Living in a camper – Our home on wheels

Living in a camper

100 days and nights we already spent in our Troopy. Have you ever done a trip in a camper? Can you imagine how it is to live with limited space but have the freedom to go everywhere? Today we show you how our tiny little home looks like and how we cope with living in a camper.

We love our camper lifestyle. We love living in a camper because we feel free and everything is exciting, adventurous and special. Every day is different.

Everything we own fits into our mobile home

We came to Australia for two reasons. Firstly, we love Australia. Secondly, in Australia it’s easy to find our dream camper. Last year we bought a 4WD Toyota LandCruiser Troopcarrier that is converted into a camper. Why is the Troopy our favorite road trip vehicle? It is a reliable car, it is pretty easy to get spare parts and we can go nearly everywhere with it. There is very limited space but enough space to comfortably live inside.

Welcome to our living room. We try to spend most of our time outside and enjoy the nature but if it rains or the weather is unbearable, we’re hiding inside our camper. Thanks to the high top we have enough head space and can stand up inside. This is how living in a camper looks like.

Camper interior

Getting up before sunrise? Well, something I don’t like too much. Marcel is the one who sometimes convinces me to get up before sunrise. This time it is really worth it. A magical moment when the sun rises behind Uluru.

Can you see Uluru (Ayers Rock)? There, right below Marcel’s camera 😉

Sunrise at Uluru Kata Tjuta

Usually, we have coffee right after we get up. The morning hours are peaceful and sipping a coffee with this view is unbeatable.

Leonora Malcolm Dam camping

Our open-air kitchen

Our kitchen is always the same, but the view changes almost daily.

Kitchen in camper

The outdoor kitchen is great and most of the time Marcel is cooking.

Marcel cooking dinner

There are some days where an outdoor kitchen is not the best thing. If it rains we have to improvise. An umbrella is very useful on some days. As it is not very convenient we ordered an awning for the backside of our Troopy.

Outdoor cooking

Whenever the weather permits, we eat outside. After dinner it’s time to relax and enjoy the view over the ocean. That’s what we love about living in a camper. We can choose where to spend our days and nights.

Fowlers Bay view

We very much appreciate that we can go almost wherever we want and stay as long as we like with our Troopy. That’s what we call freedom.

Our open-air office

Our open-air office is also constantly changing. If we are lucky, like here at Lake Johnston near Norseman in Western Australia, we even have a table and benches which we can use as our mobile open air office. That’s luxury.

Open-air office in Outback Australia

Finding a great place to camp is part of the road trip adventure too. We usually use the WikiCamps app and check for a good camp spot. So we kind of have an idea what to expect. But still, it is always a surprise how the camp spot looks like.

Sometimes even the drive to the camp is an adventure.

Track to camp at Fowlers Bay

Living in a camper for 100 days and a lot more to come

100 days and nights we have already spent in our small but cozy camper. We look back to an exciting time. We found wonderful camp spots on top of the cliff with amazing views. We can’t wait for the next hundreds of day’s road tripping and living in a camper.

Camping in South Australia

Have you seen the video of our South Australia trip already? Check this video on YouTube: Road trip around South Australia in 3 minutes

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Living in a camper

Did you ever travel or live in a camper? Did you like it? Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience.

8 thoughts on “Living in a camper – Our home on wheels

  1. Hats off that you can live in such a small space of your car! 🙂 On the other hand, I envy you your open office – that is really “open space” in the best sense of the word.

    • Thanks for your message. We got used to live in such a small space but we also enjoy the luxury of an apartment from time to time. If the weather is on our side, it’s pretty easy and the best we can imagine.

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