One day in Adelaide: A walk around the city

One day in Adelaide. Don't miss the Rundle Street

One day in Adelaide. Don’t miss the Rundle Street

Adelaide isn’t as famous as Sydney or Melbourne but well worth a visit. We did not plan to start our trip in Adelaide. Actually, it depended on where we find a car. And as we finally found a suitable car while browsing the internet in the suburbs of Adelaide, we decided to start our trip in South Australia. Adelaide turned out as the perfect spot for us to start our trip. We have friends in Adelaide and the city and suburbs are not as busy as other big cities in Australia but the variety of shops is huge. We can find everything we need to fix and equip our car. It took us 10 days to buy the car, do some maintenance and finish with all the fittings and fixtures before we finally can start our trip. That means it took us 10 days before we first set foot into the city of Adelaide. But now we’re here and spend one day in Adelaide. Follow us on our four hour walk through Adelaide.

Building Botanic Gardens

Main building of the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide.

Close to the Botanic Gardens we find a parking spot in the shade. While walking we come along this modern building.

Botanic gardens Adelaide

Pond in the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

We stroll along a nice pond and from here we can already see tall buildings of the centre of Adelaide.

The city centre is built like a chess board. That makes it easy to find the way through the city. We first walk along Rundle Street. That’s the street where many restaurants, trendy bars and cafes and cheap take-away are located. If one is looking for some food, drinks or a nice cappuccino on Rundle Street you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Wall art

Wall art in Adelaide

It is also worth a look into narrow streets. We find a colourful painted side wall on one of the buildings.

Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration in the city centre

Christmas is coming soon. We can’t miss that because of all the Christmas decoration along the streets and in the shop windows. As we are used to cold weather or even snow in Switzerland, summer temperatures do not make us thing about Christmas.

Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration and Santa Claus on the shopping street in Adelaide.

But not only trendy restaurants and bars are located on Rundle Street, also popular Shopping malls, smaller shops and boutiques with exquisite brands. It’s paradise for shopping addicts. And of course Santa is here as well.

Art in Adelaide

Art in the shopping street in Adelaide

Rundle Street is a car free zone and many street artists are trying to earn a bit of money with singing, playing the guitar or violin. An in the middle of the shopping street, there is some art to explore.

Pig in Adelaide

A pig looking for food in the dust bin.

What is this pig doing in the city centre? She’s eating out of a dust bin. Rundle Street ends or starts on King William Road. Here we are changing direction. We’re walking along King William Road down to Victoria Square. Unfortunately there is construction work going on at Victoria Square. Therefore we’re checking out the Central Market which is located close by.

Central market

Infoboard at the central market in Adelaide

The market stalls are located in a big hall.

Central market Adelaide

The central market in Adelaide

Central Market is paradise for food lovers.

Fruit stand

Don’t miss the fruit stand at the central market if you spend one day in Adelaide

We first check out the fruit and vegetable stands. Yammie, everything is so fresh. It is very tempting to take a bite of everything.

Vegetable stand

Vegetable stand at the central market in Adelaide

The veggies also look very fresh, tasty and healthy.

Cheese and sausage stand

Paradise for us. The cheese and sausage stand.

Oh, wow, cheese and sausages. And what a smell from the smoked sausages. The variety of cheeses is almost as big as in Switzerland.

Hindley Street

Pub at Hindley Street

It is pretty quiet on Hindley Street during the day. But in the evenings for sure there is a lot of partying going on here. There are many bars, pubs and clubs. And it also looks like that the red light district is here as well.

Hindley Street art

Cool painted wall at Hindley Street

Another Artist presents his work on the side wall of the Burger Bar. That’s what I like about taking pictures in cities.

Street crossing

Street crossing in Adelaide city centre

Everybody is enjoying the sun and doing some shopping. On the traffic light, masses of people are ready to cross the street to go into the popular shopping malls at Rundle Street.

Ford Falcon in Adelaide

A Ford Falcon parked on the street in Adelaide

This picture could have been shot in the 60ies. But is from 2013.

National Wine Centre entrance

Entrance to the National Wine Centre.

We finish our Adelaide walking tour at the National Wine Centre. The visit of the interactive exhibition is for free. Unfortunately the exhibition is closed due to renovation and maintenance.

National Wine Centre

The wine cellar in the National Wine Centre in Adelaide.

Even if we can’t do the interactive tour through the Wine Centre we still get a glimpse of the wine cellar in the basement. Four hours in Adelaide are flying and it is definitely not enough to see everything. We got a good overview of the city, even if we haven’t seen a lot. But we already visited the city four years ago. What you should not miss while in Adelaide is the University buildings that we have visited on our last Australia trip four years ago.

Have you ever been to Adelaide? Do you have any tips or recommendations? How would you spend one day in Adelaide?

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    • Yes, that’s true. It feels so weird to see Santa in front of a shopping center with 28 degress outside. Enjoy Adelaide and the coffee at the market 🙂

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