13 Things to do in Fremantle

There are so many things to do in Fremantle

It’s easy to fall in love with the city of Fremantle in Western Australia. There are so many things to do in Fremantle and we immediately felt comfortable and at home. We stayed in Fremantle a few times already and are always looking forward to the next visit. During our visits we had plenty of time to look around and explore the sights of Fremantle. Continue reading

Margaret River wine tour – A great experience

The Margaret River wine tour was great fun

The Margaret River wine tour is our first organized wine tour that we are doing and we can only recommend participating in one of the many offered tours. More than 100 wineries are located in the Margaret River wine region and the wine produced here is getting more and more attention. If you join a Margaret River wine tour, you do not have to worry about driving and you can taste the different wines. Continue reading

At the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle you can taste the whole world

At the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle

We love to watch the sunset over the ocean, we love to hang out with friends and we love food markets. The South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle combines all of the above. The market is held every Saturday throughout the summer and you can find many different food stalls with delicious food from all around the world. Continue reading

Are you looking for the best cafes in Fremantle?

Here is our list of the 11 best cafes in Fremantle

Here is our list of the 11 best cafes in Fremantle

Fremantle is famous for its beautiful old buildings, charming little streets and huge variety of great restaurants and cafes. Where else in Australia can you find a street that is officially signposted as cappuccino strip? Italian culture and alfresco dining is very present at this section of the South Terrace. Continue reading

Fremantle Markets – A great place to go for food and shopping on the weekend

Fremantle Markets Building

You are in Fremantle on a weekend? Don’t miss the Fremantle Markets

Fremantle is a great city to spend some days anytime of the year. There are great cafes, you can go to the beach and on the weekend the Fremantle Markets open the doors. Continue reading

Things to do in Wurzburg, a charming German town

Things to do in Wurzburg The Residence

How about a city trip to Wurzburg? We’ve got some cool tips and things to do in Wurzburg.

Wurzburg is a gem. We visit the German town, that is located in the northern Bavaria region, for the first time – and we love it. Wurzburg is charming with interesting architecture and a special atmosphere. We tell you what we liked the most and have some special tips that make your visit an unforgettable experience. Continue reading

Do you like Thai food? It’s tasty, healthy, fresh and cheap.

Do you like thai food?

Having dinner at the riverside restaurant ID Thai food in Bangkok. Do you like Thai food?

We love Thailand. We love it for its beautiful landscape, friendly people and of course the delicious and tasty food. Do you like Thai food? Do you also like to try all different kind of food, on street stalls or in local restaurants? We do. While travelling and exploring a country, food is very important to us. Why? While travelling we have time. Time for having elaborate meals in local restaurants, time to sit and talk to other travellers or locals. Continue reading

Big contrasts in Bangkok

Big contrasts in Bangkok

View of the skyline of Bangkok by night

Wow, we are back in Bangkok. So familiar and still so new. Our first impression of Bangkok, civilized, clean with super friendly people and still exotic and we also like the big contrasts in Bangkok. Continue reading