Why do people travel? Interview with the Divergent Travelers Lina and Dave

Sky dive New Zealand

Skydiving from 15,000ft over Lake Taupo, North Island, New Zealand

Today we give you a little insight in the life of Lina and Dave, an American couple who is travelling the world. Both grew up in Wisconsin and in 2013 they decided to travel around the world.

It’s incredible. Wherever we go we meet Americans. It looks like the Americans love to travel the world too. Even if they live in a huge country and have amazing cities, mountains, the sea, beautiful national parks and the desert and forests, the Americans want to see the rest of the world too. There may be many Americans that never go abroad but there are also many that do travel around the world.

Seeing orang-utans in the wild was the best travel experience so far.

Lina and Dave’s plan: 2+ Years Round the World

The travel couple is on a 2+ years RTW tour and they are currently travelling through Vietnam. Lina and Dave’s recent adventure that fascinated us was a trip to Tibet and the Everest Base Camp. If you want to read more about their adventures check out Lina and Dave’s Blog Divergent Travelers.

Lina and Dave, why do you travel?

Why not! The World is huge and fascinating and we have both always loved to travel and explore. Taking a RTW was always something we wanted, so we figured why not now.

You are on a long RTW trip. Do you prefer to travel fast and see a lot or travelling slow to explore more intense?

Both. We like to mix it up and have a nice balance of both styles. We used to always travel fast because we had limited vacation days to travel, so we always crammed a lot into little time. Now we have no time constraints, so we do like to take our time but still have bursts of quick travel.

What is your favourite way of travelling?

Right now, backpacking and adventure.

What tools do you use to plan your trip?

Mostly the internet. We Google search, read other blogs, trip advisor, etc.

What is your dream destination if money would not be an issue?

Tahiti in an over water bungalow is up on the list. Also, Antarctica.

Franz Josef Glacier

Ice climbing on the Franz Josef Glacier in South Island, New Zealand

What is your favourite city or country so far?

Impossible question! So many of the places are so different. But here’s a couple, we loved New Zealand. All of it, it is a gorgeous country that we have even said we wouldn’t mind living in. We also really enjoyed Indonesia. The country is so diverse and we did and saw so much there. Definitely a highlight.

Gili Laba Indonesia

View after climbing to the highest peak on Gili Laba, Indonesia

What was your best or worst travel experience?

Many highlights and many lows, that’s the joy of long term travel. Best would be seeing orang-utans in the wild and having them come so close to use we could touch them. Worst, well, being looked at like a walking dollar sign. It is exhausting and gets so old.

What was your scariest moment on the road?

Believe it or not, we haven’t had any real scary moments on the road, to date. Knock on wood here!

That’s great to hear. Thanks for the talk. We wish you all the best on your RTW trip and safe travels. But before you go would you mind to answer 7 Quick questions?

Hairdresser or do it yourself?

Do it myself and I cut David’s hair on the road.

iPhone or Android?


Laptop or iPad/tablet?

We have both.

Diving or snorkelling?

We LOVE diving!

Mount Bromo Java

Watching the sunrise over Mount Bromo in Java, Indonesia

Trekking or climbing?

We love trekking and have recently come to enjoy climbing too.

Hotel or homestay?


Guidebook or Blogs?

Both. We carry a lonely planet for reference but do most research online.

Do you love to travel the world too? What place or country is on your wish list? We’d love to hear about your travel dreams.

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