Our overland trip from Australia to Europe with the own vehicle

Overland trip from Australia to Europe

Have you ever thought of taking an overland trip from Australia to Europe with your own vehicle? After our long road trip around Australia, we are on the way to drive from Australia to Europe in our own vehicle. But how did we end up in Korea on our epic overland trip from Australia to Europe? Korea is certainly not the most popular travel destination for Europeans. Especially not with the own vehicle. Korea was not on top of our bucket list either. Actually, we did not know much about Korea. So how did it happen that we shipped our vehicle to South Korea?

In April 2016 we announced that we start to an epic road trip around the world in our own vehicle. Our initial plan was quite different. We wanted to take a plane to Australia, buy a suitable vehicle and drive around the world with that car.

Our plan A for the overland trip from Australia to Europe

In Switzerland we have worked out a plan for our road trip around the world. We wanted to fly from Switzerland to Australia, buy a suitable vehicle in Australia and prepare it for the road trip around the world. So far, we have followed our plan. From Australia we wanted to ship to Singapore or Malaysia. From there we wanted to drive through the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and maybe some others as well. Through China we would have needed a guide, which we would have been fine with. After crossing China, we wanted to continue through the Stan countries to Europe.

The initial plan for our Road trip around the world

Why we change the plan for our overland trip from Australia to Europe

If we want to drive our own vehicle in a foreign country, we not only need a visa for us to travel around this country, but we also need a temporary import permit (TIP) for our vehicle. The requirements vary depending on the country we want to travel. In addition, these laws and guidelines change very often and are somewhat unpredictable.

Thailand is a classic example of arbitrary changes to laws and regulations concerning visa and temporary import regulations. At the time we worked as scuba diving instructors in Thailand, we were already confronted with that topic. Laws have changed overnight and visa requirements have been drastically tightened. Nevertheless, during the planning phase of our overlanding road trip around the world, Thailand was one of the countries that gave us the least headache. At that time, it was relatively easy to get a visa and also a temporary import permit for your own vehicle wouldn’t have been too difficult to get.

Unfortunately, Thailand has become the main obstacle for many Overland travellers who want to do the overland trip from Australia to Europe. It has become difficult and very expensive to enter Thailand with the own vehicle. The worst affected are vehicles, which are obviously equipped for camping or over 3.5 tonnes. At present, it is no longer possible to drive independently through Thailand with your own vehicle registered overseas. You need to use a guide who accompanies you on your trip through Thailand.

Under these circumstances, we did not want to travel through Thailand. We do not want to be dependent on a guide, be inflexible, have to rush through a country and also spend a lot of money on it. We have to throw the planned route through Southeast Asia overboard. How does our plan B look like?

We need to look for an alternative route for the Overland Trip from Australia to Europe

So our initial plan to travel from Australia through Southeast Asia, Asia and Europe to South America is no option anymore. What other overlanding routes could we follow? We could ship our vehicle from Australia directly to South America. We quickly realize that this shipping route is not too frequented and shipping from Australia to South America is very expensive. So we rejected this option very quick.

What other options are there to get from Australia to Europe? Shipping directly from Australia to Europe is out of the question. That’s just too boring for us. From Australia there are shipping routes to India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, South Korea and others. In India we would hit the totally wrong season. We have been in India during the hottest time of the year before and we do not want to experience this extreme heat again.

Shipping to China is also not that easy, as you are only allowed to drive through China with a guide and that makes a trip with the own vehicle very expensive. But why not ship to Russia and then drive through Russia to Europe. That would be a good alternative overlanding route for driving with your own vehicle from Australia to Europe.

We quickly find shipping companies operating cargo ships on this route. We also find time schedules for some ships, and the crossing takes only a few weeks. We ask some companies and get offers. We are surprised at the high shipment costs for a vehicle from Australia to Russia. We also notice that most of the vessels stop in Japan or South Korea. Of course, a lot of vehicles are being imported to Australia from Japan and Korea. These shipping routes are very busy and well travelled.

Plan B takes shape – Alternative overland route from Australia to Europe

Suddenly we realize that we have found a great alternative overland route from Australia to Europe. Why shipping our vehicle directly to Russia? We could ship from Australia to Korea and travel around Korea before we ship further on to Russia. From Korea there is a regular ferry service to Russia which runs once a week. It will be two separate shippings and may not be the cheapest option but we would have the chance to explore a completely new country. What does South Korea offer anyway? Can we camp there? Is it even possible to drive in South Korea with our own vehicle?

