Nature in Australia – The good and the bad

Bush camping nature in Australia

The nature in Australia is unique in all its aspects. We admit, we love nature and we love camping. Especially on these perfect days with pleasant temperatures, a light breeze and sunshine. But sometimes we also hate it. On days with strong winds or thunderstorms, when it’s raining cats and dogs or annoying flies are crawling in our eyes, ears and noses it can be an absolute nightmare.

Everyone who has been camping knows that one has to deal with the forces of nature. While writing this post, strong winds are blowing mercilessly. Nature in Australia can be extreme. I’m hiding in the camper and feel privileged that we have a camper and not a tent. It’s hot inside, the temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius. It’s unbearable. But writing a blog post outside is not an option. The wind stirs up dust and there are millions of flies. Marcel is brave but after another hour, he also can’t stand it anymore. Well, that’s reality. Not every day is fun when camping.

Crazy how fast the weather changes from one day to the other. Yesterday we have worn a jumper and today even bathers are too much. The temperature was rising more than 20 degrees Celsius within a few hours.

Rain in Australia

We don’t want to moan in this article. We just want to write down our thoughts and feelings. Sharing our experience with the beautiful nature in Australia, sharing the good and the bad. Because nature in Australia can be quite exhausting on some days. It is the days when nature shows its full force and the moments when we realize, that we as humans are insignificant and powerless compared to Mother Nature.

Outback nature in Australia

Whenever we travel through the Outback of Australia, we are totally fascinated by the diverse nature. We learned that there is lots of life in the desert, even if it doesn’t look like. The smallest amount of rain can turn the desert into a carped of flowers. Many plants and animals are able to survive in these harsh conditions. They manage to live without water or shade. We would not survive.

When camping we are exposed to the freak of nature

Storm on Bruny Island in Tasmania

Living in a camper means we are exposed to the freak of nature. But that’s exactly what makes traveling in a camper so exciting. It’s the unknown of the next day. It’s the curiosity of how the weather may be like. Will the sun shine, will it rain or is another storm coming. Can we enjoy a leisurely day outdoors or do we have to think of a Plan B?

Nature in Australia – Flies can be a pain in the ass

We both have fly nets to cover our faces. We don’t like to wear them because it’s like looking though a curtain. But there are some days where we can’t live without wearing the fly net. Have you ever been to Australia? Then you may know what we are talking about.

Fly net Australia

We are somewhere in the red center of Australia. There is nothing around us, just red sand, a few bushes and the vastness. But, we are not alone. We are surrounded by thousands of flies (to be honest, it feels like there are millions of flies). Annoying flies who love to crawl in our nose, ears and eyes. They are after moisture and they find it in our eyes and nose. That’s not all. The ants crawl up our legs, tickle and then they bite. Ouch!

Flies in Australia

Finally, when the sun sets the flies disappear. What a relief. The peaceful moment doesn’t last long. Practically at the same time as the flies disappear, the nasty mosquitoes arrive. The mosquito repellent and the mosquito coil do not scare them away. We get stung and we swear because it’s so itchy. It itches not only from the mozzie bites but also from the horse fly bites. Totally forgot to mention the bastards that stung us this afternoon.

Camp fire Australia


The magic moment. It’s dark. It’s silent. There are millions of stars and no more bugs. That’s the moment we were waiting for. It’s the moment we love so much. We’re sitting there, looking up and we are astonished by the beautiful starry sky. There is the Milky Way and we feel one with the unique nature. That’s when we love nature in Australia.

Milky way in Australia

Until the next morning, when and the flies are greeting us again for breakfast.

Other experience with forces of nature

In Tasmania we were lucky to get away from a bushfire, in the Maldives and on other tropical islands we had to deal with the monsoon. Luckily we never experiences severe floodings. If it’s just the flies, the change in temperatures and some stormy days we can be very lucky.

What is your experience with the freak of nature? We look forward hearing your story.


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  1. Flies are definitely the worth thing about Australia. LOL. Never travel without a fly net and the only way to deal with the mozzies is to wear long pants and sleeves.

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