New Years Eve in Sydney: A dream comes true.

Fireworks on New Years Eve in Sydney

We had a dream. Once in a lifetime we wanted to celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney. And finally, this year, our dream came true. It was a fantastic experience that we will never forget. But it wasn’t as easy as we thought. We wanted to have the perfect view of the Harbour Bridge and the fireworks. To get the seats with this beautiful view we had to get up very early.

Let’s go to celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney. It’s 4 am on the 31st of December 2013. The bus is leaving in 45 minutes. We’re getting up and wait for the bus to drive from Camden to Campbelltown. Still tired but extremely exited. The bus is punctual and 30 minutes later we arrive at the train station in Campbelltown. Another hour train ride until we arrive in Sydney. Fortunately it is not busy yet.

Getting into Sydney to celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney

Everything works fine and we reach central Sydney at 6.30 am. And still not many people are around. It feels weird. Two days ago we were already in Sydney to check out the vantage points and where we have to go to get to the right entry. Therefore we know exactly which way to go. Ah, and here are all the people we have not seen in the train. There are about 200 people waiting in front of the gate to get to Tarpeian Precinct, but the gate will not open before 10 am.

Waiting NYE in Sydney

Luckily we knew that many people gather early in the morning already. And we are more than happy that we checked the vantage points before. If you want to know how to plan for the big night read our tips how to prepare for NYE.

Now it’s time to wait. We are under the first few hundred people that can enter the grounds on Tarpeian Precinct. The capacity is limited to 5000 people. When the capacity has been reached the gates will close. Once you’re in, you’re in. But there is no re-entry.

Half an hour before the gate opens a few people stand up. Suddenly panic breaks out. Many people are heading to the gate and others start to run in all directions. But why? It is still half an hour to go until the gate opens. But of course, everybody wants to be first in line. Typical human behaviour.

10 AM the Gate to Tarpeian Precinct opens

Once the gate opens it starts to get hectic again. The first ones that enter are running fast but fortunately people start to calm down a little. We can enter in groups but first the security guards are checking all our bags. We are getting a little bit nervous. We wonder if our spot in the in the Tarpeian Precinct is still free? Hurray! The spot is ours. And it’s the one we wanted so desperately. How lucky we are. We got our spot with direct view to the harbour bridge. We are blissfully happy. It was worth getting up so early.

Camp NYE in Sydney

10:30 am at the Tarpeian Precinct in Sydney. We are here. It is real. We hardly can believe it. It feels like a dream. We are getting ready for many hours of waiting. 13,5 hours to go.

NYE in Sydney

The sun is burning down like hell. We are very glad, that we brought an umbrella with us. At least we get a little bit of shade.

Rain NYE in Sydney

Waiting, reading, eating, reading, people watching, waiting and again eating. Time goes by minute by minute and then, suddenly, some people start to panic. What happened? It’s the rain after the heat. Everybody is looking for shelter or something to protect themselves from the rain. But all the effort is for nothing. Luckily, the rain does not last long.

Pre-Fireworks NYE in Sydney

And then, eventually, the first fireworks start. At 9 pm we get a first impression how spectacular the main fireworks must be. The fireworks light up the whole harbour and the water is coloured in red. Magnificent. That’s the perfect foretaste to the main fireworks at midnight.

Fireworks NYE in Sydney

Finally, the countdown is on. 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Fireworks NYE in Sydney

The fireworks are breathtaking. We love it. We can’t believe to be here in person. We feel very privileged to be able to experience this big event here in Sydney with such a breathtaking view.

NYE 2013 in Sydney

Once in a lifetime we wanted to celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney. Now we’re here, live in Sydney. It is a very special day and night for us, one that we will never forget. A dream came true.

4 thoughts on “New Years Eve in Sydney: A dream comes true.

  1. Wow! Such amazing patience you guys have!
    Why did you dream about New Year specifically in Sydney, and not in some other city in the world?

    • Hi Olga,

      Sydney was our big dream because we have seen so many beautiful pictures and thought, that it is probably one of the most spectacular backdrops to a firework, that you can get.
      Yes, we needed a lot of patience but it was definitely worth the effort. Can highly recomend it.

  2. wonderful photos.we were in sydney in nov. nice sunrise and sunsets but no fireworks.
    look at our latest pics. on fb..walking down the frozen river in winnipeg
    cheers chris

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