Do I need to buy travel insurance? Why we have travel insurance since we started traveling

Do I need to buy travel insurance

Why do I need to buy travel insurance? When planning a trip around the world or just a short holiday, travel insurance is something to think about too. Of course you don’t want to think about things that could go wrong. But if you get sick, injured or your camera gets stolen, you want to be insured for that. We have travel insurance since we started traveling. You never know what happens and a good coverage is important when traveling.

We regularly here these questions: “Do you have travel insurance? Which travel insurance do you have? Do I need to buy travel insurance?” We thought it’s time to write an article about our experience with travel insurance from World Nomads. You also find information about why we extended our travel insurance and tips on what you should consider when buying travel insurance.

Yes, we think travel insurance is important. But choosing the right travel and health insurance is not easy. It depends on your country of residence, how long you plan to travel, which countries you plan to visit and how you are already insured in your country of residence.

Our favorite travel insurance provider is World Nomads and we have been very happy with this insurance when all our gear got stolen in the Philippines. During Christmas time someone has broken into our bungalow on a small island in the Philippines and took almost everything we had. Since that happened we know how important a reliable travel insurance is.

Why we extended our policy with World Nomads

World Nomads is designed for travelers and world nomads like us. We are traveling long-term and need coverage worldwide. When we left Switzerland to travel the world, we could no longer stay with the compulsory Swiss health insurance. The offers we got from different insurance companies that do long-term travel and health insurance in our home country were extremely expensive. Then, we stumbled upon travel insurance from World Nomads.

For us it was not a question of: Do I need to buy travel insurance. It was a question of which travel insurance do we buy.

What we like about travel insurance from World Nomads

  • It is possible to buy travel insurance online before or during the trip.
  • We can extend the policy anytime online during the trip and it takes only a few minutes. That’s very convenient, especially when you don’t know how long you will be traveling.
  • The customer advisors answer quickly and they are friendly. 24 hours Emergency Assistance is available and contact is also possible via social media.
  • World Nomads is well known and has a good reputation.
  • We think it is great value for the price.
  • World Nomads suits for short- and long-term travelers.
  • What we also like about travel insurance from World Nomads is, that it is not only a health insurance but it also covers for trip cancellations and loss or theft of your gear (for details read the terms and conditions of the policy wording and description of coverage).

Do I need to buy travel insurance?

We mentioned it before. Things can go wrong. So, it’s a good idea to have travel insurance in case something goes wrong. Nothing is worse than getting sick abroad or having an accident and not being covered for the costs. The costs for treatment can be very high and that’s where travel insurance can help you.

Check if you need extra travel insurance or if you are insured while you travel already. You may be covered by your regular health insurance while abroad. But you may not be insured if you leave your country of residence for an extended trip or if you quit your job for traveling the world. It is important to check with your current insurer, should you have one, if and what you are covered for in detail when you travel.

What travel insurance should cover?

Travel insurance should cover medical treatment in case of illness as well as injury and emergency medical evacuation. Good travel insurance will cover for much more than just health issues. It covers the costs if your flight is canceled, if your laptop or other personal belongings get stolen.

Consider what you would like to have covered, when choosing travel insurance.

Check following and compare before buying travel insurance:

  • High coverage limit on your medical expenses
  • Coverage for evacuation and care (including a flight back home in case you need it)
  • In which countries are you covered? Are there exclusions?
  • Coverage for your electronic devices (usually there is a item limit – check if you want to extra insure single items like DSLR or laptop)
  • Coverage for lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings
  • Coverage for trip cancelations
  • Personal accident coverage

Choosing the right plan

With World Nomads you have two options. You can choose the Standard plan or the Explorer plan. It totally depends what trip you are planning. Read the policy details to ensure that it’s right for you.

It is possible to purchase travel insurance from World Nomads for one day up to one year. There is an age limit of 66 years.

What if you travel longer than a year? No problem. You can extend if you like. Usually you will get a reminder by e-mail that your insurance will expire soon and you can extend the insurance with one click.

What plan do we use?

We are using travel insurance from World Nomads since we left Switzerland for an indefinite time. We had the Standard plan for many years and it covered us for all we needed (eg. medical help for illness and injury, cancellation of trips and theft).

We just decided to upgrade to the Explorer plan because of the higher coverage, the sports & activities that are included and with larger benefits for digital nomads.

Below you find a form where you can put in your data. You can choose the plan and if you want the travel insurance including or excluding travels in the United States of America. You can get a quote with one click and a list of all things that are covered. The price and coverage depends on the country of residence.

World Nomads offer travel insurance. You can get a quote here:

Do you have expensive camera gear, computer and other items?

The amount for electronic devices is limited. If you travel with expensive camera and computer equipment it could make sense to pay a little extra for a higher theft and damage limit per item. You can add items in your insurance.

Read the fine print carefully

When planning a trip you are reading and researching a lot about countries you want to visit and places of interest. It is important that you also take some time to read the fine print and the conditions of your travel insurance. Nothing is worse than not knowing what you are covered for. This is also essential to choose the insurance and plan that is right for you.

Always read the terms and conditions of the policy wording and description of coverage.

Making a claim

When contacting Emergency Assistance or you want to make a claim, make sure you have these things ready.

  • Policy number
  • Contact number of the place you are at that moment
  • The nature of the problem
  • In case of an injury or illness: Details of the medical consultation, if you had any

Last year we had to make our first claim. We were traveling through the Philippines and a few days before Christmas almost all our belongings got stolen. Someone has broken into our bungalow.

We checked on the World Nomads Website what to do. We first organized a police report with details about the incident and a list of all the stolen items. We then put together the receipts (as many as we could still find) and made the claim online.

In our case it only took three weeks from the day we made the claim until the day we got reimbursed.

What you should do before you go traveling:

  • If you purchased travel insurance, read your policy and coverage well and know what you are covered for (eg. which activities, sports and extreme sports)
  • Take photos of all items and gear that you take with you
  • Take photos of receipts of the items and gear
  • Note policy number, emergency number and contact details of your insurance
  • Store the information, files and photos online in a secure place (eg. Dropbox or your Webstorage)

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Do I need to buy travel insurance

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope this post about “Do I need to buy travel insurance” was helpful to you. Do you have a good travel insurance?


Note: The link in this post is an affiliate link. We use the travel insurance from World Nomads ourselves when we travel.


4 thoughts on “Do I need to buy travel insurance? Why we have travel insurance since we started traveling

  1. Agree, travel insurance is a must. I’d never even consider travelling anywhere without it. Definitely read the fine print so that you know what you are insured for, for example, renting scooters overseas is usually not covered, as are some activities like snowboarding or surfing, they often require extra coverage.

    • Thanks for your comment. That’s right. Reading the fine print is totally important. Especially if you are planning to do lots of activities. We also always check if scuba diving is covered. It’s important to know before something happens what is covered and what not.

  2. Great insights. I am planning to get a travel insurance for myself soon. This can really help me out. I am concerned that some unfortunate things might happen.

    • Thanks Samantha,

      It is really a good idea to have a travel insurance. World Nomads is great and we can really recommend them.

      Cheers, Marcel

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