Margaret River wine tour – A great experience

The Margaret River wine tour was great fun

The Margaret River wine tour is our first organized wine tour that we are doing and we can only recommend participating in one of the many offered tours. More than 100 wineries are located in the Margaret River wine region and the wine produced here is getting more and more attention. If you join a Margaret River wine tour, you do not have to worry about driving and you can taste the different wines.

Australia has become a big player in the international wine market with its different wine regions. The Barossa Valley in South Australia is probably the most famous wine growing area in Australia. In recent years, the wine region around Margaret River has developed very well and is now also producing excellent wines. Big, famous names like Peter Lehmann, Wolf Blass or Lindeman’s are all missing in Margaret River, but this will certainly change in the coming years.

In the Barossa Valley we visited a few wineries independently but could only taste a few wines because we had to drive. In Margaret River we are participating in a guided wine tour. We can enjoy the day and we do not have to worry about driving.

The Cheers Margaret River wine tour

There are different companies that offer wine tours in Margaret River. Some Australians have recommended the Bushtucker Tours. Unfortunately, this big company did not respond to our emails and we have been a bit disappointed about their customer service. In the caravan park where we stay we read about the Cheers Margaret River wine tour. Guests of the campground get a 20% discount and at the end we are happy that we have decided to go for the Cheers Margaret River wine tour.

At 10.45 am in the morning we hop on the minibus with a total of eight guests. This is a good group size and the minibus offers enough space for us. There is drinking water available in the bus and there is also an ice box if you buy something that needs to be cooled.

If you pass by Margaret River during your Western Australia road trip, we can highly recommend the Cheers Margaret River Wine Tour.

Cellar tour and lunch at Watershed Premium Wines

First, we drive a few kilometers south to the Watershed Premium Wines winery. This is a very modern and still young winery which started production of high quality wines in 2001. Attached to the winery is a very popular restaurant with a beautiful view of the surrounding vineyards and the water reservoir, which was created for the irrigation of the vineyards.

The Watershed cellar door in the middle of the vineyard

On a wine cellar tour we can marvel at the many oak barrels filled with wine. The oak barrels are imported from America, France and Hungary. After looking at all the wine barrels we can also try the finished products at the wine bar. We love the Zinfandel, which is not typical for this wine region. But also the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Shiraz are very good.

Oak barrels in the Watershed wine cellar

After the wine tasting, we need something to eat because we will visit other vineyards and do more wine tasting today. The food is exquisite and is presented very nicely. Of course, we can also drink one of the wines that we have just tasted.

Beautiful lunch at Watershed in Margaret River

During the meal we have time to chat and get to know the other participants in the group and so time goes by far too fast.

Delicious meat products at Margaret River Venison

Since 1977 wild game has been cultivated and processed into products at Margaret River Venison. There is a shop with a huge selection of meat products, but also other regional delicacies are offered. Of course, we can also try different sausages. In addition to deer, Margaret River Venison also offers meat products of emus, crocodile, kangaroo, duck, rabbit, goat and much more.

Wonderful combination of wine and nougat at Margaret River Nougat Co. & Bettenay’s Wines

The Bettenay family is proud of its Shiraz and Chardonnay, which have already won many awards. Cabernet and Merlot are also cultivated on the vineyards. We can taste the different wines of this family business and finally, we can try one of the delicious and very sweet liqueurs.

On the vineyard, however, not only grapes are processed into wine. The Bettenay’s wanted to differ from the other wineries and were looking for something new. Thus, a few years ago, they sent their son to France with the goal to learn more about nougat. Packed with bags of knowledge and the necessary recipes, he has returned to Australia and has built up a small but fine nougat production.

Huge selection of Nougat at Bettenay's in Margaret River

In the meantime 32 different nougat varieties are produced and sold online all over the world. We can get a glimpse of the production and of course we can try a few of the varieties. Delicious.

Bettenay's Nougat production in Margaret River

Tasty olive oils at Pukara Estate

In 1999, the first olive trees were planted and since 2003 olives have been processed into tasty products at Pukara Estate. The olive trees are not located in Margaret River but in the Hunter Valley, another well-known wine-growing region in Australia. Pukara offers over a dozen different olive oils, various balsamic vinegars and a variety of sauces and spices.

Olive oil tasting at Pukara Estate in Margaret River

We can taste the oils and balsamic vinegars and are amazed by the variety of flavors of the olive oils. We like the spicy chili oil and the fine truffle oil but also the sweet lemon oil and can highly recommend the olive oils of Pukara Estate.

Knotting Hill Estate Vineyard

The Gould family operates the Knotting Hill Estate, where we stop next. Over a small bridge we reach the winery which overlooks a beautiful, small lake. We can taste the different wine varieties and are delighted by the Cabernet Sauvignon. Besides the Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Malbec, Verdelho and Chardonnay are grown.

Knotting Hill cellar door right next to the lake

The view from the terrace of the winery over the artificial lake is beautiful and we are not surprised that this location is very popular for weddings and other festivities.

Margaret River Chocolate Company

Since 1999 the Margaret River Chocolate Company has been producing finest chocolate products. In the meantime there is another production in the Swan Valley and a shop in Perth.

Margaret River Chocolate Company

In the huge shop, there are mountains of chocolate in various shapes, colors and flavors. Small chocolate pellets are available in three large bowls in white, milk and dark chocolate. With a spoon you can get the chocolate pellets into your hand and then enjoy. Sticky hands are very common for visitors of the shop.

Cheese sample at Margaret River Dairy Company

For a change we visit the Margaret River Dairy Company. The root of the company goes back to 1966 when a group of Italian artisans, which sold their cheese in Perth, moved to Margaret River to start a new business. Today the cheese factory produces Brie, Camembert, Cheddar and Yoghurt.

The Killer Karamello Koala Cocktail at The Grove Experience Distillery

At the end of the wine tour in Margaret River we meet a very special personality. James was born in Alaska and has already learned the art of distilling as a child. In 2010 he came to Australia and has been developing new spirits for the Australian market ever since. With his dry humor and great creations he inspires his guests.

The Grove in Margaret River

Produced in the distillery are various rums, gins, single malt whiskeys, absinthe and liqueurs. There are also four beer varieties on offer. Our absolute favorite is the Killer Karamello Koala Cocktail. The cocktail is mixed with butterscotch liqueur, chocolate liqueur and cream and is the crowning conclusion of the beautiful day of our Margaret River wine tour.

The Killer Karamello Koala Cocktail at the Grove

Our tour guide announces that we still have a bit of time at The Grove. Therefore, we try the four beer varieties of the Grove Experience Distillery. A big cheers from the Cheers Margaret River Wine Tour to all of you.

The Grove produces four different beers

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Margaret River Wine Tour in Australia


Have you been to Margaret River and been on a wine tour? Or can you recommend an wine tour in another wine region?


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  1. Sorry that Bushtucker did not live up to our recommendation, but it sounds as if you had an equally good tour with Cheers. So pleased that you enjoyed the experience. Perhaps we will look them up next time we are in Margaret River.
    We love reading your blogs and sharing your travels.
    Bon Voyage!

    • Thanks, Penny. We totally enjoyed the tour with Cheers and loved to explore the Margaret River Region this way. So easy and relaxed.

      And thanks for following our travels. Glad to hear that you like reading our blogs.

      Best wishes,

  2. always amazed how long you can stay in ozzy.What is your secret?
    Now we can only stay in europe for 3 months.
    cheers chris

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