The Helinox Chair Two camping chair is one of our most useful camping gear

Helinox Chair Two the best camp chair

Thanks to our Helinox Chair Two camping chair we can relax after a long day of exploring the world. We can sit comfortably, read, watch the stars and sit around a campfire. The Helinox Chair Two has become a very important part of our equipment when camping. It is incredibly light, compact and yet very stable and comfortable. It’s exactly what we need to travel around the world with limited space. Continue reading

Road Trip from Brisbane to Sydney with detours through the Gold Coast Hinterland

Road Trip from Brisbane to Sydney in Australia

The road trip from Brisbane to Sydney along the east coast stretches over approximately 1000 kilometers. The direct route follows the coast on the Highway Nr. 1. Even if the highway is following the coastline, it is still too far away from the coast to enjoy sea view during the drive. But there are several sidetracks to beautiful beaches and nice towns along the coast. Continue reading

Mount Rigi in Switzerland – Tips on how to get there by train and boat

Mount Rigi panoramic view

Are you ready for a scenic day trip in Switzerland? How about a visit to Mount Rigi where you can combine a scenic train ride to the top of Mount Rigi and a boat cruise on Lake Lucerne. We did this trip and the breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes and mountains left us speechless. There are many walking and hiking trails to choose from. We only did a short hike and afterwards went on a boat cruise on Lake Lucerne. Continue reading

10 years ago we left Switzerland to discover the world

It's already 10 years of traveling

We almost missed our 10th anniversary of traveling the world. One evening, under the wonderful starry sky here in Australia, I suddenly realized that we have left Switzerland 10 years ago. In 2007 we quit our jobs, sold our house, got rid of most of our stuff and left Switzerland to discover the world. That was in February 2007, and now is already April 2017. That’s more than 10 years! Continue reading

Insider tips for Western Australia – Interview with a WA expert

Insider tips for Western Australia

We are currently exploring Western Australia. It is the largest state of Australia and it is bigger than the whole Eastern Europe. To make the best out of our trip we ask an insider and we got some great tips. Read on to find out what you should not miss when traveling to Western Australia. Continue reading

Road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie – The Highlights

Exchange Hotel Kalgoorlie

What a surprise. The road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie was great, especially the free camps

Have you ever started a road trip without a plan? You did not know where to stay and what to do? That’s exactly how our first week of our long road trip started. Having no fixed plan turned out great. We found awesome free camp spots and nice little towns from the gold rush times. Continue reading

The Bernina Express – By train and bus from Chur to Lugano (+ side trip to Italy)

The Bernina Express train

Do you like to do a spectacular train and bus ride? How about the Bernina Express.

Traveling by train is nothing special for people living in Switzerland. About 1.3 million people use the train daily, most of them to go to work. We did lots of train rides the last four weeks and two of them in the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express. These two panoramic train rides are breathtaking. Continue reading

Hiking in Austria: From the Freiburger hut to Dalaas in the Klostertal

Hiking in Austria from Freiburger Hut

Austria is picturesque. On the hike from the Freiburger hut to the fossilized sea you get rewarded with this view.

It’s summer, it’s weekend and the temperatures are perfect for a hiking trip. This time we explore the region of Vorarlberg in Austria for four days. We stay in hotels but we also overnight in the mountain hut called Freiburger hut. There is plenty to see in the area. In this post we tell you more about the night in a mountain hut, the fossilized sea high up in the mountains and a secret waterfall. Continue reading

Hiking to Lake Formarin and Red Wall, the most beautiful place in Austria

Lake Formarin most beautiful place in Austria

Stunning view over Lake Formarin and the Red Wall from the Freiburger Hut

We love to travel and to explore exotic destination. This time we don’t go to faraway places. We go hiking in the mountains of Vorarlberg, Austria which is only a couple hours away from our home town in Switzerland. Come along on a hiking trip through the stunning mountain landscape in Lech, up to Lake Formarin and the Red Wall, a place that has won the election of the most beautiful place in Austria. Continue reading