Typically Australian: Funny and bizarre sightings along the roads of Australia

Typically Australian road sign

Typically Australian road sign

In 19 months we have done more than 72’000 km on Australian roads during our two road trips. We have been on the road for many hours but it was never boring. Even on long stretches in the outback there is always something to see and to laugh about. In this post we like to show you some of the funny and bizarre sightings we came across on our long journey.

The Australians are very resourceful when it comes to creating some tourist features and attractions, especially if there are no natural landmarks around. What we have come across in many places are really big things. They call them “giant” attractions. For example, we have seen the giant banana, the giant guitar, the giant crocodile and the giant merino sheep. There are many more of these but we don’t want to bore you to death, so we have compiled some of the funniest, wackiest and most bizarre sightings along the road. Come along for a good laugh.

Have you ever seen bicycle, shoe or thong trees?

Shoe tree

Typical Australia. A shoe tree in the outback. That’s how you can get rid of your old shoes.

We really like the outback. For us that’s real Australia. Wide open spaces, crystal clear skies, long roads, no other cars for hours, definitely no traffic jams and a lot of nothing. But there is always something to see out there, in the outback.

Bicycle tree

If you like to get rid of your bicycle, just hang it on the bicycle tree.

You can find these different tree species throughout Australia. It’s like a sport to create new species and grow them ever bigger.

Thong tree

We spotted a thong tree along the way too.

Bra collection

Outback pubs are a great place to meet the locals. But it’s also the place where you can help to decorate the place. Just take off your bra.

Outback communication and bush toilet

Bush telephone

Modern communications technology is reaching the Outback.

Our Toyota Landcruiser was fully equipped and we had everything we needed for the outback. Except a toilet. But with a little luck you can even find a toilet in the outback.

Bush toilet

Luxurious bush toilet with shower.

„Pimp your ride“ is part of the Australian lifestyle

Australians love their cars and everything that has a big engine and makes some noise. They love to tune their cars, restore vintage cars and just spend time working on their rides.

VW beetle

Everything is allowed as long as it looks cool.

Crawler bus

A crawler bus comes handy in the Australian alps.

Fur car in Australia

If it is too cold just cover your truck with some fur and take shrek along with you.

On weekends, the guys work on cars in their men’s shed. Do it yourself is extremely popular and there are many shops with spare parts and accessories. If you like to get cheap spare parts, just head to the next wrecker and with a bit of luck you can find what you are looking for. We have been to car wreckers a couple of times and have found cheap spare parts to fix our Camper.

Car wrecker

That’s the end of the life cycle of this VW Beetle. There are still many parts that can be reused.

In the Outback it is important to have a sturdy, reliable vehicle.

Micro scooter

This micro scooter on a track looks a bit like out of “Mad Max” or “Back to the Future”.

Back in the city the Australians are more design conscious.


Do bicycles really need a knitted dress?

It’s all about being informed: Typically Australian

All over Australia, as in many other countries too, there are tons of warning signs and information boards. We could fill a book with funny, bizarre or odd signs.

Birdsville bakery

We have been to the Birdsville Bakery anyway. And the Camel Pie was delicious.

Ladies toilet

Even for the Swiss, Austrian and German ladies.

What’s wrong here?

Punt outback

Marcel got lost in this punt in the outback.


A spaceship in the desert. Where are the Martians hiding?

How far do we have to go for the perfect picture?


It’s not easy to get the perfect shot.

We hope you liked the pictures and maybe you even had a good laugh. Perhaps we even convinced you that the outback is never boring and worth the effort to drive for hours and hours to get to the next place. Australia is a huge country and in the outback the towns are far apart from each other. Drivers are getting bored on these roads and so they start to get inventive.

Robot man

A friendly robot with a baby on his arm. Seen along the Oodnadatta Track.

Do you have some funny pictures from Australia too? What is typically Australian sight for you? Share your thoughts and photos with us on our Facebook fanpage.

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