Two things you need for an Australia Road Trip

Two things you need for an australia road trip

Australia is the perfect destination for outdoor lovers. Two things you need for an Australia road trip.

It is the second time we are travelling around Australia and on our last trip we learned a lot already. Especially how annoying driving in a city can be without a GPS. Or the camp bible Camps Australia Wide. We bought both this time, the Camps 7 and a GPS. Two things you need for an Australia road trip.

Things you need for an Australia road trip: Camps Australia Wide 7 – The free camping Bible

On our last trip we heard a lot about the camping bible Camps Australia Wide, a book with many free campsites. A must have for a road trip around Australia. Therefore one of the first things we bought was Camps 7 for 59.95 Australian Dollar. You think that’s expensive?

In our first month of travelling around Australia we have camped already 21 times on free campsites. One night on a campground in a holiday park costs us between $25 and $30. That means we have already saved more than $500. So, no, $60 for Camps 7 is not expensive, it’s worth every cent.

What’s Camps 7? It is a thick book with maps of all Australian states and hundreds of campsite all around Australia. Most of the campsites are for free. To find the campsites with the description only is not always easy. But there are GPS coordinates. That makes it very easy to find the spot. Just put the coordinates in your GPS. We are on the road for four weeks so far and with Camps 7 we found the most beautiful campsites along the river or right next to a lake. And the best: For Free.

After one month of travelling with Camps 7 we have to say, Camps 7 is a must for all who plan a long road trip around Australia and planning to camp in the bush. Some sites we would have never found without Camps 7.

These are two of our favourite free campsites so far

Campsite Lake Pamamaroo

The free campsite at lake Pamameroo is a dream.

Campsite Ennglish's Bridge

The free campsite near English’s Bridge offers a nice atmosphere with the river in front of us.

Things you need for an Australia road trip: Garmin GPS

Travelling with a GPS is hassle free. We bought a Garmin GPS for 99 Australian Dollar and it is worth the money. The GPS even knows small off road tracks in remote areas. No more discussions between the driver and the map reader where to turn or where to stop.

Last time we travelled around Australia with maps only. To drive in the Outback was easy but whenever we came back to a city the stress began. Using the maps in the city, sometimes not detailed enough and streets not named made it difficult to find the way straight away without getting lost or missing the right address. This time we thought life could be easier with a GPS. We must agree it is a lot easier to travel, especially navigating in the cities but also to find free campsites. We take the GPS, tip in the coordinates out of our camping bible Camps 7 and off we go. It is definitely a more relaxed way of travelling with the GPS. We love it.

With Camps 7 and a GPS travelling Australia is a lot of fun and you’ll get to the most beautiful campsites. You think driving with a GPS is boring? You think that travelling is no more adventurous? No problem, just switch off your GPS and use your maps.


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2 thoughts on “Two things you need for an Australia Road Trip

  1. We use a Garmin here in India too – saves us a lot of stopping and asking for directions when we are out on the roads. But no, we are not full time road-tripping yet!

    All the best for your adventure in Australia – Frohe Weihnachten!

    • Yeah, we love the Garmin. Just today Reni and myself dscussed about it. We drove in our car and put the destination into our GPS and instead of “fastes route” we put in “shortest route” and that took us trough some beautiful landscape, that we would have missed on the highway. Travelling is so much easier with a GPS.
      We wish you a Happy New Year. Marcel

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