20 Photos That Make You Want To Visit Karijini National Park

Kermits Pool Karijini National Park

One of the most beautiful national parks in Western Australia is the Karijini National Park. However, Karijini National Park is quite far from all other tourist attractions. It’s more than 1’400 km from Perth and to Broome it is another 1’000 km to drive. But nevertheless, the journey is worthwhile. Sit back, relax and travel with us virtually.

In this post we show you 20 photos of the fascinating landscape of Karijini National Park. We take you down to the deep gorges and pools, to waterfalls and rivers.

This is our third visit to Karijini National Park. We love it and we can’t resist visiting again. After driving several days through the outback, we are happy to get to Karijini National Park with its great pools to swim. The Karijini National Park is a must see during a Western Australia Road Trip.

Dales Gorge – Swimming at the Fortescue Falls and the Circular Pool

On our fist day in the national park we visit the Dales Gorge. There are stairs leading down to the gorge and from the distance we already see the Fortescue falls. That’s exactly what we need, a swim in the refreshing water. The water is nice and fresh but not too cold. The last time we visited in the Australian winter months and the water was very cold.

Fortescue Falls at Karijini National Park

There is a hiking trail leading to the Fernpool which is currently closed due to a recent bushfire and floodings. Another hiking trail connects the Fortescue falls with the Circular pool. That’s where we go next. It’s not high season yet and we don’t meet many other hikers on the Trail.

Dales Gorge at Karijini National Park

Finally, we reach the Circular pool where we immediately jump into the water again. It’s a fabulous place to spend a few hours. We enjoy the tranquility, watch the birds and when it gets too hot, we jump into our “private” pool.

Karijini National Park Circular Pool Dales Gorge

Hancock Gorge – The Spider Walk

One of the main reasons why we wanted to visit the Karijini National Park again is the Spider walk. We love the walk through the narrow gorge where we have to use our arms and legs to get to the end. It’s a really cool adventure.

The first part from the parking area down to the gorge is a steep descend. Once we are down in the gorge, we walk in the river bed.

Hancock Gorge at Karijini National Park

Sometimes we ask ourselves if the way is going further or if this is the end.

Reni climbing at Hancock Gorge

We go on and find out. Of course there is more to come. The narrow gorge opens up again and we reach the Amphitheater. From here the gorge is getting very, very narrow. That’s the starting point of the Spider walk.

Spider Walk at Karijini Nationalpark

Cool! We are back. Let’s go.

Spider Walk at Karijini National Park

It’s time to concentrate. “Hold on and don’t fall”, I tell myself.

Reni at the Spiderwalk in Karijini National Park

Wow! Amazing. We are at the Kermits pool. That’s the end of our hike.

Kermits Pool in Karijini National Park

On the way back we have to take some photos. We love this landscape and what Mother Nature created. We feel pretty small standing here surrounded by all this rocks and steep walls.

Hancock Gorge at Karijini National Park

Lower Weano Gorge – Awesome hike to the Handrail Pool

Another highlight is awaiting us in the Lower Weano Gorge. We want to see the spectacular Handrail pool. It’s quite a challenge getting there.

Once we get down to the gorge, we have to decide which way we want to go. To the left is the Upper Weano Gorge and to the right the Lower Weano Gorge. We desperately want to go to the Handrail pool, therefore we choose to go to the right.

Weano Gorge Lookout at Karijini National Park

We walk along the river as far as we can. Once the water blocks the way, we have to wade through the water.

Lower Weano Gorge at Karijini National Park

Sometimes it looks like the trail is not going any further. But we know that there is more behind the narrow gorge. We continue and suddenly we are standing right in front of this big natural pool. We are surrounded by steep walls and we feel like a tiny speck in this world.

Handrail Pool at Karijini National Park

Marcel immediately jumps in the pool and enjoys the refreshing bath.

Marcel in the Handrail Pool

Knox Gorge and Joffre Gorge

The Knox and Joffre Gorge are also very beautiful. The rock faces and the reflections in the water at the Knox Gorge offer great photo opportunities.

Knox Gorge at Karijini National Park

Enjoying the jacuzzi at the Hamersley Gorge

Hamersley Gorge is another amazing gorge located in Karijini National Park. If you are on your way to Karratha, you should definitely visit the impressive gorge.

Can you resist jumping into this pool? We don’t!

Hamersley Gorge Pool at Karijini National Park

The Hamersley Gorge is an oasis. It’s perfect to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. But the gorge is also quite interesting for geologists. Although we are not experts in geology, even we can see that these rock patterns have a long and interesting story to tell.

Hamersley Gorge at Karijini National Park

Mt Bruce – What a cool name for a mountain

If you like to climb mountains you can do so at Mt Bruce. We don’t have enough energy on this trip, but we climbed Mt Bruce four years ago.

It’s a great hike and it takes about four hours to do the summit walk (9 km return). The ascent is exhausting, in particular because the whole trail is very exposed and there is no shade. On a nice sunny day it’s getting very hot.

