Mission Beach in Australia – 14 km of beautiful beaches from Bingil Bay to Wongaling Beach

Beautiful Bingil Bay north of Mission Beach

140 km south of Cairns we leave the highway. Our destination is the coast. We want to go to Mission Beach. Wow, the vegetation is incredibly green. It rains lightly as we drive through the middle of the rainforest. In a few minutes we reach the sea on the Cassowary Coast. This is the name of this part of the coast in Northern Queensland. The moment we see the sea with its turquoise-blue water we feel totally happy. We have arrived in paradise. Continue reading

Cape Le Grand National Park – Chilling at the beach with kangaroos

Kangaroo at Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park

It took us a long time until one of our big dreams came true. Three road trips around Australia, 90’000 kilometers and 732 days later and we finally found kangaroos at the beach. Our expectations are high as we heard about the kangaroos at Lucky Beach from many people. We can’t wait to get to Cape Le Grand National Park and especially Lucky Bay. Continue reading

At the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle you can taste the whole world

At the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle

We love to watch the sunset over the ocean, we love to hang out with friends and we love food markets. The South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle combines all of the above. The market is held every Saturday throughout the summer and you can find many different food stalls with delicious food from all around the world. Continue reading

Raja Ampat for backpacker

Raja Ampat for backpacker

Raja Ampat for backpacker is possibe

Isolated islands, untouched reefs, wild and stunning landscape, all that is waiting for you in Raja Ampat. It is a remote destination and offers one of the world’s best diving. Although Raja Ampat is an expensive destination, it is possible to travel on a budget (but not on a low-budget). Our tips help to make Raja Ampat for backpacker possible. Continue reading

25 Bali photos that will make you want to visit

25 Bali photos start with a sunset at the beach in Lovina

This fisherman in Lovina has probably one of the best views during work

Bali is one of these islands where you never get bored. There is so much to see and explore. You can hike a volcano or visit temples. You can go surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling or just relax on the beach. Do you need inspiration? We are happy to share 25 Bali photos with you.

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25 Photos that make you want to visit Raja Ampat

25 Photos that make you want to visit Raja Ampat

25 Photos that make you want to visit Raja Ampat

Is Raja Ampat already on you bucket list? You certainly have already seen pictures of this beautiful island scenery. If you are a scuba diver, you may have read about the amazing dive sites in Raja Ampat in magazines or the internet. If you like to avoid the big tourist masses and travel off the beaten track, then Raja Ampat might be something for your bucket list. But be aware, the trip from Europe to Raja Ampat is long and tiring. Continue reading

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol by motorbike

Chocolate Hills in Bohol

You are traveling through the Philippines, chances are that you’re planning to visit Bohol. You heard of Bohol, right? Bohol is an island in the central Visayas and famous for the Chocolate Hills, a group of more than 1’000 cone-like hills. A natural wonder and you have to see the chocolate hills in Bohol with our own eyes.

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Siquijor Island: Untouched Beauty In The Visayas

Siquijor island in the Visayas

Philippines tip: Siquijor island, a laid back island in the Visayas

With 7107 islands it is extremely hard to put together an itinerary for travelling the Philippines. Why did we choose to visit Siquijor out of all the islands? We want to relax, hang around the beach, explore an island that is not too touristy, go diving and work on our blog. Siquijor island seems to be the perfect place to do all that. We tell you what you can do on the untouched island and what it costs to get and stay there. Continue reading

Scuba Diving in Dauin is fantastic

Scuba Diving in Dauin is a dream

Scuba diving in Dauin is a dream

What does it need to inspire us as scuba diving instructors for scuba diving? Is it the professional organization of a dive center? A competent local guide that knows where to find all the interesting creatures or is it a variety of dive sites that offer breathtaking underwater world? Continue reading

5 reasons to love Australia

5 reasons to love Australia

Our 5 reasons to Love Australia

Ten months ago we left Australia. It’s crazy but there is not a single day we do not think back to our road trip. Yes, we admit it. We love Australia. We could write a book about that amazing country. Today we tell you our 5 reasons to love Australia. Continue reading