Road trip around the World

Road trip around the world

We love adventures, we love foreign cultures, we love road trips, we love camping and we love to discover new places. Since many years, we have the dream of doing a road trip around the world. Now is the time for realizing our dream. We are planning our monster road trip around the world.

The plan of our road trip around the world

We fly from Switzerland to Australia, buy a suitable vehicle and drive around the world with it. Sounds pretty easy, right?

The plan of our road trip around the world

We will buy an off-road camper vehicle in Australia

We really love travelling in Australia. The vastness, the breathtaking landscapes, the varied nature, the flora and fauna and of course the open nature of the Australians are things, we really like while travelling through Australia.

In addition, Australia is the perfect place to find a vehicle that is suitable for our project, buying additional equipment and testing our vehicle extensively. During two previous road trips we have experienced many unforgettable moments in Australia. We have spent 19 months and 72’000 kilometers in Australia. We have gained experience in buying a car and learned in what state of Australia it is easiest to register a vehicle. We have learned what it takes to equip a vehicle and what vehicles are capable of coping with the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback.

For both road trips, we have chosen a Toyota Land Cruiser. We have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of various camper setups. During the road trips we learned a lot about the technology of the Toyota Land Cruiser and also learned about the weaknesses of this vehicle.

For us, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the absolute favorite among eligible vehicles.

This time we want to take a bit more time to find the right vehicle for our big adventure. After all, this vehicle will be our companion around the globe and will be our home on wheels.

Test drives in the Outback of Australia

We believe that we will find a good vehicle for our road trip around the world in Australia. Certainly we will need to some changes and improvements on the vehicle. Australia is the perfect country to do this sort of work because the Toyota Land Cruiser is a very common vehicle in Australia. We will have no trouble to find spare parts, accessories and the necessary knowledge.

These are the reasons why we have decided to start our road trip around the world in Australia.

After purchasing a reliable vehicle and doing some modifications, we want to do some extensive test drives with our Toyota Land Cruiser. What better way than to test our vehicle in the challenging and rough Outback of Australia. During these test drives, we will have the possibility to do further improvements and adjustments.

Another big dream is to drive the Canning Stock Route. A 1960 km long track leading through the Australian Outback in the middle of Western Australia. We have not done this track on our previous road trips, as our respect for it was just too big. This time, the Canning Stock Route will be one of the highlights of our trip.

Of course there are still a lot of other attractions and destinations which we have not seen in Australia. National Parks and attractions that we have already visited are again on our list too. There are so many beautiful places in Australia and we are really looking forward for a third long road trip around Australia.

Overland from Australia to Europe

Some Asian countries, we have already traveled extensively as backpackers. In Thailand we have been many times, in Indonesia we have lived and worked. A home game? Traveling through Asia with our own vehicle will be a completely different experience. Organizing visas and crossing land borders with an own car will certainly not always be that easy and a completely new adventure. Once we leave Southeast Asia and advance into Central Asia, it will be a completely new world and certainly becomes very exciting.

Is it possible to take our own car through all the countries we would like to travel? Are there any countries that we have to skip? What will be our exact route and which countries will we travel through? How do we obtain the necessary visas and authorizations? How will we survive the chaotic traffic on the streets of India? How can we travel through China with our own vehicle? These are just a few of the many questions.

In the next weeks and months we have to find the answers to these questions and plan our route in more detail. Part of the road trip through Asia will definitely follow the legendary Silk Road. So far, we are planning our route through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, India, Nepal, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria.

The milestone of this part of our road trip around the world is our home country Switzerland, where we have the opportunity to visit our families and friends. We will be able to enjoy a moment of security and relax in familiar surroundings. But the time in save haven will be limited and we will sail off again into new adventures.

Update December 2018: Due to difficulties of entering Thailand with a camper vehicle we decided to ship from Australia to South Korea, take the ferry to Vladivostok and cross Russia and Mongolia on the way back to Europe. It was a great decision and we loved it.

From Europe to America

Once again, it’s time to say goodbye. We will start to explore the American continent with our own vehicle.

