The Helinox Chair Two camping chair is one of our most useful camping gear

Helinox Chair Two the best camp chair

Thanks to our Helinox Chair Two camping chair we can relax after a long day of exploring the world. We can sit comfortably, read, watch the stars and sit around a campfire. The Helinox Chair Two has become a very important part of our equipment when camping. It is incredibly light, compact and yet very stable and comfortable. It’s exactly what we need to travel around the world with limited space. Continue reading

Camper upgrades and improvements – Do It Yourself

Camper upgrades awning

A camper is like a house. There is always something to do or improve on a camper. When we bought our Toyota LandCruiser we knew that we have to do a few camper upgrades. After a few months of living in our camper we upgraded it step by step. We can produce our own power, we tinted the windows and fitted a mosquito net. You find more about the improvements and upgrades in this post. Continue reading

How to become a house sitter in Australia

House sitter tips

We just finished our third housesit in Australia. Two months ago we started our first official house sit in Australia and we enjoyed all of them a lot. We had the chance to live in houses for free, in exchange we took care of cats and dogs, went for walks with the dogs and watered the garden. It was also a nice break from traveling and living in a camper. But don’t worry, we’ll continue our travels. In this post we share our experiences and tell you how to become a house sitter. Continue reading

Do I need to buy travel insurance? Why we have travel insurance since we started traveling

Do I need to buy travel insurance

Why do I need to buy travel insurance? When planning a trip around the world or just a short holiday, travel insurance is something to think about too. Of course you don’t want to think about things that could go wrong. But if you get sick, injured or your camera gets stolen, you want to be insured for that. We have travel insurance since we started traveling. You never know what happens and a good coverage is important when traveling. Continue reading