Our home away from home

Our home away from home

Travelling with our home away from home is freedom. Here we are on in the Outback at Cameron Corner.

Nine month ago we arrived in Australia with two backpacks and a one year holiday visa. How exiting. But we were far away from home without a home. Not a problem for us as we knew how our new home should look like and luckily it didn’t take us long to find our perfect home for our one year road trip. Since nine months we call a Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier or Troopy our home. Do you wonder how it is to live in a car with limited space? Is it freedom? Have a look into our home away from home.

We luckily came to Australia after living on the Maldives for two years. We had a 12 m2 room with a bathroom attached only. The room was not big but big enough to comfortably live in. We were working during the day anyway and whenever possible we spend our time outside. It’s quite similar here in Australia. If we are not driving, we spent our time outside.

Five years ago we did a trip around Australia already, therefore it was an easy decision which car to buy. It had to be a Troopy. Why? The Troopy is reliable, spare parts are easy to get and we new we can get everywhere with the Troopy.

Our Troopy is converted into a camper with a high-top. We like the high-top a lot because we can stand in it all the time and it is watertight when it rains. Our little house on wheels has a fridge, a gas stove, a sink and cupboards inside. But the best is we can sleep inside. We never have to worry to find a decent place to stay. As Australia is THE camping country we often find the most beautiful spots you can imagine. We love our new home especially if we wake up with a view like this.

Bedroom view

View from our home away from home. This view makes it easy to get up early.

Travelling around Australia needs time. And we got the time. We never set the alarm clock because time is not important on our road trip. It is time to get up when the sun rises or if it’s getting too hot inside.

After getting up we’re having a coffee and breakfast. Our kitchen is equipped with a sink, a fridge, a gas stove and cupboards.

Kitchen cupboard

Our kitchen cupboard and toiletries. Reduce to the max is our recipe. It makes life a lot easier.

The gas stove can be used in- or outside. We normally cook outside as we do not want to have the smell inside.

Chef Marcel

Our chef Marcel is preparing something nice for dinner.

Unfortunately we don’t have a dishwasher 😉 But we have a sink. Marcel cooks and I do the dishwashing.

Troopy inside

Thanks to the high-top I can easily stand inside our home away from home.

Underneath the sink we have cupboards with plenty of space for pans, plates, mugs, cutlery and supplies. Next to the sink is our beloved fridge. To have a fridge is the best, because it makes live a lot easier. We can buy whatever we want and we can keep things cold.

Kitchen inside

Our kitchen. We’ve got cupboards, a sink and a fridge in our home away from home.


Living room

We can modify our kitchen to a comfortable dining room. When it’s rainy, cold or windy we eat inside.

Whenever possible we cook on the fire. Marcel is the master cook. His crunchy brown cutlets made in our cast iron pan are simply the best. Baked potatoes in foil and a salad as side-dish, excellent!

Cooking on fire

The perfect campfire. We can cook and it keeps us warm.

Eating outside next to a campfire is the best. That’s what we love most about Australia. We spend as much time as possible outside. But some nights can get pretty cold especially in the desert or during the winter months.

The only thing that is missing is a bathroom. Whenever we stay in a caravan park, which is rare, we enjoy having a hot shower. If we’re in the bush or on a free-camp we use our solar shower. If there is enough sunshine the water gets pretty warm within two to three hours. BUT, on rainy days or on cold winter days having an open-air shower can be quite a challenge. The wind is our worst enemy. But luckily we travel with the sun.

Clothes box

Cloth are perfectly stored and protected against dust.

After the shower we put on fresh clothes out of the box. We store our clothes in plastic boxes because it is a very convenient way keep them clean. Travelling around Australia can be dusty, especially when we travel on dirt roads. The dust gets everywhere but not in our clothes boxes.

Power station

When we drive we can recharge our electronical devices.

While driving we can also charge all our electronic devices. With the power inverter we can charge our computers, batteries and even the shaver. Cameras, our mobile phone and e-book reader can be charged via USB. The only disadvantage is if we are not driving we can’t recharge. A solar charger would do the trick and would be the perfect thing to have.

Camping Simpson Desert

Our garden in the Simpson Desert.

Our Troopy is our mobile home. For us it’s the perfect vehicle travelling around Australia for a year. It is freedom and what we love most about our home away from home is our garden and the view.

Camping Dampier Peninsula

Our garden with sea view on the Dampier Peninsula.

Camping Tasmania

Our garden in the woods in Tasmania.

Are we happy living in our home away from home?

Sure. It would probably be embarrassing to say no. But we are not lying. Yes, we are happy. We love the freedom to travel with our Troopy to wherever we want, to stay as long as we like and to be fully self-contained. We are happy because we meet many interesting people on the way, people with the same passion: Travelling.

What’s the best about not having too many possessions?

The less you have, the less you can loose. Of course there are things you need to live comfortably, things that make you happy and things that you need for work. We could not live without our photo cameras and our computers. It is essential for us as we do love to write for our blog. And we need our computers to stay in contact with family and friends. Facebook and Twitter are fun and it helps us to stay up to date.

Do we miss anything?

Not a lot, actually. But sure, after we finish our year of travelling around Australia we are looking forward to meet family and friends. Nothing can replace family and friends on the road. But the good thing is that we also make new friends on the road. We also miss to sit on a comfy couch instead of our camping chairs. We miss a sturdy table to eat and work and we miss Swiss chocolate.

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