Climbing a giant tree near Pemberton is not for the faint-hearted

Climbing the giant trees in Pemberton

Standing in front of a giant tree in the forests around Pemberton is very impressive and you will suddenly feel very small. Eight years ago, we have been around Pemberton in the south-west of Australia the first time. It was an unforgettable experience to climb one of the giant trees. The view from the platform, which is 75 meters above the ground and above the tree top, is breathtaking. The ascent over the iron bars is not for the faint-hearted or people with fear of heights. Last time, I did climb the giant tree and made it to the platform. But will I be able to do the ascent this time? Should I take the risk again? Continue reading

Margaret River wine tour – A great experience

The Margaret River wine tour was great fun

The Margaret River wine tour is our first organized wine tour that we are doing and we can only recommend participating in one of the many offered tours. More than 100 wineries are located in the Margaret River wine region and the wine produced here is getting more and more attention. If you join a Margaret River wine tour, you do not have to worry about driving and you can taste the different wines. Continue reading

Castle Rock Skywalk – Highlight at Porongurup National Park

Castle Rock Skywalk Porongurup National Park

We love hiking and exploring as many national parks as possible here in Australia. This morning, when waking up at the camp, we look outside to check the weather. It doesn’t look promising to go hiking. Strong wind and dense fog are greeting us today. We pull the blanket over our heads again and stay in bed a bit longer. At the end our desire for coffee is stronger and we finally get up. After breakfast the fog slowly disappears and then it starts to rain. Definitely not the weather we wished for today. Well, bad weather cannot stop us to go hiking and doing the Castle Rock Skywalk in the Porongurup National Park. Continue reading

Hiking in the Stirling Range National Park

View from Bluff Knoll summit at Stirling Range National Park

The highest mountain in Australia’s Southwest is 1‘095 m high and is situated in the Stirling Range National Park. The Stirling Range stretches over a length of 65 km from east to west and many of the mountain peaks are accessible for hikers. We have visited many national parks in Australia but we haven’t heard a lot about the Stirling Range National Park, so we didn’t know what to expect. We have been surprised by the variety of walks and hikes up different mountain peaks in the Stirling Range National Park. Continue reading

Nature in Australia – The good and the bad

Bush camping nature in Australia

The nature in Australia is unique in all its aspects. We admit, we love nature and we love camping. Especially on these perfect days with pleasant temperatures, a light breeze and sunshine. But sometimes we also hate it. On days with strong winds or thunderstorms, when it’s raining cats and dogs or annoying flies are crawling in our eyes, ears and noses it can be an absolute nightmare. Continue reading

Insider tips for Western Australia – Interview with a WA expert

Insider tips for Western Australia

We are currently exploring Western Australia. It is the largest state of Australia and it is bigger than the whole Eastern Europe. To make the best out of our trip we ask an insider and we got some great tips. Read on to find out what you should not miss when traveling to Western Australia. Continue reading

At the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle you can taste the whole world

At the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle

We love to watch the sunset over the ocean, we love to hang out with friends and we love food markets. The South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle combines all of the above. The market is held every Saturday throughout the summer and you can find many different food stalls with delicious food from all around the world. Continue reading

The Road Trip from Alice Springs to Adelaide does not have to be boring

On the Roadtrip from Alice Springs to Adelaide

The Road Trip from Alice Springs to Adelaide is 1531 km long and boring. The drive along the Stuart Highway is monotonous and does not offer much. In this article, we will show you how to turn the Road Trip from Alice Springs to Adelaide into an interesting and unforgettable experience. Come along and be inspired. Continue reading

Living in a camper – Our home on wheels

Living in a camper

100 days and nights we already spent in our Troopy. Have you ever done a trip in a camper? Can you imagine how it is to live with limited space but have the freedom to go everywhere? Today we show you how our tiny little home looks like and how we cope with living in a camper. Continue reading

Road Trip from Perth to Alice Springs – The longest shortcut in Australia

On the Road Trip from Perth to Alice Springs

The road trip from Perth to Alice Springs is 3’607 km long if you want to drive on well-developed, sealed roads. Since we can also handle difficult 4WD tracks with our Troopy, well-developed roads are not a must for us. On the contrary. We love to drive 4WD tracks and take the roads less traveled to discover the lesser known attractions and places in the outback of Australia. Continue reading