Mission Beach in Australia – 14 km of beautiful beaches from Bingil Bay to Wongaling Beach

Beautiful Bingil Bay north of Mission Beach

140 km south of Cairns we leave the highway. Our destination is the coast. We want to go to Mission Beach. Wow, the vegetation is incredibly green. It rains lightly as we drive through the middle of the rainforest. In a few minutes we reach the sea on the Cassowary Coast. This is the name of this part of the coast in Northern Queensland. The moment we see the sea with its turquoise-blue water we feel totally happy. We have arrived in paradise.

Over the past few months we have heard several travelers talking about Mission Beach in Australia. If you travel along the east coast, you should not miss to visit Mission Beach in Australia.

This is our third trip through Australia but it’s the first time we’ve been to Mission Beach. And the cool thing is, we will stay in the area for three weeks. We sit a house in Bingil Bay with a beautiful Balinese garden and just 200 m off the beach. The perfect place to relax, recharge our batteries and explore the area.

Bingil Bay – A cafe, a campsite and a secluded bay

The house we sit is in Bingil Bay and it’s just a short drive to Mission Beach. The first time we stood at the beach in Bingil Bay and feeling the sand between our toes while gazing out at the sea, we felt like we were in paradise. We immediately fell in love with Bingil Bay. Although the beach is not snow white like in the Maldives, the Bingil Bay has something very special. Here the rainforest actually meets the sea. The rich green vegetation in combination with the blue sky and the turquoise sea is like a color explosion. We are the only ones at the beach, the sun is shining and a light sea breeze blows in our faces. This is the perfect place to unwind.

Bingil Bay with palm trees

Creek running into the ocean at Bingil Bay

Palm trees at Bingil Bay

Bingil Bay is 6 km from Mission Beach in Australia and can be reached via Alexander Drive, a coastal road with stunning views of the ocean and rainforest.

Activities in Bingil Bay

  • Relax on the beach and enjoy the view

  • Hike up Bicton Hill in Clump Mountain National Park. The Bicton Hill Circuit Track leads steeply up to the summit. The view of Mission Beach and far out to the sea is breathtaking. The hike is 4 km long and can be done in 1.5 hours. Attention: don’t forget insect repellent. We have been followed by a cloud of mosquitoes in the rainforest.

Swiss Nomads Café Tip:

Great Coffee at Bingil Bay Cafe

Enjoy a cappuccino or a delicious breakfast at the Bingil Bay Café. Take your time and enjoy the great atmosphere. The Bingil Bay Café is very cozy and has nice seats in the garden.

Fancy some live music? The Bingil Bay Café hosts live music every Friday night from 7pm. You can find the latest news on the Facebook page of the Bingil Bay Café

Mission Beach in Australia – Holidays in a relaxed atmosphere

Mission Beach is not a secret anymore but it is not overflowing with huge tourist crowds either. At least not now during our visit end of October. The Great Barrier Reef is just 38 km from Mission Beach. Adrenaline junkies can do a skydive with a landing on Mission Beach. The ones who want to relax can do so too. The beach is amazing and there are a few great cafes.

Every last Sunday of the month the Mission Beach Monster Markets take place. Stalls selling local fruits and vegetables, clothes, jewelry and second hand products are present. You can also get some fresh food and drinks like smoothies, coffee, ice cream and much more.

Reni walking along the Mission Beach in Australia

Mission Beach in november

Swiss Nomads Café Tip for Mission Beach in Australia:

Joey’s, 2/42 Donkin Lane, Mission Beach
The small hut is located right in the center, next to Skydive Mission Beach. There is outdoor seating only. The place is cozy and you get a glimpse of sea view. They serve good coffee and delicious food.

Tuskers Tuckerbox and Catering at the end of Seaview Street, Mission Beach
It’s a Kiosk with good coffee, shakes, ice cream and delicious food. You can sit in front of the kiosk, but we recommend taking a take-away cappuccino, iced coffee or fruit shake to the beach.

Photo Tip for Mission Beach in Australia:

Palm trees at Mission Beach Australia

Coconut palms in Australia

Palm Trees at Wongaling Beach

The best spot for awesome kitschy photos with palm trees, beach and the sea is located between Mission Beach and Wongaling Beach. Start at the Stinger Net (if you are coming from Seaview Street right along the beach) and walk towards Wongaling Beach.