Mt Bruce at Karijini National Park

Mt Bruce is with 1’235 m the second highest mountain in Western Australia and offers beautiful views from the summit. We love the 360 ​​degree panoramic view over the spinifex covered hills.

View from Mt Bruce Summit

Camping at Karijini National Park

There are different camping options for visitors to the Karijini National Park.

Dales Campground has basic campsites in the bush. Toilets, BBQ’s and tables are available. Price per Person per night: AUD 10.

In March 2017 the BBQ’s and gas stoves were not available because of a recent bushfire. Many of the bushes and trees were burned down. It’s sad to see what damage a fire can cause. Hopefully nature will recover quickly.

Hiking tip: The Dales Gorge is within walking distance to the Dales Campground.

Other camping options are available at the expensive Eco Retreat / Savannah Campground, which is under private management. Campsites without power cost AUD 20 per person per night. Water, showers and toilets available.

Information Center in the Karijini National Park

In the national park there is also an information center with toilets and showers (closed at night).

Mid-March 2017 the information center was closed. Even the road to the info center was closed and therefore we could not use the showers.

During the main season from April to October the information center is usually open.

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Hiking in Karijini National Park in Australia

Have you ever been to Karijini National Park? What are you interested in? What do you want us to write about next?

10 thoughts on “20 Photos That Make You Want To Visit Karijini National Park

  1. Interesting to read about you now we know who we are.
    We spoke briefly on the radio from the vehicle at around well 15 or 16 I think on the Canning
    about a month ago. You were just leaving, appeared from around the corner just as we stopped for lunch break. We are the “grey nomads”. In a sand coloured Nissan tray with a camper on the back.
    Heather and Andrew who spoke to you and you said you just loved Australia as do we.
    Keep enjoying. We are inow home in Western Victoria if you pass by this way in your travels.
    Near the Great Ocean Road. Keep us in mind, you are most welcome.

    • Hi Heather,
      Great to hear from you. The CSR was such a great adventure and experience. Would have been great to have more time to talk. After the CSR we continued over the Gunbarrel Highway and the Great Central Road into the Red Center. Drove up north and followed the Savannah Way to the east. The Limmen National Park was an amazing place. We are in QLD now, spneding a few weeks in the Cairns area doing a house sit. After that we will start heading south. Will be in Melbourne area in January because we have booked the ferry to Tasmania. Let’s keep in contact. Would be great to catch up again.

      • Thanks for your reply. We maybe back home again but our hearts are always somewhere else.. We love the outback and that was our second time on the Canning,
        Previously in 2006. This past year we have spent 5 months travelling, not all in Australia. The other more adventurous trip for us was 5 and a half weeks in Mongolia driving a Russian Jeep and then motorbike and sidecar. For a couple of oldies most of our friends thought we were a little crazy. We live on a farm in Western Vic, about two and a half hours from Melbourne. Directly Nth of the agreat Ocean Road and Port Campbell near Cobden. Feel free to call us if you are nearby in Jan. How long in beautiful Tasmania?
        0434433219. Heather and Andrew.

        • Hi Heather an Andrew,
          It’s great that you thoroughly enjoy traveling your own amazing country but also other places like Mongolia. By the way one of the countries that is very high up on our bucket list too. You are never too old to explore the world. 🙂
          We will be in Tasmania until the end of February. Maybe we will head into your direction after Tasmania. We will keep you updated and will let you know once we are getting closer to you.
          Sunny Greetings from Mission Beach in NQLD.
          Marcel and Reni

          • Hello Marcel and Reni. Now that you are in Tasmania, what are your plans when you return to Victoria?
            We are just Nth of Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road.
            200 Nehill and Alexander Rd, Sth Purrumbete, or call on
            0434433219 if you are somewhere close to us. We are on a dairy farm 16 klm’s from Cobden.
            We love Tasmania too. Spent 5 and a half weeks in the camper and loved it, could have stayed longer. There are some good tracks especially on the West Coast. Enjoy your stay, some beautiful places to see down there.
            Heather Suter.

          • Hi Heather,
            We will be 5 weeks in Tassie and enjoy this beautiful place. We just did the Western Explorer Drive (which we missed the last time) and are amazed about the landscape. Wild, wild west 🙂
            Our plans might be a bit different than we thought. We are finalizing our plans for shipping our vehicle overseas and that might be earlier than we thought. All a bit chaotic at the moment. Hope to have enought time to come and visit you but cannot guarantee. Will let you know as soon as we will get closer to your place.
            Cheers, Marcel

  2. Your photos are amazing Is a Karajini National Park really that colourful? Love to read more of your blogs and thank you for appreciating my country

    • Hi Louisa,

      Thank you for your message. Karijini NP is a spectacular place and the colours are spectacular. There are so many beautiful places in Australie.

      Sunny greetings,


  3. Hello,
    Beautiful photos and I definitely want to go now. I am interested to enjoy the swimming as well, however do you know if in July the water will be too cold?
    What temperature are we talking about?

    Best Regards

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