Our Overlander trip from Australia to Europe via South Korea and Russia

Luckily, there is so much information on the internet. We quickly find out that it is relatively easy to temporarily import a vehicle into South Korea. In addition, Korea is a beautiful country with interesting culture and spectacular nature, many national parks and camping is much more widespread than we have thought. Is Korea the missing puzzle piece for our overland trip from Australia to Europe with our own vehicle?

After a few days we receive the offers for the vehicle shipment from Australia to South Korea. The prices vary a lot but we like the second offer we receive. It is a lot cheaper than anything we have received so far. Now, all we have to do is to plan the shipment and our journey through Korea and Russia. The timing is very critical because we have to drive through Siberia. And, we do not want to end up in Siberia during the wrong time of the year. In the middle of the winter it can be extremely cold and the time slot to travel through Siberia is relatively short.

The plan for our overland trip from Australia to Europe with our own vehicle is ready

After a few intensive planning days, the plan for our road trip from Australia via South Korea and Russia to Europe is ready. We have fixed the timing, taking into account the seasons, the maximum times for our visa in South Korea and Russia as well as the maximum durations of the temporary import permits for our vehicle. In addition, we also planned around family birthdays and family visits in Switzerland. The schedule for the next few months is written down and we are ready for our next adventures.

Our overland trip from Australia to Europe

Mid-March we shipped our vehicle from Brisbane in Australia to Incheon in South Korea. After a rollercoaster ride of emotions here in Seoul, while we were busy organizing the right documents, insurance, import documents, customs clearance and hearing about the cargo ship, that changes its routing, resulting in arriving a week later, skipping some stops again and suddenly arriving a few days earlier than expected, the first stage is done.

We got our vehicle out of the Korean customs and are now travelling in South Korea. Everything is new. The culture, the language, driving a right-handed vehicle on the right side of the road, shopping and so much more. But that’s what makes travel so special. We are looking forward to many exciting moments in this incredibly fascinating country.

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Overland trip with your own vehicle from Australia to Europe

Have you ever been travelling in a foreign country with your own vehicle? What were the biggest challenges you faced on the streets of a foreign country?

30 thoughts on “Our overland trip from Australia to Europe with the own vehicle

  1. How exciting. Can’t wait to find out what you discover along the way and to think that the adventures with Taku started right near my place.

    • Thanks so much for your message, Nina. Oh yeah, Taku is from Scarborough… and definitely the best way to start a road trip around the world. We are ready for more adventures now but one thing is for sure, Australia will always have a big place in our hearts. Oh dear, we miss OZ.

  2. Remembering when I saw you leaving Sirnach so many years ago… Your travels keep getting more fascinating. I’m glad I traveled the world a bit before I had to rely on the motorized wheelchair. Now I just live through your stories… Thanks for sharing! And do be careful!

    • Dear Sally

      Thanks so much for your message. It’s great to hear from you.

      We are very excited about our trip. We are in Korea now and it is very interesting. People are so friendly and helpful, even if the language is a real problem. We can’t speak Korean and not many Koreans speak English. But that makes traveling so interesting. We’re also looking forward to explore Russia. Totally curious about that part of the world. And then finally, we’re coming towards the US.

      Best regards and all the best to you and your family,

  3. Dear Reni,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Korea sounds fascinating and it’s all in the news these days…. You two
    are right up to date with your travels. Love reading about it all. Say HI ! to Russia for us all.

    • Dear Sally

      Thank you very much for your Birthday wishes. I was celebrating my Birthday with Silvia, who visited me here in South Korea. We did a Sister Roadtrip around the country while Marcel went back home for a family visit.

      South Korea is a very interesting country, the landscape is amazing and the people lovely. Tomorrow we are heading to Russia. New adventures are waiting for us.

      All the best to you and your family,
      Love, Reni

  4. Hi
    Great reading about shipping vehicle betwwen Bisbane and Incheon. What is the difference between a TIP and Carnet? How did you get a TIP? Did you arrange a Carnet in Australia? Or was it simply export and import?

    • Hi Giulio,

      Sorry for the late response. We had a very busy time.

      The TIP is the Temporary Import Permission that you need in every country to travel with a foreign registred vehicle.