Of course we cannot drive by land from Europe to America. There are several ways how we can ship our vehicle from Europe to America. We can put our vehicle into a container and send it on a cargo ship. Meanwhile we will fly to America where we will receive our car again. Another possibility is to join a cargo ship and sail together with our car to America.

We do not want to be separated to long from our loyal travel companion. So for the moment we are planning to travel on a cargo ship, together with our vehicle across the ocean to the American continent.

The Panamericana

For a very long time, we have dreamed about driving along the Panamericana, the longest road of the world. The Pan-American Highway is a network of roads measuring about 30’000 kilometers in length. It connects Alaska to the southernmost tip of South America, the Tierra del Fuego. In which directional we will drive the Panamericana will be dependent on where we will land after crossing the ocean. There are several options for the shipment of our vehicle from Europe to the American Continent. The selection of the transfer will also determine the direction of our trip on the Panamericana.

The Panamericana is the longest system of roads in the world. Certainly we will ride along this gigantic road but we don’t want to just follow the main route of the Panamericana.

We want to explore the countries of Central and South America, USA and Canada. We want to learn about the different cultures and experience these countries in depth. We want to visit not only the tourist attractions but also places off the beaten track.

Once around the world. How will we continue?

Actually we have now driven almost once around the globe. We started in Australia at one end and have now arrived at the other end in America.

How do we continue? Will we ship our vehicle to Africa and explore the countries of the last continent we haven’t visited? Will we ship our vehicle back to Australia? Or will we drive back to Australia in the opposite direction and on a different route? Is our vehicle still roadworthy and ready for another adventure? Do we still have the energy for another trip?

At the moment we don’t know what we will do next. We will see what adventures are waiting for us after our road trip around the world.

Do you have tips for our road trip around the world? Do you know other Overlanders of which we should know about?

34 thoughts on “Road trip around the World

    • Hi Nina

      Yes, we’re totally exited. Especially to start our adventure in Australia.
      We hope to get to Perth area (well, we’re pretty sure we do). Just don’t know when. It all depends where we find a suitable vehicle. We’ll keep in touch and hope to meet you in beautiful OZ.


  1. That sounds good. Good luck for your trip. I hope you keep us informed about your trip through this blog.

    PS : If you need a couple of OWSI to replace you in Raja, just let me know ! ;o)

    • Thanks, Marco. Yes, we’ll keep you informed on our blog regularly.

      PS: If we hear about an open position in Raja Ampat, we’ll let you know 🙂

  2. Hi guys,
    I recently discovered your site and I love it. It’s like you are living my dream life. I am currently completing my DM course (PADI) and I have a plan of being a Specialty Instructon by 2018. My only consideration is that I have a full time job, which makes me miserable but offers me security. Do you think that if I pursue a career in diving unemployment would be an issue? I’m 27 by the way. Thanks for the adventures you share with us!

    • Hi Mitsos

      Thanks for your message. We are very happy to hear that you like our site.

      Congratulation on doing your DM course.

      Well, yes, it’s quite a hard decision to give up a secure full-time job. We were struggling with the decision too but finally we took off to explore the word and find a career in diving. We never regretted our decision.
      There are many jobs in the dive industry but it depends on what you are looking for and what languages you speak (the more languages the better). To be on the safe side, we recommend having some savings in case you don’t find a job right away. Working as Scuba Diving Instructor is a good option to earn money while traveling the world. Nevertheless, it is not an easy way to earn money as the salary usually is not that high.

      I hope that helps to make a decision.


  3. This is so exciting! I guess I’ve never really thought about a RTW road trip before, so it’ll be fascinating to follow along with your adventure. I wish I had tips to share!

    • Hi Meg

      Thanks for your message. If you like to visit different places and have the freedom to move on whenever you want, a road trip is perfect.
      We love road trips and we can totally recommend it. It doesn’t matter if just for a long weekend or a year around Australia. Every road trip is fun.

      Best wishes,

    • Hi Lisa

      Well, yes, it’s quite a trip. We’re looking forward to start and let’s see how long it takes us to go RTW.

      Happy travels,

    • Thanks for your message. India is on our itinerary too. We’re planning to cross India to get to Nepal. We don’t know the detailed route yet. It depends what’s possible or not. Do you have any recommendations what we should not miss?


