose between the John Forrest Bridal Trail and the Glen Brook Trail.

After walking it’s time for a picnic. There are fantastic picnic spots with BBQ, tables and benches. It’s such a great spot to spend a sunny day with your family and friends. We regret that we did not bring our steaks to have a barbie.

Best time to visit the John Forrest National Park

We think autumn, winter and spring are the best times to visit. We visited in spring and we loved it a lot because the wildflowers are in full bloom.

How to get to the John Forrest National Park

  •  30 km east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway
  • Coming from Perth you have the option to turn left at the Park Road and do the scenic drive. There is a signpost. The scenic drive gate is closed by 4 pm. If you do not want to do the scenic drive, just continue about 2 km on the Great Eastern Highway and turn left on Park Road.

General tips for hikers

Walking trail at John Forrest National Park

We love outdoor activities especially on a sunny day

  • Park fees apply. AUD 12 per car per day. More information about the fees here:
  • If you do one of the walks, for example the Eagle View Walk Trail, register at the ranger’s office before you leave. And don’t forget to sign off when you are back.
  • Bring enough water
  • It’s recommended to wear a hat. The Eagle View Walk Trail is quite exposed and there is not a lot of shade.
  • Bring some snacks to stop at the lookouts and enjoy the amazing views.
  • The picnic area is a great spot to spend some time. Free gas barbecues are provided.


What is your favourite National Park in Australia? Looking forward hearing your tip.


4 thoughts on “John Forrest National Park – Day trip from Perth

  1. That’s a great shot of Perth in the background. It reminds me of what it is like hiking up Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, except Los Angeles is far more sprawled out than Perth. 30 Kms isn’t that bad for a day trip! Is it advisable to rent a car to get out here? Or is actually possible to take public transit from Perth to get to John Forest National Park?

    • Hi Ray

      Thanks a lot. Looks like we have to check out the Runyon Canyon in LA. sounds great too.

      It is definitely better to rent a car to get to John Forrest National Park. You are flexible and you can take Food and drinks with you for the hike. Are you planning to visit Perth soon?

      Cheers, Reni

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