      The Carnet de Passage en Douane is a document thet you need for sertain countries only.
      The Carnet allows you to temporarily import a vehicles, without having to pay a cash deposit at the border. It is an international guarantee for payment of customs duties and taxes to a government should the vehicle not be re-exported from that country.

      On our road trip from Australia to Europe we will not enter countries where we need a CdP so have not obtained one. IN every country we have to organize a TIP though.

      Hope that helps clarifying the difference between the two documents. Marcel

  5. Hi Reni and Marcel. How are you how ? We are following your blog hope you’re doing well in Russia. We are a group of 4 adults and 2 children and we are planning a similar trip to yours in 2019. We also were hoping to ship to Singapore and we are disappointed reading your information to see it cannot be done easily. You will probably receive a few questions from ourselves we hope you don’t mind. We are very excited about the planning of this trip it will be in a Land Rover or a similar vehicle. What vehicle are you using? Although Barbara and myself have done quite a lot of travelling this will be new to us.
    Allthe best
    Ken and Barbie 😊

    • Hi Ken and Barbie

      Sorry for our late reply. We were pretty busy travelling… and we needed to escape the winter in Russia 😉

      That is great plans you have. Overlanding is amazing and we love being on the road, meeting other travelers and learning about new cultures and the local people.

      We are traveling in a Toyota LandCruiser Troopcarrier with a high-top. It’s not a huge camper but big enough to travel comfortably. We shipped to Korea and then Russia and we are so glad we did it that way.

      Wishing you all the best with planning.

      All the best,
      Reni and Marcel

      • Hello Reni and Marcel
        Thanks for the reply
        We are following you with lots of interest and we may follow your exact route.
        Keep posting ….. we love your photos !
        Ken and Barbie 👍🤗

        • Hi Ken and Barbie
          Thanks for your reply. That is soooooo cool! It is a great adventure and we can recommend doing it. We are totally happy that we decided for the route from Australia to South Korea, Russia and Mongolia back to Europe.
          Cheers and happy planning,
          Reni and Marcel

  6. Hi Swiss nomads,

    We are currently underway with our own trip Melbourne to London.
    I’ve just come across this newish thing with Thailand. That will possibly a big hindrance but Thailand is pivotal for us.

    Did you already contact a Thai agent or anyone with experience with this topic?

    Do hope your Korean experience is going well.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Andrew

      Thanks for your message. Great travel plans, Melbourne to London sounds exciting.

      We did not contact any agent in Thailand. If you are looking for current information, you find lots of great advice on the Overlandsphere Facebook Group. Hope that helps.

      Best wishes,

    • Hi all
      We find your comments on Thailand interesting Andrew.
      Just wondering if you managed to find more information and if you are happy to share it with us.
      Where are you currently.?
      We would love to follow your trip as well.
      We are actually a group of 4 , 2 adults and 2 children, not 4 and 4 as we previously stated….ops!
      Looking forward to getting news
      Ken and Barbie

      • Hi,
        me and my partner are planing similar trip for next year 2020. We are currently in Australia and finishing the great loop ;). We just thought of this idea and are now searching web like crazy…. It seams so overwhelming atm. All we have in Land Cruiser Prado fit to do the job but thats basically it. Would love to travel with someone (maybe like a convoy).
        Can someone point us in right direction how/where to start sorting out all documents needed for this kind of trip.

        Happy travels

  7. Hi Guys!
    I plan to do more or less the same trip,but I would also like to drive through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. Did you also think about this itinerary? I would like to know if you have collected useful information. Is it also possible to start from Japan?

    • Hi Francesco,

      We wanted to see more along the trip and visit the Stan countries and Japan as well but unfortunately the timing was just not right so we posponed it for later. We did Mongolia and that was amazing. Would have loved to spend more timme in this area.

      It shouldn’t be any problem to include the Stan countries. We just heard some rumours that the ferry from Vladivostok to Japan and South Korea might be suspended because of political reasons. So that’s something to keep an eye on.



        • Hi Francesco,

          For the Russian Visa, we had to fly back to Switzerland. As Swiss citizens, we had to apply for that in our home country. Another option would be sending the passport to a Visa cervice back home but we needed to go back anyway.

          The visa for Mongolia we obtained in Russia (Irkutzk). That’s easy enough.



  8. Hey Marcel!
    Thank you very much! I’m planning to do the trip in May driving from Brisbane to Perth and then from vladivostok to Rome. Can I contact you via email? I’ve got many things to ask and any tip would be really helpful.

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