At the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle you can taste the whole world

At the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle

We love to watch the sunset over the ocean, we love to hang out with friends and we love food markets. The South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle combines all of the above. The market is held every Saturday throughout the summer and you can find many different food stalls with delicious food from all around the world.

The parking area is huge but it’s almost full and we get one of the last parking spaces close to the South BEach Sunset Markets in Fremantle. We take our camping chairs and walk a short distance to the market. As soon as we approach the food stalls, we can smell the different aromas of different parts of the world. There are food stalls with specialties from Italy, France, Mexico, Japan, China, Thailand, Germany, Holland, India, Argentina and many more countries from all over the world.

Food stall South Beach Sunset Market in Fremantle

Food stalls at the south beach sunset markets

It’s difficult to decide what to choose. We would love to try just a tiny little bit from everything. The atmosphere is great. There are a few tables, chairs and benches but most of the people bring their own blankets, chairs and some even bring their picnic tables.

Visitors at the south beach sunset markets in Fremantle

Live music at the south beach sunset markets

There is live music, face painting for the kids and the beach is very close so you can always decide to have a refreshing swim in the ocean. The weather forecast for tomorrow is cloudy and there is a high chance for rain. The first clouds are already rolling in and that might be perfect for a beautiful sunset over the ocean.

First clouds at the south beach sunset markets

We are at the markets with friends, enjoy the music and our food and drinks. The satay chicken noodles are really nice and the crepe for dessert is prepared by a bunch of young French guy which understand their business. Slowly the sun is setting and more clouds are rolling in. The setting sun illuminates the clouds and ads to the dramatic atmosphere.

Clouds at south beach during sunset

Amazing sunset at South Beach

Rain clouds over the South Beach Sunset Markets

Many people head down to the beach to take pictures of the great sunset and parents try to get their kids out of the water.

At 9 pm the music stops and we can feel the first raindrops. We pack our staff and say goodbye to our friends.

Information about the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle

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The South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle

Do you like food markets, where you can try different things and eat through several countries in one evening? Where is you favorite food market? Have you been at the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle?


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