Activities at Mission Beach in Australia

Mission Beach volley ball field

Stinger net at Mission Beach

  • Snorkeling or diving at the Great Barrier Reef
  • Guided kayak tour on the sea from half day tours up to the 1-week expedition
  • A skydive with Mission Beach views
  • Whitewater rafting on the Tully River
  • Fishing from the beach
  • Chilling and have a picnic at the beach
  • Walk on the Ulysses Link Walking Track (2 km, 45 minutes) or Cutten Brothers Walking Track (1.5 km, 40 minutes)
  • Swimming in the sea, preferably on official beaches where Stinger nets protect from the dangerous jellyfish (approx. from November to May)

A map of the area is available at the Visitors Information Center, 53 Porter Promenade, Mission Beach

Wongaling Beach – shopping, restaurants and a great beach

In Wongaling we find a beautiful wide beach and a great shopping center. The Cassowary Shopping Village offers a big Woolworth with a bottle shop and petrol station. In addition to various restaurants, we have discovered the Café The Shack. The espresso bar is located in the Cassowary Shopping Village and the cappuccino is super good. We are picky about coffee but the staff at The Shack knows how to do great coffee.

South Mission Beach in Australien

The dreamlike long beach is the main attraction of South Mission Beach in Australia. Things to do at South Mission Beach in Australia: Sunbathing, swimming, enjoying the view of Dunk Island or go kayaking.

Important Note: The Cassowary Coast has crocodiles and box jellyfish (poisonous jellyfish). The jellyfish are especially problematic during the warmer months from November to May. For the safety of bathers and swimmers, there is a beach area separated by Stinger nets at Mission Beach and South Mission Beach.

Island hopping

If you like to get some island feeling, you can take a day trip to Dunk Island. You can spend your time relaxing, building sandcastles, taking a picnic or walking the Dunk Island Circuit Walk (7 km, 3 hours).

The water taxi from Wongaling Beach to Dunk Island costs AUD 40 per person if you return on the same day (price in October 2017).

Timetable: outbound 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00, return: 12:00 and 15:30
(Reservation recommended, schedule can change at short notice.)
More information on www.missionbeachwatertaxi.com

Best travel time to visit Mission Beach in Australia

In the tropical north of Queensland the climate is different than we are used to from Europe. The daytime temperature rarely drops below 25°C throughout the year. The best time to visit is in the dry season from April to October (August and September are considered the driest months). Heavy rainfall is possible throughout the year. On average of 4 meters of rain falls in this area every year. That explains the lush green vegetation of the rainforest.

Camping tip for nature lovers

The Bingil Bay Campground AUD 20 (without electricity)
Simple campsite surrounded by nature, directly on beach, only a few spots available, suitable for campervans and tents.

If you need power and more amenities, you can choose between different caravan parks at Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach and South Mission Beach.

What is special in Mission Beach in Australia?

Cassowaries. The large flightless birds are native to this area. If you are lucky, you can spot a cassowary in the wild.

Fresh tropical fruits directly from farmers

Places to visit around Mission Beach?

Definitely worth seeing is Paronella Park in Mena Creek, around 50 km inland from Mission Beach. More information and prices can be found here.

The Mamu Tropical Skywalk in Wooroonoon National Park is a 15 minutes’ drive west of Innisfail. For the 2.5 km round trip you should expect around one hour. There is also an Observation Tower, where an impressive view from 37 meters awaits you.

More information and admission fees can be found here.

Things to see north of Mission Beach in Australia

Cairns, Port Douglas, the Cape Tribulation, the Daintree National Park with the Bloomfield Track and the Cape York

Things to see west of Mission Beach in Australia

The Atherton Tablelands with the Waterfall Circuit, Ravenshoe – the highest town in Queensland, Yungaburra with the coolest café called Mad Hatterz

Things to see south of Mission Beach in Australia

Townsville, Magnetic Island, Bowen, Airlie Beach, Mackay and the Whitsundays


Have you ever been to Mission Beach in Australia? What did you like most? Or would you like to enjoy holidays here?


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