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  1. Hi Reni and Marcel.
    Wonderful site, extremely informative. I hope your travels through Russia and Mongolia are going smoothly and as well as expected. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog regarding shipping a car from Australia to Korea. I’m curious to know why you decided on a right hand drive car when most of your travel will be in left hand drive countries. At least in Australia you could be assured that drivers keep on the correct side of the road, but where you are now going through, the “law of the road” is not so guaranteed.
    Also I noted that you had a high top Toyota campervan which meant RoRo freighting. If you had a standard or pop top roof, would you have been able to ‘containerise’ your vehicle and would that have been a cheaper option?
    Look forward to hearing more of your travels.
    Best wishes and safe travels
    Mick. (Australia )

    • Hi Mick

      Thanks for you message. Our travels are going well so far. We are in Mongolia now and totally fascinated by this country and its people. It is a wonderful offroad country with amazing landscapes and cultural highlights.

      There are a few reasons why we decided on a High-Top. We had a pop top roof before but it was always annoying when it was raining for a couple of days. The roof was not 100% waterproof and it was quite noisy when it was windy. With the high-top it reduces the noise a lot more and we also love that we can stand inside all the time.

      Shipping is an issue as we do not fit in a container. But well, as we do only ship two more times during the next few years, we prefer to have more room all the time. RoRo shipping from Australia to Korea was more or less the same price as container shipping. And from Korea to Russia we took the ferry.

      Right hand drive is no problem so far. In Russia and Mongolia right-hand drive vehicles are pretty common, as most of the cars are imported from Japan.

      Best wishes,
      Reni and Marcel

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