  4. Sounds like a mega-epic road-trip. Love your infographic and how you planned a test run in Australia first. Save travels.

    • Hi Danielle

      Thanks. Yes, it’s gonna be an epic road trip. And we sooooo much looking forward to return to Australia.


    • Thanks a lot. We can’t wait to start our RTW road trip too. We’ll share our stories and how we get along on the blog.


  5. This sounds like something I’d love to do! Good on you for taking on such a challenge! I’d love to know what the logistics are in dealing with bringing a vehicle to different countries. Is there a lot of paperwork involved?

    • Hi Kevin

      It’s one of these dreams we have for a very long time. Well, it’s gonna be challenging and as far as we know there is quite some paperwork involved. There are quite a few resources on the net and other Overlanders who share their experience on their website. We definitely will share our experiences and tips on the blog too.


  6. Thank you so much for sharing your travel plans! Wow, this sounds like an amazing trip! Can’t wait to read about it, so please keep us posted. Best of luck!

    • Hi Alex

      Thanks for your message. Sure, we’ll keep you posted on the blog and on Facebook.

      We can’t wait to start our adventure. But first, we’ll visit our home country Switzerland.


  7. Whew, sounds like you have your work cut out for you but it will be fun, no doubt. Word of advice, we live part-time in Panama and crossing the borders is a gray area through many of the other countries as they want you to purchase their “extra” car insurance. (which could be $20-200 depending on what the corrupt guard is feeling) so beware. Best wishes. Safe travels.

    • Dear Melody

      Thanks a lot for your advice. We keep that in mind when reaching the area.
      Sounds great living part-time in Panama. Looking forward to visit that part of the world. We’ve never been to Central or South America.

      Best wishes,

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience living in Australia! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to move to another country, and you brought up so many things I’ve never considered. I really enjoyed the part or your story about buying a car and finding out the easiest state to have it registered it. That was a really smart idea!

    • Hi Kairi,

      Thanks for your comment. There are many things to consider buying a car in a foreign country.
      So it’s good to do your homework before.

      Sunny greetings,


  9. Hi Reni and Marcel.

    What a great trip,everybody should travel if they have the means. We would all get along better I think.
    Don’t forget to spend some time in the quiet,funny little places. Have a great trip,wherever it takes you. Travel safely.


    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes we all would understand each other better if we could travel more.
      Very often the small places are the better places. It’s where you can discover the real live. We really love to hang out with the locals in small, quirky places.

      Sunny greetings,

      Marcel and Reni

    • Hi Sally,

      Thanks so much for your message. Great to hear from you. How are you doing? Hope you are well.
      We definitely see each other on our tour around the US.

      Sunny greetings,
      Reni & Marcel

  10. Hi Reni & Marcel,

    What a lovely plan! We are planning a similar trip. After living for two years in Sydney (we are Dutch). We are planning for a one year trip in Australia with our 4×4 Pajero. I am now looking into options to drive back to the Netherlands after big Australia trip. I’ve looked into shipping the car from Darwin to Dillie (East Timor) and then taking the little ferries to the Asian mainland. Biggest hurdle for our trip is China. Have you already looked into that?

    Judith and Frank

    • Hi Judith and Frank,

      Wow, sounds like you have a similar lifestyle like we have. When will you start your Australia trip? We have arrived in Perth, bought a Landcruiser and are now preparing to travel through Australia. We might bump into you some place along the road. Our first intention was to ship to Indonesia and then over to Malaysia but stopped looking into it because shipping between Indo and Malaysia was awful expensive. Heard that there might be cheaper options in the future so might still be an option. Have you alredy looked into shipping from Indo to Malaysia?

      China is a big issue. It’s expensive and you need a guide so the only possibility to make it less expensive is to form a group of vehicles and share the costs for the guide.
      Have you herad about the trouble with Thailand? That’s a big concerne as well.

      We definitely need to keep in touch and try to meet somewhere in Australia to share knowldege about the trip back to Europe.

      Cheers from Perth,
      Marcel and Reni

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